11 Things That Suck About America

I wouldn't move to Canada if we fixed these things.

ADHD Is a Fake Disorder Designed To Excuse Bullying and Recklessness

Those diagnosed with an alleged disorder have been given a "Get Out of Trouble Free" card.

This is Why Netflix and Hulu Will Eventually Kill Cable Television

Netflix is the 15th most-watched 'TV channel' in the U.S., only 4 million viewers shy of Comcast, with a cost ten times lower, and zero commercial interruptions.

Ron Paul Gets His Biggest Endorsement Yet — Straight From God

Ron Paul might have just scored his worst endorsement.

Ron Paul Liberty Movement Will Outlast the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street

While shining light on key issues, the Tea Party and Occupy movements have many flaws. The liberty movement, on the other hand, will live on into the future.

Atheist Billboards Expose Christians as Hypocrites

In response to the prevalence of signs advocating Christianity and other religions, atheist organizations across the country have taken out ad space to promote secular values.

Libor Scandal May Spread to the US Next

Barclay's Liborgate scandal in the U.K. may just be the beginning. Are Bank of America and JP Morgan next?

What Does the Cast of Ocean's 11 Think of Obama?

Brad Pitt's mom is anti-gay marriage and pro-Romney. What are the political views of the Ocean's 11 cast?

JP Morgan and GM Crony Capitalism Is Costing You Billions

Being the recipient of endless amounts of corporate welfare is a great gig if you can get it.

Blake Lively in Savages: New Oliver Stone Movie Fights the Mexico Drug War

July's superhero schedule is already set ('The Dark Knight Rises' and 'The Amazing Spiderman'), but Oliver Stone is sweeping in with the crazy-sexy-cool (TLC shout out) hit of the summer.

A Homeless Bill of Rights for New York City?

On June 21, Rhode Island passed the Homeless Bill of Rights to protect the population's civil rights. But we need a different approach to eliminate homelessness for good across the nation.

Internet Doomsday Virus: Why The U.S. Needs To Beef Up Cyber Security

The so called “Internet Doomsday” is set to hit hundreds of thousands of computer users all over the world Monday. Viruses like this are why Congress can't cut defense spending.

Israel Support Could Be In Danger As US Demographics Shift

While the number of Americans pushing for boycotts against Israel does not register on most radars, recent trends could potentially change the way the US looks at its close ally.

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling is Canadian; so is Ryan Reynolds (and the List Goes On)

Not only is unemployment in Canada decreasing while its currency strengthens, they're also exporters of the hottest and more successful celebrities and athletes.

Facebook (FB) Stock Jumps: FB Gains Slightly As Investors Brace For Earnings Report

As FB shares gain slightly, investors brace for the social network's upcoming first earnings report as a public company.

The American Busy Trap, as Explained by a 4-Year-Old

Tim Kreider's op-ed 'The "Busy" Trap' seems to have struck a crowd with a nation of people who are "crazy busy". But there is a difference between being busy and just plain over-scheduled.

Voter ID Bills Under Fire in Michigan and Pennsylvania

While Independence Day came and went, a study found that over 750,000 registered voters may be disenfranchised in Pennsylvania alone in 2012. At the same time, Michigan rises about the fray.

3 Simple and Delicious Summer Recipes With Arugula

And why organic ingredients are so important when you cook.

July 4th Celebrations Are Un-American and Not What the Founding Fathers Intended

Call me crazy, but our reliance on China to supply cheap and tacky “patriotic” products on the 4th of July to celebrate the United State’s independence from Great Britain is laughable.

Romney Education Reform Will Fix American Schools

An embarrassing number of U.S. citizens know why we celebrate the 4th of July, reflecting the failure of American education. Romney's plan to reform schools is better than Obama's, by far.

Seth Myers Should Not Leave SNL Weekend Update to Join Live With Kelly Ripa

I refuse to let Seth Meyers abandon Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. Where else would I get my news right before going out on a Saturday night?

16 Adorable Animals Show You How To Keep Cool In Record-Breaking Heat

With a record-breaking heatwave coming this weekend, you'd be wise to learn from these animals how to keep cool.

Peter Beinart Slams Israel Hard-Liners in Crisis of Zionism

Peter Beinart's new book details the struggle to reclaim Zionism's definition as a liberal ideology founded on equality for all.

Obama Foreign Policy: Why the World is a Better Place Than it Was 4 Years Ago

In 'The Obamians' James Mann takes us deep into the Obama administration's National Security Council for a look at the people behind the most important decisions of the last four years.

San Onofre is an Environmental Hazard for San Diego and LA: It Is Time to Shut Down the Nukes

The steam leak at the San Onofre nuclear plant is an unprecedented safety problem. This points to the unknown and unknowable maintenance problems that are inherent in nuclear plants.

American Idol Meets Elections 2012: Welcome to the New Era of YouTube Presidential Runs

Is there a place on television for an 'American Idol'/'Real World' type of show in which candidates use YouTube to introduce themselves and their platforms to voters?

iPhone Siri and Android Google Now in Fierce Competition: Which One Will Come Out on Top?

Android's 'Google Now' seems to be taking over Apple's less accurate 'Siri' service. Which one will dominate the users' preferences at the end?

Libor Scandal: The Biggest Banking Scandal You've Never Heard Of

The Libor Scandal has been making big waves among the UK big banks that also happen to affect interest rates for just about every person on Earth. Bankers are stealing trillions and no one is mad

Tea Party Uses Religion to Manipulate Working Class Americans Into Buying Their Dogma

The Tea Party has influenced middle class evangelicals blinded by religious dogma who vote against their own personal best interests.

Poor Job Growth is Bad For America, But Good For Mitt Romney

What are the economic and political implications of current unemployment 8.2% rate?

Zombie Apocalypse: The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Quench Our Thirst for the Undead...for Now

We'll be able to delight with fictional decomposing creatures, and missing body parts and autonomous grabbing hands, until the real Zombie Apocalypse arrives...someday.

Enrique Peña Nieto Elected in Mexico, But Election Shows a Deeply Divided Country

On July 1st Mexico elected their new president, Enrique Peña Nieto. As the dust settles, the origins of the country's dramatically divided voters becomes more and more clear.

This is the Reason Why You Shouldn't Test Yourself for HIV/AIDS at Home

Regardless of the final result, HIV/AIDS testing is a complex road that the patient should not travel alone but with professional help and counseling every step of the way.

Ron Paul Audits the Fed: Why Ben Bernanke Needs To Go

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has vehemently fought any and all efforts to illuminate the dealings at his institution, but Ron Paul and company have other ideas.

Monsanto Needs To Get Its Paws Off Our Crops: Industrial Agriculture is Not the Answer

Industrial agriculture is failing, and no one should be surprised. It is time we started looking for alternatives.

Vogue Cover Model Perfection is Not Reality: Why Dressing to Impress Should Not be a Full-Time Job

As highlighted in a recent 'Wall Street Journal' piece, women, unlike men, are constantly encouraged to look perfect. But is this mindset healthy? Or even possible?

New Jobs Report: U.S. Adds 80,000 Jobs in June, Unemployment at 8.2%

The U.S. added a meager 80,000 jobs in June, the government reported Friday, falling short of market and analysts expectations.