50 Shades of Grey Movie: Ryan Gosling May Star as Christian Grey

With 13 million copies sold in the U.S. alone, E.L. James' spicy S&M story is an economic powerhouse for entrepreneurs cashing in on the addictive tale of Christian and Anna.

Maroon 5 Adam Levine is Overexposed, Just Like the Title of His New Album

“My face is on buses and it’s weird,” said Maroon 5's Adam Levine. He said the words before anyone else had to, his celebrity status and new album simply “expose” him even further.

WWII Korean Comfort Women Victims Still Waiting for Apology From Japanese Government

During WWII, the Japanese military operated systematized sexual slavery and have yet to apologize. At the House of Sharing in South Korea, survivors share their stories and fight for recognition.

Republicans Are Killing Job Creation and Recovery

Republicans were wrong on the stimulus and were wrong in blocking the American Jobs Act. Today, we are suffering from their obstruction of Obama's jobs agenda.

Sexting Could Land a Quarter of American Teenagers in Jail for Child Pornography

A new study found that as much as quarter of American teenagers send fully-nude pictures of themselves through email or text messages. Learn why this could send millions of them to jail.

How Game of Thrones Helps Make the Case for Abolishing the Death Penalty

As Scott Peterson files an automatic appeal for his conviction, maybe it's time we revisit why the death penalty isn't the best sentencing option out there to begin with.

Extreme Heat Wave: 10 Weather Inspired Short Poems for a Very Hot Weekend

Let's get real: it's too hot to read a longer poem.

Can Frank Ocean Make Gay OK for the Hip Hop Community?

Are President Obama and Jay-Z’s endorsement of gay marriage, and Frank Ocean’s coming out, forming a perfect storm for the acceptance of the LGBT movement by the hip hop community?

George Zimmerman Walks Out a Free Man Again, and Will Have Bodyguards Like a Celebrity

Zimmerman's lawyer said the 28-year-old Sanford, Florida, man was "buoyant" as the experience in jail had been "sobering."

UFC Silva vs Sonnen Fight Night Results: Sonnen Will Lose Again

Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen meet at UFC 148 for the most anticipated rematch of the year. Who will walk away this time?

Mitt Romney Flip Flops on Obamacare, in Other Breaking News the Sky is Blue

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on calling Obamacare a tax or penalty. This shouldn't surprise anybody. However, it brings fresh criticism.

Please Donate Today to the Helpless Multimillionaires Relief Fund (Satire)

Helpless multimillionaires need your sympathy in case Obama stays the White House and the Democrats win Congress and raise their taxes to levels just prior to the Bush Tax Cuts.

9 Things I've Learned From John Boehner and Kim Kardashian

With age comes wisdom, or at least what passes for it. Here are 9 realities I've learned about America during the last 10 years.

Jason Kidd Goes to Knicks: A Band-Aid, Not a Cure For a Struggling New York City Team

Despite stars like Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, the New York Knicks suffer from an incoherent strategy and a poor professional culture.

This is the Floating Island of the 1% (Because Yachts Are too Mainstream)

One percenters around the world have now a new favorite toy thanks to an Austrian firm that specializes in solutions to First World problems.

African Americans Will Vote For Obama, Despite His Support For Gay Marriage

Although some African Americans might not approve of President Obama's stance on gay marriage, they would vote for him overwhelming because they agree with him on most other issues.