Ron Paul is the Best Option in Election 2012

The Liberty movement abandons the perpetual warfare state and immoral financial system that threatens the future of all Americans.

The Weirdest Stories I Read This Week

Take a field trip through Bizzaroland with me.

China Economy Will Collapse Eventually: The Glorious Days of the Dragon Are Over

The deadly trio of growing public protests against the communist regime, an aging population, and the decline in exports may cut China’s three-decade long growth streak.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Wendy Long Battle in NY Senate Race With National Implications

Despite a number of similarities in background, education and professional experience, the two candidates are diametrically opposed in their views.

Roger Federer Wins Record 7th Wimbledon Title, Confirms He is the King of Tennis

Roger Federer ended Andy Murray’s bid to become the first British Wimbledon Champion since Fred Perry in 1936.

Barney Frank Makes History, Becomes First Congressman Marrying a Same Sex Partner

The Massachussetss congressman married his longtime partner Jim Ready, a small business owner from Ogunquit, Maine, in a ceremony officiated by Massachussetss Governor Deval Patrick.

Serena Williams Wins Wimbledon Finals Again Because She Plays Tennis Like a Boss

While Andy Murray and Roger Federer dispute the Wimbledon Men's Singles Finals, Serena Williams is laughing all the way home with the Women's tittle because she plays tennis like a boss.

Sudan Protests Are Ignored By the Media As They Enter Their Fourth Week

As clashes in Sudan enter their fourth week, the international media remains quiet on the increasing violence of the police in favor of buzz-worthy articles at the expense of the opposition.

iPhone 5 Rumors: Apple iWallet Delay is a Win For Rival Google

A company that has been known for innovation has decided to postpone the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, in its upcoming iPhone 5, effectively clearing the way for Google.