50 Shades of Grey Movie: Ryan Gosling and 20 Other Guys Who Could Be Christian Grey

Christian Grey is ridiculously hot, absurdly rich, and 50 shades of f***ed up. In addition to the three favorites, a host of other actors could end up with 2012's most coveted male lead.

The Bachelorette: Are Emily Maynard, Jef Holms, and Sean Lowe Capable of Having a Normal Conversation?

In real dates, people don't exclusively talk about love and romance. Here's a look at what "The Bachelorette" would be like if the contestants discussed more spontaneous topics.

DNSChanger Doomsday Malware Monday: All You Need to Know to Avoid Internet Blackout

Monday’s Internet shutdown is not a planned cyberterrorism attack, it's an FBI shutdown of servers supporting infected computers.

New Amazing Spiderman Video Game is No Batman: Arkham City

The latest Spider-Man game, while strictly okay by traditional gaming standards, still fares better than most movie tie-ins and is sure to appease collectors of the franchise.

Angelica Rivera, a Telenovela Actress and Friend of Ricky Martin, is the New First Lady of Mexico

Many are wondering if Mexican soap opera star, Angelica Rivera, has what it takes to be an effective First Lady of Mexico and tackle the country's most pressing social issues.

No Child Left Behind Will Come to An End As Obama Changes Education Policy

A new policy shift taken by the government will help change the failing No Child Left Behind policy.

Obama Tax Cut Proposal Is Class Warfare

The president is sticking with his tried-and-true strategy of dividing Americans.

Olympics 2012: Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant, Lolo Jones and the Top Americans to Watch

Nastia Liukin and Michael Phelps were the top two American headlines of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. What will this year's top stories be?

Romney Raises $106 Million in June, Showing He Will Dominate Obama in November

Love him or hate him, Mitt Romney is proving to be quite an effective fundraiser, outpacing President Obama in June by $35 million.

Dark Knight Rises Spoiler: Morgan Freeman Attacks Obama and His Blackness

Morgan Freeman, who plays Batman sidekick Lucius Fox in the trilogy, was quoted recently as saying that America has yet to see a black president.

XXX and Economics: The Porn Industry Ballot Box Battle

Sexually transmitted diseases have become a reality for many porn actors. So, with mandatory condom use now on L.A.'s November ballot, why is the pornography industry furious?

Deadly Pakistan Friendly Fire Attack: U.S. Apologizes, But That Will Not Fix the Relationship

America's decision to apologize for the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers is a smart move for the "greater good," but this by no means signals a broader reconciliation with a difficult ally.

Romney Flipped, Obama Flopped, And in Three Months Nobody Will Care

Every politician changes his mind from time to time. Depending on the circumstances, it can reflect pure opportunism or a genuine change of heart.

Francois Hollande Has Destroyed German Dominance in the EU

France's President Sarkozy and Germany's Chancellor Merkel were once considered so close they were dubbed Merkozy. Sarkozy's successor has changed things, but how much?

DNSChanger Malware Monday: 7 Things We Do During an Internet Blackout

This is what we do, versus what we should do, every time the internet goes down and gives us an opportunity to actually interact with people in real life.

Dark Knight Rises Spoiler: Batman Is Just Like All of Us

With no superpowers other than the ability to face his fears, Batman reminds us that there is a superhero in all of us.

Obama Bush Tax Cuts Policy for the Middle Class May Backfire

Obama will push for a 1-year extension of Bush Tax cuts for the middle class as a centerpiece to his economic policy.

Legalize Marijuana: The War on Drugs Has Spun Out of Control

Cannabis, and all other currently illegal drugs, should be made as available and alcohol and cigarettes.