How the GOP Lost the African American Vote, And Their Civil Rights Reputation

The GOP was once the unequivocal party of voting rights and civil liberties. When their messaging broke, so too did the votes of some of their staunchest supporters.

Texas Election Results: How Ted Cruz Won, and How the Tea Party Will Rise in November

What is most astonishing has to be Cruz’s path to victory and what it means for the Tea Party nationwide.

Sherlyn Chopra in Playboy: Bollywood Actress Makes Powerful Diversity Statement in the Nude

Playboy has always been progressive when it comes to promoting diversity, doing a much better job than Vogue.

TSPLOST Results: The Georgia Tax Failed Because the Tea Party Refused to Compromise

Georgia's T-SPLOST failed to pass in the metro Atlanta area. This was a major victory for the Tea Party and shows that they is here to stay on the political scene. Why did it fail?

Harry Reid Claims Romney Paid No Taxes For 10 Years: Now Romney MUST Release Returns

Harry Reid claims Mitt Romney didn't pay any taxes for ten years, which all but guarantees the Republican will release his returns.

TSPLOST Results: Why I Voted NO in the Georgia Primary

Georgians will vote on the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax today, and they'll be making a mistake if they vote yes.

No Matter Your Gay Marriage Views, Here is One Reason We Should All Boycott Chick Fil A

If we demand higher ethical standards on gay marriage from our fast-food chains, then demanding higher ethical standards in the production of their food.

Texas Election Results: Ted Cruz Crushes David Dewhurst in GOP Senate Runoff

The establishment can't save David Dewhurst from the enthusiasm that has grown for Ted Cruz.

Who is Robert Pattinson Dating Now: Katy Perry Rumors

Amid all the drama and scandal of the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break up, new layers to the saga keep opening up. Just this Saturday, the couple moved out of their Los Angles home.

What Ron Paul Should Do Until the Election

Paul supporters have multiple options that can help advance their cause, spread their message, and create lasting political change.

Aly Raisman Parents: Viral Video Sparks Controversy Over Hyper Aggressive Parents

The video of Aly Raisman's parents watching their daughter is a viral hit. But what does that say about their parenting tactics?

Ted Cruz Election Results: How the Tea Party Went From Fighting Dems to Waging a GOP Civil War

The Tea Party has seemed to evolve into a new beast, one in which its children are beginning to devour its parents.

Gay Marriage and LGBT Rights Bring Millions of Dollars to Pro Gay Cities

States and businesses, such as New York and Walmart, are beginning to realize that supporting gay rights is not only socially progressive, but also financially profitable.

Robert Pattinson Cheating Scandal: Kristen Stewart Has Nothing to Apologize For

The public's vitriolic reaction to Kristen Stewart's affair with director Rupert Sanders is a reflection of the quirks of the celebrity phenomenon.

VMA 2012 Nominees: 5 Videos Prove Why Lady Gaga Was Snubbed

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to watch Gaga’s award-winning videos, and see how her two eligible videos from this year stacked up against them.

TSPLOST Results: Tea Party Wins Big As Georgia Road Tax Fails

The result in Georgia shows the Tea Party still has considerable political clout.

Dick Cheney Has Absolutely No Right to Attack President Obama

Former Vice President Dick Cheney shares with the world that President Obama is "our weakest president ever."

SpaceX Will Never Beat NASA

Mark Robinson, from the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter Camera (LROC), said the American flags from the Apollo program have survived the harsh radiation of the lunar surface environment.

NBC Ruined the London Olympics 2012 For Everyone

NBC has been criticized for its coverage of the London Olympics as the network has set up a variety of hurdles to even watch the competitions. Have they crushed enthusiasm in the United States?

If Obama Needs Bill Clinton in 2012, He Is In Trouble

Bill Clinton has the high-honor of nominating President Obama at this year's DNC, but such a close proximity between the two presidents might not work in Obama's favor.

Snoop Lion, Charlie Sheen, and 19 Self Obsessed Celebs Who Changed Their Names

Snoop Dogg announces his decision to change his name to Snoop Lion, making him just another guy to the long list of celebrity name changers.

Ron Paul Screwed by Massachusetts GOP

The Massachusetts Republican Party is purging duly elected pro-Ron Paul delegates, and preventing them from attending the Republican National Convention.

Obama, NAACP Condemned by Black Pastor William Owens Over Gay Marriage Endorsement

Reverend Owens argues that blacks will not back Obama come November.

Open Mic: Will The Mitt Romney Tax Plan Help or Hurt the Economy?

GOP candidate Mitt Romney has released a new tax plan that promises to cut income taxes for all income groups by 20%, but one think-tank found that only the highest income bracket will benefit.

Teen Bullying Cannot Be Solved With Plastic Surgery

A non-profit provides free plastic surgery to teens, but its work sends the wrong message.

5 Inspiring Underdogs You Should Root For At London Olympics 2012

Even though they probably will not go home with a medal, these five countries would benefit from an Olympic win.

Hedge Fund GOP Billionaires, and the People You Did Not Expect to Champion Gay Marriage

Growing support for same-sex marriage among Republicans, African-Americans, and Millennials will make a big difference this fall.

Obamacare Taxes Babies and Kittens, Mitt Romney and Fox News Told Me So

Not a satire. In that way that it is a satire.

Pussy Riot: Vladimir Putin Turns Punk Rockers Into Political Martyrs

Three members of Russia's infamous punk collective are finally having their day in court in a trial that seems to be designed to suppress free speech in Russia.

India and Myanmar Relationship Is Necessary for Growth and Security of Both

India must maintain a healthy relationship with Myanmar to boost trade and security in India's North-Eastern region. An interview with the former Special Director of India's Intelligence Bureau.

Libertarian Writer Charles Murray Develops Quiz to Determine if You Live in a Bubble

Let's discuss something besides dirty books, athletes, guns, superheroes or celebrities; something that might actually matter. Did you grow up in a bubble?

Birth Control Mandate is As Bad As Sept. 11 and Pearl Harbor: Mike Kelly

Conservatives are up in arms about the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate that was enacted Wednesday. Here are the 7 most hyperbolic complaints about Obama's contraception mandate.

If Mitt Romney Had Read This History On Palestine, He Would Not Be So Racist

Romney's comments about Israel's superior culture creating the wealth discrepancy with Palestine show a total lack of knowledge of the region's conflict.

Texas GOP Primary Results: Why Ted Cruz Dominated

Cruz has a strong base that is fired up to vote in the primary, as evidenced by the fact that he leads the latest poll 63% to 33%.

Romney Speech in Jerusalem Was Not Racist, But It Might As Well Have Been

Romney does seem to attempt to organize communities into inborn categories of inferiority and superiority.

Romney Embarrasses Himself in Poland: GOP Candidate Soils His Foreign Policy Credentials

Mitt Romney went to Poland to bolster his foreign policy credentials and to curry favor among Polish-American voters. However, his ignorance about other cultures may has stymied both goals.

Ted Cruz Election Results: Exactly How it Went Down

A strange sense of fanaticism and allegiance lingers in the Texas heat in light of the Cruz/Dewhurst runoff.

Does Mitt Romney Even Know a Single Thing About the Middle East?

The Republican presidential candidate commits yet another gaffe, and insults the Palestinian people.

In James Eagan Holmes Gun Debate, the One Point Lost On All Americans

Why are we neglecting to solve the gun problem at the root? Why are we avoiding the real questions about our obsession with guns?

One Chick Fil A Owner Embraces Gay Pride in New Hampshire

One franchise owner's sponsorship of a gay pride festival adds another level of complication to the Chick-fil-A debate.

Gay Marriage Debate: DOMA Takes Another Hit in Connecticut

Another defeat for DOMA can lead to greater extension of federal marriage benefits to wedded same-sex couples.

Goldman Sachs Tries to Kill Bill That Would Punish Russian Torturers and Murderers

The scandal appears to be one of many in which financial institutions put the profits of their clients before human rights issues or the well-being of the public.