Alex Morgan Boyfriend: Servando Carrasco is the Luckiest Man in the Soccer World

23-year-old Olympic soccer champion, and Sports Illustrated model, breaks millions of hearts by dating fellow footballer Servando Carrasco.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Ryan Gosling and the 25 Flavors of Christian Grey

Speculation over who would play sexually dominant business tycoon Christian Grey in the upcoming film version of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' continues to mount. Here are 25 different flavors.

5 Issues That Prove Ron Paul is Ahead of His Time

Just as Ron Paul's prophetic warnings in 2002 proved to be true, he will once again be proved right in another 10 years.

Ron Paul Would Beat Obama: Why Romney Must Be Replaced If the GOP Hopes to Win in 2012

In order to defeat President Obama this November, the GOP must nominate the consistent conservative Ron Paul instead of the Goldman Sachs warmonger Mitt Romney.

McKayla Maroney, Alex Morgan, and Gabby Douglas Do Not Get the Credit They Deserve

What do Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Missy Franklin and Alex Morgan have in common? They’re all Olympic champions who draw more attention for their looks than for their medals.

Jersey Shore Season 6: Snooki Will Deliver Baby on Television

Jersey Shore’s spinoff ‘Snooki & JWoww’ has been renewed for a second season, and Jwoww says she’ll hold the camera when Snooki pops her baby.

Kourtney Kardashian Baby Girl: Penelope Scotland Disick in Photos

The newest member of the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' is officially a covergirl. Meet Penelope Scotland Disick.

Son of Sam Mass Murderer Says All This Mass Murdering Has Gotten Out of Hand

David Berkowitz, the notorious "Son of Sam" gunman, thinks that America has a gun problem.

Obama Sells Out to Coal Lobby in Order to Win Ohio Swing State Voters

President Obama is trying to cast himself as a friend of coal, despite his decidedly anti-coal record. Why isn't he prouder of his signature environmental achievement?

Americans Are Science Illiterate, But More Science in Schools Will Not Make Us Smarter

Higher science education standards aren't the answer to America's science literacy problem.

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Ronald Poppo Speaks Up, Continuing Bath Salts Saga

Though toxicology reports didn't find bath salts in 'Miami Cannibal' Rudy Eugene's remains, authorities are skeptic.

Lolo Jones Virgin: Sex History Has No Bearing On Olympics Performance

Like Gabby Douglas' hair, Lolo Jones' sexuality and sexual behavior is irrelevant to her athletic performance. Sexism continues to permeate the Olympic spirit in the media and at the Games.

Romney, Inc: Mitt Romney May Not Be Inspiring, But He Sure Runs His Campaign Like a Boss

Mitt Romney's is a successful businessman, the lessons of which are proving successful in his bid to become president.

Obama's Watergate: Top Drug Trafficker Claims Fast and Furious Was a DOJ Deal To Take Down Rival Cartels

A high-ranking Mexican drug cartel operative currently in U.S. custody is claiming that the failed federal operation wasn’t about tracking guns, it was about supplying them in exchange for intel.

Defense Spending Cuts Are Good For the Economy

Arguments that Pentagon spending cuts will hurt the economy don't stand up to scrutiny.

Rob Portman Vice President Odds

Rob Portman is a frontrunner for the Republican vice presidential nomination, but what do we really know about him? Is he right for the job?

Doctor Who Invented Claim That Gay People Can Be Cured Now Admits He Was Totally Wrong

Dr. Robert Spitzer, who presented the only research suggesting homosexuals could change their sexual orientation, is working hard to retract his findings.

Saudi Women in Olympics: Nothing More Than a PR Stunt by Misogynistic Government

The participation of two Saudi Arabian women in the Olympics is not a sign of increasing rights in the country, but it does open the door to progress for women athletes.

5 Ways Millennials Are Missing Out on Delayed Gratification

The fast paced, technology dependent culture that millennials are shaping has begun to eradicate the idea of delayed gratification, and it's making us worse off.

Mars Rover Landing: NASA, Not SpaceX Should Lead in Space Exploration

Is the future of US space travel and exploration going to become mostly privately funded, or will the federal government continue to fund it despite recent cutbacks?

Obama Gave Guns to Drug Cartels, Romney Got Cash From Kill Squads: One is a Bigger Deal Than the Other

The left has linked Romney's start-up money for Bain Capital to Central American elites connected to kill squads. Romney now has the perfect opportunity to go on the offensive.

Michele Bachmann Preaches Fiscal Responsibility, But Cannot Pay Off Her 1 Million Dollar Debt

Despite castigating government deficit spending, Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign is in debt while her congressional campaign is swimming in cash.

Sarah Attar Was Named First Saudi Arabian Woman in the Olympics, But She Was Actually the Second

Media unfairly ignores the real first Saudi female athlete, Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani.

David Petraeus Vice President Odds

Despite reports that Barack Obama thinks Petraeus is on Mitt Romney's VP short list, the president knows he isn't going anywhere.

Housing Market Predictions: Recovery is a Total Myth

A New York Times article gives readers hope about the housing market, so long as they didn't make it past the headline.

Romney VP Pick: The Many Reasons Marco Rubio Will Not Be the GOP Pick

Rubio would make Romney's presidential path much more difficult.

Ron Paul Gold Standard is an Impossible Dream

Restoring Gold Standard remains a widely supported conservative agenda item. While the Gold Standard once offerred major benefits, today it is an impossible dream.

London 2012 Olympics: 9 Things That Cost As Much As the Olympics

The London Olympics reportedly cost $15 billion, making one wonder: what else could all that money be spent on?

Movie Review The Campaign: Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrel Campaign But Never Win

'The Campaign' promises a few laughs, but Ferrel and Galfianakis fall well short of greatness.

The Military Cheated an Afghanistan Vet Out of a Congressional Medal of Honor

The military's habit of playing politics with the lives of its heroes needs to stop.

Sikh or Sheikh: Why the Latest Romney Gaffe Is Being Blown Up in the Media

A sheik is a term in Arabic for an elder or religious leader. Sikhism is a religion with roots in South Asia and no affiliation with Islam.

Romney VP Pick: The Best Vice President Who Will Never Be Picked

Rob Portman would be a safe, solid, sensible pick, with the possible benefit of delivering a few votes in a crucial state. But here’s why he won’t be the nominee.

Ron Paul the Mentor: 4 Life Lessons From the Sage of Texas

We can all learn a thing or four from Ron Paul, even if we disagree with him.

Marco Rubio VP Pick Would Put Romney Over the Top

Picking Marco Rubio would counter-balance the perception of Mitt Romney as an out of touch rich guy.

Rob Portman Vice President Odds: Why He Will Be Chosen as Romney VP Pick

The question isn't whether Romney will pick Rob Portman; it's whether Portman will say yes.

Romney Flip Flop: Mitt Romney Must Take a Stand on the Auto Bailout

It is easier for Romney to let his supporters believe that he supports both sides of the issue, but if you don't demand that he take a stand, you could be voting for the wrong man.

Brooklyn Concert 2012: Indie Band The Dø Makes a Classic On Stage Mistake

At their live performance, the French/Finnish indie pop duo Dø prove that one bad decision can really kill a performance.

Let NASA Explore the Stars, But Let SpaceX Build the Rockets That Get Us There

NASA should stay in the business of exploring the stars. Private space should build the vehicles to get them there.

Facebook Like Button Should Be Protected Free Speech

Should a Facebook “like” be protected by the First Amendment? Why not, if comments and posts are.

Sikhism Beliefs Explained: A Look Beyond the Turban After Wade Michael Page Shooting

The tragedy in Wisconsin has reignited the debate on cultural ignorance and racially-charged violence in America. Yet how deep is the conversation reaching?

Romney VP Pick: Marco Rubio or Rob Portman, Announcement Will Depend on Candidate

Looking at when past Republican candidates have announced their running mates holds the key to the timing of Romney's announcement.

Trojan Vibrator Carts Make a Comeback as Bloomberg Flip Flops on Orgasms

NYC shut down two "pleasure carts" on Wednesday, but only until they got permits.

Manteo Mitchell Shows True Heart of American Olympic Spirit By Finishing Race With Broken Leg

American sprinter Manteo Mitchell broke his leg yesterday running the first leg of the U.S. men's 4x400m relay, but still finished the race. He is a testament to the U.S. Olympic Spirit.

Willy Wonka Director Mel Stuart Dies at 83

Documentarian Mel Stuart died on Thursday. The director is best remembered for his film 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' but Stuart made political documentaries throughout the 1960s.

Romney Ad Attacking Obama War on Religion Has Hidden Economic Message

With his new advertisement, Mitt Romney stealthily plays the "Obama's a communist" card.

10 Stats Obama Can Use to Deliver the 2012 Knockout Blow to Romney

10 really powerful stats, facts and secret weapons that the Obama campaign has in the 2012 election.

Jared Loughner Guilty Plea Does Not Bring Justice to the Victims

Is today's verdict better than the first? Will the surviving victim's rest in peace?