Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Sexual Stereotypes Reign Supreme in London Olympics

Though Matthew Mitcham, from Australia, is the only openly gay diver in the London 2012 Olympics, rumors abound about Tom Daley and other male divers and gymnasts.

Ron Paul Supporters See Libertarian Opportunity in Paul Ryan as VP

On federal spending, libertarians can do business with Paul Ryan.

5 Reasons Why Paul Ryan as VP Will Actually Hurt the Republican Ticket

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is a pick to shore up the base, and will do nothing to win undecided voters.

Lolo Jones Virgin: Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones Are a Match Made in Heaven

30-year-old virgin Jones plans on bonding with the New York Jets quaterback about how hard it is to remain pure until marriage.

Paul Ryan Vice President: 11 Quirky Facts About Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney has officially selected Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate, here are a few facts that we've just gotta know.

Obama Has Failed African Americans: We Need More Than Just a Black President

Black Americans have tragically misplaced their hope in politicians.

Paul Ryan as VP Will Deliver Wisconsin to Romney

Rep. Paul Ryan has been on the short-list for months, but is he too risky, or would he give Romney a swing state boost?

6 Reasons Why Paul Ryan is Wrong for Mitt Romney and America

The vice presidential pick is not supposed to be controversial, divisive, or someone you would fear having in the White House. Paul Ryan is all that, and more.

Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP, Shifting Race Back to the Economy

With the selection of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his VP pick, Romney makes the economy the main issue once again.

Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP: How GOP Insiders May Have Cashed in on Inside Info

Republican insiders may have profited from foreknowledge of VP pick on Intrade.

SpaceX Needs to Thank NASA for Its Privately Funded Space Exploration Ventures

When private spaceflight companies get ready to venture beyond our own solar system they will be helped along the way by NASA-funded research.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Corporate Tax Plan Deserves Serious Consideration

Our government needs more money and less spending. And the Romney/Ryan plan can get the job done.

Why Marco Rubio Would Have Been Better Than Paul Ryan

Florida, not Wisconsin, holds the key to the 2012 election.

Al Qaeda Threat is Nothing Compared to the Danger Police Poses to Americans

It's sad but true: data shows that the police are more dangerous to Americans than Al Qaeda.

Paul Ryan as Vice President Means More Trouble for Mitt Romney in 2012

Paul Ryan’s economic views negatively impact a huge number of voters. Why was he chosen?

Romney VP Nomination: LIVE Paul Ryan is Top Pick

The guessing games may be coming to an end soon as the GOP VP is announced.

Brangelina Wedding Rumors: George Clooney on the Guest List Fuels Marriage Speculation

George Clooney is on the guest list for what many think will be the big wedding.

Mitt Romney VP Selection of Paul Ryan is an Act of War on Working Class Americans

Romney's selection of Ryan is a declaration of war on the middle class.

One Direction and Spice Girls to Spice Up Olympic Closing Ceremony

George Michael, Muse, and Ed Sheeran will join to try to spice up the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony, after complains that the opening one was too boring.

Romney Sikh vs Sheik: Why Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Would Be a Disaster

What we can learn from Mitt Romney, Sikh, sheik, and flying shoes.

Is Paul Ryan the Right Vice Presidential Choice for Mitt Romney?

Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick. Is Ryan the best choice for Romney? Share your thoughts.

Paul Ryan as VP Offers More Liabilities Than Strengths for Mitt Romney

The selection of Paul Ryan as a VP candidate carries enormous risk that might ultimately sink Romney’s chances in November.

Paul Ryan for Vice President is the Right Choice for Mitt Romney and America

If experience, dedication, character, and qualifications are considered, Paul Ryan is by far the best pick for Vice President for Mitt Romney.

Fringe Festival NYC: Fringe Theater Festival Kicks Off in New York

August 10-26, check out The New York International Fringe Festival and let productions by talented theater artists from around the world titillate you with diverse, cutting-edge theater.

Candace Parker, and Team USA Female Olympians, Are the Real Dream Team

McKayla Maroney, Alex Morgan, Aly Raisman, and other amazing American female Olympians have brought Team USA back to the top in London 2012.

Vice President Paul Ryan Budget is Not a Serious Plan to Fix the Economy

By endorsing Mitt Romney on the same week he released his budget plan, Paul Ryan has hurt Romney's chances in November.

Paul Ryan VP Choice Will Boost the Romney Campaign

Picking Congressman Paul Ryan as a running mate could inject some life into Mitt Romney's candidacy.

Mitt Romney Record Deserves Scrutiny, and So Does the Romney Ryan Campaign

Mitt Romney's claim that the media is biased towards him are bogus. His time as Governor deserves criticism and so does his campaign.

Mitt Romney VP Choice: Paul Ryan is the Best Fit

Paul Ryan is a budget hawk who fearlessly attacks reckless government spending and entitlement reform. He would be the ideal running mate alongside Romney in November.

Romney Ryan 2012: Paul Ryan Has a Radical Agenda at Odds With America

The Republican agenda is staunchly opposed by the majority of American people.

Paul Ryan is Weak on Foreign Policy and Comes With His Own Baggage

Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's VP pick, but the move could have its downsides for the presumptive Republican nominee.