David Boudia Girlfriend: Olympic Diver is Not Gay, But He is Taken

The U.S. diver who defeated China's Qiu Bo and England's Tom Daley for the Olympic Gold has just gotten engaged to Sonnie Brand.

One Direction and Adele Rumored to Play at Olympic Closing Ceremony

The London 2012 Closing Ceremony will be a celebration of British music.

Vanessa Bryant, McKayla Maroney, and Other Reasons to Hate the London Olympics

The Olympics are the grandest spectacle of humanity's physical ability. And the best part is witnessing our best athletes doing their best -- or their worst.

How The Tea Party Was Hijacked by the Koch Brothers

The Tea Party could have been a force for good. Instead, the movement has become a corporate shill for the Koch Brothers

The Power of Information and the Impact of Wikileaks in Latin America

WikiLeaks partnership with the region's most prestigious news organizations highlights the power of information and its lasting impact beyond the United States and Europe.

Who is Paul Ryan: A Closer Look at Mitt Romney VP Nominee

These were the events that marked Paul Ryan's political views.

Barack Obama and Keynesian Economics Will Prevail

Proponents of stimulus measures to spur economic growth will win the economic debate.

Constant Surveillance System Will Make New York a Police State

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the Domain Awareness System will help fight crime. But Civil Liberties advocates are rightly up in arms.

7 Reasons Why Paul Ryan Makes No Sense as Mitt Romney VP Choice

After digesting Mitt Romney’s decision to pick Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, I still cannot understand the logic and strategy behind it.

Mitt Romney Olympic Experience Has Been Embellished

Romney ran the Salt lake Olympics successfully. However, the challenges that he faced were far from being overwhelming. He should, therefore, not exaggerate his role.

Obama Has Mixed Record on African American Issues

Though Obama is the president "of all Americans," he should not take the black vote for granted -- as most Democratic politicians do.

10 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Nailed it by Picking Paul Ryan as VP

At the end of the day, I believe this is a pretty good pick for Romney.

If Politicians Are What They Eat, Obama is Chili and Romney is Broccoli

We've long sought to draw biographical import from the foods presidential candidates eat on the campaign trail. Obama and Romney share one taste, but are split on most others.

Wade Michael Page, and the Sikh Temple Shooting, Are Not Just About Gun Laws

Wade Michael Page killed and scarred innocent people all because of the hatred that lived inside him. Do your heart and soul need a double check?

North Carolina Readies for Epic Democratic National Convention

The Queen City has been hard at work for over a year; preparing for the Democratic National Convention, next month.

Paul Ryan VP Rollout Was Skillfully Planned and Executed by Romney

Regardless of how one feels about the selection of Rep. Ryan as Romney's VP, its rollout was an undeniable success.

5 Defining Paul Ryan Speeches on Taxes, the Budget, and Entitlements

Mitt Romney chose a vice presidential candidate who loves to talk about the economy. Here are 5 of his signature speeches.

Constant Surveillance Systems Will Fight Crime, While Stripping Our Civil Liberties

The new system simply makes it impossible for you to do anything that is illegal, and get away with it.

Paul Ryan VP Pick Will Renew Enthusiasm for Mitt Romney

Romney’s bold pick could be just what his campaign needs to secure a victory in November.

Mitt Romney Defies Conventional Wisdom by Picking Paul Ryan as VP

Mitt Romney's pick of Paul Ryan as his VP nominee defies many conventional ideas about Romney and his presidential run.

Spice Girls, Adele and One Direction: Olympics Closing Ceremonies Were Uniquely British

The Olympics Closing Ceremony is sure to be a blowout of epic proportions with performers like these.