Evolution is False: Public Schools Should Teach Intelligent Design

The greatest travesty in public education today is the way "scientific" theories which are far from proven are shoved down the throats of students without much if any exposure to other views.

Paul Ryan Hottest VP Pick Ever: Paul Ryan Shirtless and Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Memes Go Viral

Paul Ryan's policies are attracting attention. His great looks could be attracting more, with Tumblr memes, Twitter traffic, and TMZ anointing him with hottest Veep status.

iPhone 5: Apple vs Google Fight Means No YouTube on iOS6

Apple continues to show dominance even through the debacle and rivalry with Google. Consumers need not worry though as they are many options still available for using YouTube on their iDevice.

Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Mom Says Diver Never Had a Proper Girlfriend

Debbie Daley denies the 18-year-old Olympic bronze winner is dating rumored girlfriend swimmer Kaddisy Cook.

China Economic Crisis: Why 44 Percent of Wealthy Chinese Want to Leave the Country

Rich Chinese are leaving the country in search of opportunities elsewhere. So what does this trend mean?

10 North Korean Defectors Get a Taste of the Silicon Valley at Google Illicit Networks Summit

Ranging from the regime’s elite party members to the country’s forgotten orphans, 10 North Korean defectors shared their harrowing stories before a captive Google audience in California.

Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Diver Predicts End of Chinese Domination in Diving

Team Great Britain diver, Tom Daley, believes China will not dominate in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics.

Brad Pitt Teaches Us About Libertarians: Fight Club Message More Relevant Today Than Ever

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Will Actually Boost Her Career

Stewarts' recent exposure of her cheating on long term boyfriend Robert Pattinson begs the question of whether stars' scandals can actually bring them financial success.

Paul Ryan Is No Right Wing Extremist, Says This Right Wing Libertarian Extremist

Rather than Paul Ryan throwing grandma off a cliff, it is grandma’s medical care entitlement which is driving our nation off a cliff.

Ron Paul is Retiring on the Highest Note Possible, As the Ultimate Champion of Liberty

By retiring this year, Ron Paul may be forcing the RNC to give him a 15-minute speaking slot at this year's convention.

Ramadan 2012 in Pictures: Beautiful Scenes from the Streets of Muslim Jerusalem

A glimpse into Ramadan 2012 in occupied East Jerusalem.

Dancing With the Stars Cast Season 15: Bristol Palin, Pamela Anderson, and the Likely Winners

"Dancing with the Stars" has announced its all-stars couples for the upcoming 15th season. Who is most likely to take home the coveted trophy?

Anderson Cooper Cheating Scandal: Boyfriend Ben Maisani Caught Kissing Another Man

Just weeks after Cooper came out publicly as gay, he is caught smack in the middle of the industry's latest cheating scandal.

Atheist Billboards Target Obama and Romney at Democratic National Convention

Atheist group mocks Mormonism and mainstream Christianity with ads featuring magic Mormon underwear and Jesus on toast.

Romney Appoints Realist Robert Zoellick To Policy Team, Risking Neocon Revolt

Robert Zoellick's appointment as head of Romney's National Security transition team has angered Neocons, but is a major win to policy pragmatists everywhere.

Robert Pattinson New Movie Cosmopolis, Whitney Houston in Sparkle: This Week in Movie Releases

Robert Pattinson, Whitney Houston, and Sylvester Stallone all have movies opening this week. Do they have what it takes to beat out Bourne and Batman?

The World According to Iran: What Things Look Like From the Other Side

Analyzing Iran's strategic outlook fits into a perfectly rational idea of a peaceful solution to Iran's nuclear program.

50 Greatest Movies of All Time: Only 6 Movies After 1980 Made the List

Sight & Sound's list of the greatest films of all time has been updated for 2012, but where are all the new movies?

Mubarak 2.0: President Morsi of Egypt Sacks Military Generals and Censors the Media

Over the weekend, President Mohammed Morsi ordered the retirement of the top two military chiefs in Egypt and replaced the editors of the major state-owned media outlets.

Why It Would Be a Disaster If We Super Taxed the Super Rich

Should it be the role of government or private individuals to invest money to better our society?

Olympics Medal Count 2012: US Wins Most Gold, But Canada Has the Most Fun

Should the Americans pursue their gold or bust mentality? Or do we perhaps have something to learn from the Canadians, who celebrate the spirit and the effort of a bronze?

Romney Israel Position: If Only CEO Mitt Romney Could See That Palestinians Are Hard Working and Business Focused

The recent comments by Mitt Romney about Palestinians are bigoted, racist, and baseless. They reflect a bias and ignorance of historical facts and ground-realities as they exist today.