Illegal Immigrants Paid More Taxes Than Romney in 2010

Undocumented immigrants pay more taxes than Romney; thus, supporting social security, Medicare, and unemployment services more than Romney.

Voting For Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Is Good For Democracy

With voters becoming increasingly disheartened with Republicans and Democrats alike, the importance and influence of third party candidates has become more and more prevalent.

Tom Daley Gay Rumors: One Direction and David Beckham Give Diver Some Love

Olympic British diver Tom Daley, the UK’s most wanted, is being courted by Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Cole, loved by One Direction and given advice by no other than David Beckham.

Putin Minister Dimitry Rogozin Calls Madonna a Slut for Supporting Pussy Riot

Dimitry Rogozin blasted the Material Girl on Twitter for supporting the Russian female punk rock band, charged by Vladimir Putin’s government with “hooliganism” in a Soviet-style trial.

3 Men Who Are Donating Mind Blowing Sums to Mitt Romney

32 of America’s richest people – 8% of the Forbes 400 – have donated to the Mitt Romney-backing Super PAC, Restore Our Future. Get to know the top 3.

Ron Paul, Not Paul Ryan, is the Real Budget Hawk in Congress

Paul Ryan's balanced budget plan would not balance the budget for 30 years.

Rich Are Getting Richer, Poor Are Getting Poorer: Time for a Fair Tax Policy (Debate)

If we do not generate solutions for the disappearance of upward mobility in America, the income and wealth gap will grow to deeper and we may not be able to recover.

Income Inequality is Not a Problem: The Free Market is Making All Americans Richer (Debate)

If we focus on limiting income inequality, then we will miss out on gains in the market economy.

Global Warming Effects: Human Beings Are Not Fit to Control the Planet

As we enter a new geological age, the Anthropocene, it is becoming more apparent that civilization carries on thanks to a form of inertia. It's time to stop and reflect, before all hope is lost.

Texas A&m Shooting: 3 Dead, Including Police Officer, Near TAMU Campus

A gunman was killed by police after shooting five people and killing two, including Constable Bryan Bachman, 41, who was trying to serve an eviction note.

Chris Christie GOP Keynote Will be First Convention Speech With 7 Second Delay

Lock the doors and hide the kids, because Governor Christie won't be pulling any punches!

Paul Ryan Medicare Plan Is Not Really That Radical

Though decried by opponents as "ending Medicare as we know it," Paul Ryan's Medicare plan represents a cogent, and even bipartisan alternative to the unsustainable status quo.

Connecticut Primary Results LIVE: Joe Lieberman Senate Seat Up For Grabs

Connecticut will hold a high-profile summertime primary contest on Tuesday that will likely see low turnout.

Paul Ryan Will Spark the Next War on Women

The GOP VP candidate's record against abortion, Planned Parenthood, and equal pay is a step back from the feminism movement of the last 100 years.

War on Religion: Sikh Shooting and Missouri Mosque Fire Part of a Wider Problem in America

The inconvenient fact is that hate crimes against Muslim, Arab, and South Asian immigrants have been on the rise since 9/11.

Texas A&M Shooting: 3 Killed, Including Constable, Near TAMU

Multiple people dead and wounded near Texas A&M University.

Wisconsin GOP Primary Results: Tommy Thompson and Eric Hovde In An Ideological Battle

Tommy Thompson, Paul Neumann, Eric Hovde are in a battle of conservative ideals in Wisconsin.

Atheist Billboards Attack Christian Beliefs of Obama and Romney

Billboards by American Atheists unfairly attack Christian beliefs of Obama, Romney, and other believers.

Egypt in Turmoil: President Morsi Fires Military Leadership in Muslim Brotherhood Shakeup

Morsi's recent sacking of two military officials may prove to be a double-edged sword.

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: Why the New VP is Not As Free Market As We Think

Paul Ryan may be enamored with Ayn Rand's thrillingly capitalist rhetoric, but his voting record tells another story.