Tom Daley Gay and Ryan Lochte Sex Appeal Rumors Was Fueled by Social Media

More teenage girls watched the first half of the Olympics than bought a ticket to 'Twilight: Eclipse."

5 Things You Weren't Told About "Oppressed" Muslim American Women

Take it from an angry Arab-American Muslim woman: We are not oppressed, nor do we need to be liberated.

Marco Rubio For President 2016: Why It Was Good That Romney Chose Paul Ryan for VP

By not choosing Rubio as his VP pick, Romney has given the rising star the opportunity to reach his full political potential.

50 Shades of Grey: Banker Edward Sonderling is Real Life Christian Grey

New York investment banker Edward Sonderling and girlfriend Frankie Santiago lived in real life what Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel do in “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

There Was a Russian Nuclear Sub in the Gulf of Mexico On Tuesday, And This is Normal

The Russian Akula submarine found roving the Gulf of Mexico is not surprising. It can be explained if put in the context of Russia's traditional foreign policy style.

Illinois Facebook Law Bans Employers From Violating Your Privacy

Illinois "Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act" protects many workers from being forced to reveal their online profiles, but millions of others, including students remain unprotected.

Florida GOP Primary Results LIVE: Ted Yoho, John Mica Win

The battle reflects the rift in the GOP between grassroots conservatives and the party's establishment candidates.

Romney Pro Life Flip Flopper: Why the In Vitro Fertilization Debate Could Destroy Romney

Romney is a flip-flopper on life issues. His past could come back to haunt him.

Taylor Swift Boyfriend: Music Queen Could Get Drawn Into the Kennedy Curse

The Kennedy's have a streak of bad luck spanning several decades, so how will affect Taylor Swift's relationship with Connor Kennedy?

Paul Ryan Shirtless and Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Meme Could Hurt the GOP

Conversely, it also offers Republicans an opportunity to bring their fiscally conservative message to younger voters through the use of social media.

Ron Paul is Right: US Foreign Policy in Middle East Does Not Make Us Safer

The 'War on Terror' is actually the United States declaration of 'War with the Use of Terrorism.'

Floyd Lee Corkins is Alleged FRC Gunman: Supposedly Decried Conservative Policies Before Firing on Guard

The Family Research Council in Washington D.C. is the latest target of a crazed gunman.

Mike Lofgren, Angry GOP Insider, Says The Party is Over: Book Review

In "The Party is Over," former GOP staffer Mike Lofgren provides an alarming account of the corruption and deterioration of our government. Sadly, his disgruntled tone may alienate readers.

The Real Toll of the French Veil Ban on Muslim Women

President Hollande is continuing Sarkozy's ill-conceived law, which violates religious freedom and singles out Muslim women in France.

Taylor Swift Conor Kennedy: New Country Music Hits Will Follow New Mansion

Taylor Swift's music has always been inspired by her personal life, which is the reason she's such a big hit today.

Miley Cyrus Hair: Star Defends Her New Haircut With Pride

The London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony wasn't the only affair the world was tweeting about on Sunday.

Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden: Two Catholics Battle For the Soul of America

Both of America's potential vice presidents, Paul Ryan and Joe Biden, are practicing Catholics. But both mean appeal to very different bases within the Catholic community.

Paul Ryan Abortion Record: 4 Reasons Why VP Pick is Bad News for Women

Forget Ryan's budgetary hawkishness, his anti-woman agenda is even more extreme.

Freedom of Speech, Not Gay Rights, Was Central in the Chick fil A Debate

During the recent Chick-fil-A media frenzy, the most disturbing aspect of the debate was overlooked: the use of governmental positions to intimidate a business for its words.

Paul Ryan Record Shows He Could Be Running Mate of Obama

Paul Ryan's record suggests that he is nowhere near the fiscal conservative he claims to be.

Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Diver Wants Gold in Rio 2016

“I’ll be at my peak then,” says the British diver turned teen heartthrob who won bronze in London 2012 while facing Twitter love and hate.

David Boudia Girlfriend: Diver Not Gay, And Other Personal Revelations

American diver and Olympic gold medalist David Boudia has revealed the contents of his iPad to his worldwide fans.

Joe Biden Chains Comment: Speech Gaffe in Virginia is No Surprise

Joe Biden's latest gaffe shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone ... and maybe that's the problem.

Paul Ryan is Not a Libertarian or Tea Party Conservative

Romney's VP choice was made with governing, not campaigning, in mind. Fiscal conservatives should be very wary.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: 25 Sports Jocks Who Could Fill Christian Grey Casting

Ryan Lochte is reportedly being considered for 'Dancing With the Stars' and 'The Bachelor.' He, and these other 24 athletes, could also play Christian Grey if they take on acting.

Sheldon Adelson is Buying the 2012 Election, But He Bought Young Jews a Long Time Ago

Sheldon Adelson funded my free trip to Israel through Birthright. Now he's near-single handedly pulling the strings for Romney's disastrous foreign policy. Was it ethical to take his dirty money?

Grimm TV Show Season 2 Premiere

The new season of Grimm premieres Monday night. The cliffhanger will finally be over, and fans will hopefully know to turn into the new time.

Hawaii Senate Race Will be Historic Win for Women

If elected, Gov. Linda Lingle would become the sixth Republican woman in U.S. history to hold a Senate seat. Rep. Mazie Hirono would join the total list of 17 women in the U.S. Senate.

Michael Phelps Day Job: Louis Vuitton Ad Hints At New Career Path

Modeling for Annie Leibovitz and a new gig on the Golf Channel will offer the most decorated Olympian of all time, and girlfriend Megan Rosee, a way to support their new globe-trotting lifestyle.

Romney Ryan 2012: GOP Ticket Will Tackle the 800 Pound Economic Gorilla in the Room

Entitlement spending alone eats up two-thirds of our tax dollars while simultaneously going bankrupt in 20 years. The Obama-Biden plan fails to address this, while the Romney-Ryan plan solves it.

Florida Primary Results: Ted Yoho and Tea Party Win

Primary results from the Sunshine State.

If Paul Ryan Were a True Ayn Rand Disciple, He Would Collect Welfare

Paul Ryan's hypocrisy is the only thing he shares with his libertarian idol, Ayn Rand.

Connecticut Primary Results: Linda McMahon, Chris Murphy Win

Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy will square off for Joe Lieberman's senate seat in November.

Obama Black Vote 2012: African Americans Should Quit Hating on President

President Obama is the President of the United States of America, not just Black America. African-Americans should lay off.

American Highway System is Broken, and Only the Free Market Can Save It

Free market roads are not only viable but preferable to government roads.

Obama vs Romney Facebook Reach: The Results Will Surprise You

Social media may not single-handedly be responsible for the outcome of this election, but it will play an important role.

Paul Ryan Medicare Plan: The Truth About the Path to Prosperity

There are criticisms and praise for the Paul Ryan Medicare plan, but what's really in it?

Candy Crowley Florida Debate: How 3 Students Sparked a Sexism Conversation in Election 2012

Three NJ teens learned that their petition on -- asking that a woman moderate an upcoming presidential debate -- had been answered by the selection of Candy Crowley.

Poor Families Will Suffer in the Next 2 Months, And Clean Energy Ethanol is to Blame

As the U.S. corn crop withers in the field, expect food prices to rise around the globe.

Facedeals Facebook App is Minority Report Come to Life

A new face recognition program will allow stores to match customers to their Facebook photos and offer them special deals when they walk through the door.

Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown: Senate Race Has National Implications

In the current presidential election of 2012, the fundamental question and idea of "who built that?" has come up time and time again.

Bourne Legacy Review: Film is Not Really a Bourne Movie, But Still a Fun Flick

If you’re looking for a decent summer flick, you could do worse than Legacy. But if you’re looking for a continuation of the trilogy, or even a spiritual successor, don’t expect to find it here.

Ayn Rand Influence Makes Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney the Go Backwards Team

Ayn Rand invigorated Paul Ryan with a belief he has clung to: minimalist government. But how well does his budget reflect that? Will his budget save the economy?

Paul Ryan Budget Plan is Less About Ayn Ryan Than You Think

Paul Ryan is a huge fan of author and social theorist Ayn Rand, at least before being vetted in 2012. Who was Rand and what does she really mean to Ryan?

Shark Week 2012: 11 Reasons to Get Excited

To commemorate the 25th airing of Shark Week, here are 11 reasons to be excited about these deadly fish.

Wisconsin Senate Primary Results: Tommy Thompson Wins GOP Civil War

Thompson’s win shows that the Tea Party and far-right conservatives aren’t completely taking over the GOP.

America is the Land of Liberty, Unless You Are a Muslim

Ending anti-Islamic bigotry requires knowing about Islam.

Paul Ryan Quotes Show Why He is Popular With Conservatives

Ryan sets the tone for the rest of the campaign by focusing on his running mate and emphasizing the economy.

Justin Theroux: Jennifer Aniston is Engaged, But She is Still an Iconic Single Woman

Jennifer Aniston is engaged to Justin Theroux, but she is still a role model for single, independent women everywhere.

Olympics Hangover: World Games 2013 Offers Your Next Fix

An examination of one of the most bizarre quadrennial events ever put together, the World Games.

Paul Ryan Foreign Policy is a Murky Mess

Amid the controversy over Romney’s vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s foreign policy experience, very few people have discussed what Ryan’s foreign policy positions actually are.

Women Shine at the Olympics, But Still Not As Brightly As Kobe Bryant and Usain Bolt

Ladies dominated at the Olympics this year, but men still got more attention.

Why Personal Property Does Not Matter in the Grand Scheme of Politics

The radical last step in the evolution of human consciousness is to forget that our things are valuable.

Robert Pattinson Cheating Scandal: Star Eats Ice Cream on the Daily Show to Get Over Kristen Stewart

Jon Stewart pulled out two pints of ice cream as a consolatory post-breakup treat, but Pattinson did not bring up Kristen Stewart.

Why the Paul Ryan Medicare Plan is a Win for Seniors

Ryan Medicare will save, not destroy Medicare.

What Ron Paul and Prominent Republicans Are Saying About the Paul Ryan VP Selection

What people are saying about Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick.

Apple Rumors: EPEAT Turns Into Complete Debacle For Company

Apple took a gamble by pulling out of EPEAT... and lost.