Tom Cruise Was Almost Iron Man, and 5 Other Wild Hollywood Audition Tape Stories

Crazy to think that Kurt Russell was close to becoming Hans Solo in Star Wars.

Ridiculously Photogenic Syrian Soldier: If This Meme Does Not Get You to Help Syria, Then, Dammit, Nothing Will

If reports of gross human rights abuses, torture, civilian deaths, and secret police haven’t swayed you to the plight of Syrians, then, dammit, maybe this chiseled jaw and coiffed hairline will.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Henry Cavill, Not Ryan Gosling, to Play Christian Grey

The star of the upcoming “Man of Steel” (2013) has surged as a potential contender to be cast as Christian Grey in the upcoming film version of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

First the LIBOR Scandal, and Now Standard Chartered Bank is Hiding 250 Billion in Deals With Iran

Not two months since the Barclays Libor rate-fixing fiasco comes a new banking scandal involving Standard Chartered, accused of hiding $250 billion worth of Iranian bank transactions.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel Inspired Clothing Line in the Works

There is no word yet on whether the licensing deal will include blindfolds, whips, or bondage.

Legalize Marijuana in America: Three Presidential Candidates Are in Support of Legalizing Pot

Pot legalization has been discussed to death, but the issue is reaching new heights during this election cycle between the candidates for people. Where do all five candidates stand on the issue?

Dark Knight Rises Sequel: New Batman Movie May No Be That Good Without Christopher Nolan

Warner Bros. is seriously mishandling D.C. Comics properties. Here's how to fix it.

Atheism is Good For America

Make fun of Scientology all you want, but chances are it's not that much more ridiculous than what you believe.

Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Diver Goes Back to School, Gets Straight As

British national hero Tom Daley thanked Plymouth College on Twitter for the straight As he obtained in Spanish and Math. Did his bronze medal help him score the excellent grades?

Prop 37 California GMO: California Food Labeling Proposal is Still Bogus

California's GM food labeling proposal has nothing to do with science.

Paul Ryan Wife Worked as a Lobbyist: Why the Career of Janna Ryan Deserves Our Concern

The knowledge of her involvement in these lobbying efforts raises valid concern as to what role lobbyists would be allowed to play in influencing the policies of the Romney-Ryan administration.

Michael Phelps Louis Vuitton Model: What London 2012 Olympians Will Do Now That the Olympics Are Over

What do Olympic athletes like Franklin, Bolt, Phelps, Lochte, and Solo do after competing at the Olympics? Ride the Olympic wave as long as they can; then get ready for Rio 2016.

Make Love Not Porn: The War on Hardcore XXX Is Noble, But This New Sex Ed Site Is Lacking

In an attempt to combat the porn industry's unhealthy grip on our youth's sex ed, sex activist Cindy Gallop launches, a site that hosts user-generated videos of "real sex".

GOP Campaign Rocked By Revelation That Mitt Romney is a Disney Robot

Prominent Republican politicians across the nation are reeling from the news that candidate Mitt Romney is indeed an animatronic creation created by the Walt Disney company.

The One Thing Republicans and Democrats Have in Common: They Are Delusional

Both Republicans and Democrats are acting like out-of-touch idealists when we need sober realists, but their collective delusions could actually save them.

Obama May Have Killed Osama Bin Laden, But He Still Is Unpopular With Military Voters

A group of former U.S. spec ops soldiers is launching a new campaign against Obama. Their mission highlights how disenfranchised the post-Iraq/ Afghanistan generation feels.

Paul Ryan Hypocrisy: 44 Percent of Tea Party Members Are on Medicare

While insisting that a progressive income tax is wealth redistribution, the Tea Party line would redistribute wealth from the poor to the uber-rich.

If Millennials Do Not Come Out to Vote, Romney Ryan 2012 Will Ruin America

Students need to get to the polls this election season. This election will drastically change America's future and millennials have the most at stake.

Obama Loves Beyonce: What Spotify and iTunes Playlists Say About the Presidential Candidates

Let's look into the musical souls of both presidential candidates, and find out which man really should be leading the country.

Stars Earn Stripes TV Show Does Disservice to Veterans

NBC's latest show seeks to honor men and women in uniform by turning war into a game show competition.

Sparkle Movie: Rihanna and 6 Other Black Actresses That Could Pull Off the Whitney Houston Role

Which actresses have what it takes to do the diva justice on the big screen?

Why Can't Politicians Just Lay Off Muslims Like Me Already?

The rhetoric of political candidates during election seasons trickles down to the American street and flares up ethno-religious violence. The onus is on political leaders to address it.

Obama Tries to Renew Peace Talks With Taliban and Bring POW Bowe Bergdahl Home

Peace negotiations and reconciliation will further splinter and weaken the Taliban and will leave a more manageable security situation for the Afghan National Army when coalition troops leave.

Israeli Occupation is So Bad That They Regulate Palestinians Who Are Not Even Born Yet

A Palestinian boy born from artificial insemination might be the newest controversy in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Romney Runs the Risk of Becoming Less Popular Than His VP Paul Ryan

The sad state of the Romney/ Ryan ticket is that it's now more about Obama vs. Ryan than Obama vs. Romney.

Paul Ryan Would Be the Most Powerful Vice President Ever

Does the vice president really matter or is the furor over Ryan just media hype?

Paul Ryan Economic Plan: In Attacks Against GOP, Capitalism Suddenly Becomes a Dirty Word

The selection of Paul Ryan as VP nominee brings an onslaught of attacks on capitalism.