Mitt Romney Economic Plan Debunked in 5 Simple Bullets

They're circulating around Obama camp.

Obama Youth Vote 2012: Surprising Poll Finds 40 Percent of Young People Flock to Romney

Mitt Romney has captured 40% of the youth vote, a record high for a Republican candidate. Here's why Obama should rethink his campaign.

Hillary Clinton VP Rumors: 10 Reasons Clinton Will Not Replace Biden

Hillary Clinton joining the Obama ticket would skyrocket the campaign in the polls, but this particular dream is unlikely to come true.

Obama Swift Boat Ad: Make No Mistake, President Obama Gave the Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden

Attacks that President Obama politicized or took credit for the bin Laden raid are false and politically motivated. Is there no shame left in our politics?

Hillary Clinton Said No to Obama Vice President Job: A Total Fabrication

Conservative media is reporting that Hillary Clinton turned down the VP spot two weeks ago. Here's why this is a complete lie.

Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Diver is the Justin Bieber of Britain

Tom Daley, the British diver who won bronze in the London 2012 Olympics, has fans lining up overnight for the chance of catching a glimpse of the English national hero.

Rich Kids of Instagram: Millennials and the 1 Percent

Over half of 18-24 year olds own smartphones and have access to Instagram. Who are the 1% among them? Rich Kids of Instagram shows us.

Ron Paul and Ayn Rand Should Not Have Collected Social Security

Those who advocate curtailing or abolishing entitlement programs should not claim benefits under them.

RNC 2012: Wyclef Jean in, Randy Travis Out After Naked Drunk Driving Arrest

Sometimes life throws you lemons and you gotta take those lemons and get your third choice for a band to come to your Republican National Convention.

Everyday Sexism Project: Women Worldwide Turn to Twitter to Combat Misogyny

The Everyday Sexism Project aims to use the power of social media to call attention to women's daily experiences of sexism across the world.

Mitt Romney Religion: Election 2012 is the First With No WASPs in Field

Not having a WASP running for president or VP is significant, and should make us aware of the progress we still need to make in our "representative" democracy.

Prison Reform: Why We Should Reconsider Paying Prisoners 23 Cents An Hour

Federal prisoners are being used as cheap labor in key industries. This hurts the competition. Is it worth the money saved in tax expenditure?

Islamic Banking: If Muslims Ran Wall Street, America Could Have Avoided the 2008 Economic Crisis

Islamic banking teaches Muslims to think not just about personal profit, but also about the common good.

US Birth Rate Hits a 25 Year Low: This is Great For Feminism, Super Bad For Social Security

Americans are having fewer babies than ever, which could cause major problems for the future of social security.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: James Marsden Surges as Frontrunner to Play Christian Grey

The former Versace model, and star of ’27 Dresses’ and the upcoming ‘Bachelorette,’ is surging as a strong contender for the coveted role of Christian Grey in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ the movie.

Oral Sex: Why Fewer Teens Getting to Third Base is Big News in Election 2012

Rates of oral sex have declined for teens, which is further proof of the importance of adequate sex education in schools, an issue which the presidential candidates should consider.

Paul Ryan Shirtless: How 3 Libertarian Ladies Turned Paul Ryan Into the Ryan Gosling of Politics

Emily Zanotti, Lyndsey Fifield and Lindsey Dodge created the Tumblr blog “Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan,” back when nobody thought the congressman from Wisconsin stood a chance of becoming Romney’s VP

Wyclef Jean Says I'll Be Gone With Obama, Jumps Ship to Perform Republican Convention

Wyclef Jean will headline a concert at the RNC in Tampa, replacing Randy Travis and Willie Nelson.

If Republican Economics Were So Good, Why Did America Need a Stimulus to Boost Jobs?

Bush and Republican economic policies ruined the economy, and now they complain that Democrats aren't fixing their mess fast enough.

Paul Ryan Shirtless Picture Emerges: He is Not That Ripped

To be fair and balanced, the image is from 6 years ago when the congressman and newly minted Republican vice presidential nominee hadn't started his famous P90X workout.

California Proposition 32: Battle to Limit Special Interest Money is Marred by Special Interest Money

The Yes on 32 campaign to stop special interests by using an existing electoral system believed by many to be dominated and funded by special interests is ... ironic.

Male Birth Control Pill Almost Here: Why It Should Be Free For Men Under Obamacare

A new scientific breakthrough means we're one step closer to creating an effective male birth control pill.

Shark Week 2012: 10 Photos of Great Whites, Giant Jellyfish, and the Deadliest Creatures in the Sea

Contrary to popular opinion, sharks are not the only deadly creatures in the sea. That said, this Shark Week let's take the opportunity to respect these majestic creatures, not fear them.

Shark Week 2012: What Sharks Have in Common With Politicians (With the Exception of Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders)

With the 25th anniversary of Shark Week here and the presidential election approaching, it might be the perfect time to compare the two. Except that is an insult to sharks.

Robert Pattinson Cheating Scandal: Kristen Stewart Defended by Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster comes to Kristen Stewart's defense, and reminds us that all young people make mistakes.

Romney Ryan 2012 Will Curb Government Spending, Something Obama is Incapable of Doing

Out-of-control spending from Washington is drowning America in red ink. The Romney-Ryan plan will return levels of spending back to their historic rate of 20% of GDP by 2016.

Eid Al Fitr Celebrations: Muslims Should Not Be Afraid of Going to Mosque, But We Are

My place of worship is meant to be a sanctuary, not a danger zone, so naturally the anti-Muslim attacks over the past month hit close to home.

Ryan Gosling Coloring Book: Time for Paul Ryan to Get His Too

Now that the Republican vice presidential nominee and the popular Canadian actor’s personas are intertwined in American pop culture, expect Paul Ryan versions of all things Gosling.

NCIS, and Toddlers and Tiaras, Are More Important Than the Issues: This is Why America is Doomed

For many, 'Toddlers & Tiaras,' as well as 'NCIS,' are far more titillating than actually taking the time to read through some of the policy stances of both presidential candidates.

Linda McMahon Wrestling Experience Does Not Make Her a Job Creator

She believes businesses should be allowed to do what they want, so long as it’s profitable and they can afford it, regardless of ethics.

Romney Energy Plan is Woefully Lacking

Where do the candidates stand on energy policy? We'll take a look in this series. First up: Mitt Romney and his plan to cut regulations while promoting oil, coal, and gas.

4 Reasons Why Paul Ryan Should Continue to Embrace Ayn Rand

The GOP vice presidential nominee should embrace Objectivism, instead of distancing himself from it.

Iran Cyber Attack on Nuclear Facilities Leads Regime To Threaten Shutting Down the Internet

After an Iranian scientist says his country was the victim of yet another cyber attack, the Ministry of Communications has threatened to shut down the Internet entirely for all 75 million people.

Gabby Douglas Hair: Gymnast Recruits Celebrity Hairstylist Ted Gibson to Escape Controversy

Hollywood's hottest celebrity hairstylist said the controversy around Douglas' hair was "shameful." Now he's pledged to give her style but keep her youthful look.

MSNBC Pundit Toure Shows Racism in Election 2012 Has Already Begun

Touré's controversial remarks may do more damage than good, proving that the n**gerization of the election has begun.

I Present to You the Perfect Plan to Fix the Broken American Health Care System

I’m proposing the American Healthcare Restructuring Act; a method to significantly reduce an expenditure that is currently 22% of the federal budget.

Romney and Ryan Wrong to Praise For Profit Universities

Higher education may be broken, but for-profit colleges are not the way to fix it, and the fact that Ryan and Romney hold it up as a solution shows a profound misunderstanding of the situation.

What Tim Tebow Shares in Common With VP Paul Ryan

Tebow and Paul Ryan make Mark Sanchez and President Obama feel concerned about their job security.

An Open Letter to Charles Koch

The people are coming to take back what's ours: our democracy. Expect us. Cordially Yours, Shawn Carrié.

Romney and Ryan Plan is to Win By Any Means Necessary

The GOP knows they are out of touch with most Americans, so they are lying and cheating in the hopes of a win in November

Waverider Crash: Air Force Takes X-51A Back to the Drawing Board

Despite the hype surrounding the Air Force's latest test of hypersonic flight, the unmanned aircraft's failure casts doubt on the program.

Obesity Crisis: Skinniest State in America Outweighs the Fattest State From 10 Years Ago

Obese states in the U.S. have gravitational force all their own, shown by the latest findings, and the pull is defining regions by body mass. But what does weight have to do with where you live?

China is Responsible For the Carnage Occurring in the Syrian Civil War

The international community needs to take China to task for aiding and abetting the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Obesity Crisis: What is the Fattest State in America

The CDC's Tuesday report on obesity begs the question: If obesity is so costly, then why are we still so heavy?

Facebook (FB) Stock Plunges, Insiders Start Dumping Shares

Facebook's stock hit a new low on Thursday, as their "lock up" period expired.

Obama and Romney Take Note: This Asian and Muslim Country Will Be Critical to Foreign Policy For Years to Come

Indonesia is a country of 240 million that Americans know little about. Yet given its economic rise and strategic location, the most populous Muslim nation is of great importance.

Pussy Riot May Be Russian Guitar Heroes

Unless Pussy Riot was incredibly naïve – and it’s difficult to believe that they were – the band has knowingly energized the movement against Russian anti-free speech measures.

Pussy Riot Jailed: Why This is Both a Religious and Political Issue

The arrest and conviction of Russian feminist punk bad Pussy Riot is due to larger issues surrounding the separation of church and state under Putin.

Ryan Medicare Plan: How it Will Impact Millennials in 40 Years

Regardless of who wins in Election 2012, I'm thankful my participation in the Medicare program is four very long decades away.

Intern Tumblr: A Place For Interns to Vent Their Frustrations

With record numbers of millennials taking paid or unpaid internships, blogs aimed at interns help students and others interested in internships navigate their experiences.

Julian Assange Asylum in Ecuador: Britain Threatens to Storm Embassy, Assange Could Remain Holed Up for Days

Britain is stepping up its attacks against Assange, and some say in violation of international law. But the United States is the country pulling the strings.

Facedeals Facebook Program Can Get You Good Deals, But at a Steep Price

"Check in with your face." The new app Facedeals can keep track of you at all times to provide you with the "best" deals. Are you willing to give up your privacy for a good discount?