50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Willing to Shoot Explicit Sex Scenes, Would Be the Perfect Christian Grey

The 'Transformers' star will shoot explicit sex scenes in Lars von Trier's upcoming 'Nymphomaniac.' This is why he would be a perfect Christian Grey in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' the movie.

McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed That Her Viral Meme Made Her so Famous

Step aside Justin Bieber and Rihanna, gymnast McKayla Maroney, swimmer Ryan Lochte and British superstar diver Tom Daley are the world’s new pop sensations.

Tom Daley Gay Rumors: Diver Gets Underarm Tattoo and Wears Magic Mike Costume on TV

The British diver will show off his new Olympic tattoo at ITV’s 'The Jonathan Ross Show,' along with model Kelly Brook and fellow Olympian Usain Bolt.

India Barbie Dolls Send Girls Wrong Message About Race and Body Image

As's Margarita Diaz says, “What better way to broaden a little girl’s horizons than to dress up her doll in a stereotyped, hyper-sexualized version of a cultural costume?”

When Ron Paul Supporters Are Listed As Terrorists and the Social Security Administration is Buying Up Loads of Ammo, You Know You Live in a Police State

In reality, the "war on terror" isn't a battle between America and some bearded Muslims in caves. We will only be able to win this war when we understand who the real terrorist is: the state.

Should I Get An MBA: The Biggest Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Doing This

You are much more likely to earn an MBA for the right reasons if you consider these four questions.

McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed With These 9 Paul Ryan Quotes

Republican VP pick Paul Ryan's words have been relatively tame, but if you read between the lines, you can see what he really means. No wonder McKayla is "not impressed."

Ron Paul Supporters at Paul Fest Will Prove the Liberty Movement is Here to Stay

While the RNC meets in Tampa to rubber-stamp Mitt Romney, here are some songs that should remind the GOP that the Paulians are here to stay.

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney Attacks Will Backfire, Helping Obama Win Reelection

Republican attacks will serve to lower expectations of Obama, so that when the debates happen he will greatly exceed expectations.

Julian Assange Faces Death Penalty: Should Wikileaks Founder Be Tried in the US Under the Espionage Act?

If Assange is convicted of espionage, he faces the death penalty.

NASA Mohawk Dude Bobak Ferdowski and LMFAO Parody Make Science Sexy Again

Yet this is not at all to say that the future prospects of NASA and likeminded science programs should depend upon social media and mohawked engineers.

The Pakistani Will and Kate: Why Malik and Mirza Are More Important For Pakistani Media Than Real Issues

The credibility of the Pakistani media is being damaged by insensitive reporting, poor story selection, and rampant corruption with the organizations.

Obama vs Romney Fight Should Focus on Their Policies, Not Their Characters

Romney and Obama are both highly successful and talented people. Let's zero in on the policy products that their brains produced.

College Debt is Sky Rocketing, But Jobs Are Hard to Find: Why Schools Are Revisiting Promises to Students

New marketing departments could help universities clarify what they promise students.

NASA Curiosity Rover and Mohawk Dude Made American Science Sexy Again

Americans suffer from a scientific split personality, at the same time leading and trailing the world of science. However, 'Curiosity' and that 'Mohawk dude' started to balance it out.