Survivor's Testimony of North Korea's Shocking Secret Torture Camps

"One day, he was sent to the prison ‘hospital,’ where people laid on wooden boards shoulder to shoulder. He saw people cultivate diseases in their own bodies so they could expedite their deaths."

All the Anti Gay Companies You Fund When You Spend $5.25 On a Chick-fil-A Sandwich

At $5.25 for a Classic sandwich, the $1,974,380 that Cathy donated would buy roughly 376,072 sandwiches. Let’s follow the money to see where they’re all going.

UFO and Extraterrestrial Visitors: The Truth Is Finally Out There

The truth is absolutely, undeniably, out there and the aliens have undeniably been here.

Olympic Village Condoms: Why Ryan Lochte Needs More Than 100,000

Ryan Lochte's one night stands might be the key to his success.

Why Feminism is Needed in International Relations

Women are integral participants in conflicts around the world, but fail to be included in conflict resolution.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: How Ryan Gosling and Emma Watson Would Play the Opening Scene

The opening scene of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the movie, is the most critical one as both Gosling and Watson would immortalize Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel’s strongest attributes.

Chinese Swimmer Steroids Scandal: Ye Shiwen Doping Crisis Proof USA is Scared of China

Ye Shiwen's record-breaking gold medal achievements should be praised by the public, not scorned with unfounded doping allegations.

Chinese Swimmer Steroids Allegations: Ye Shiwen Performance Raises Suspicion

We should not be so hasty in allowing legalized performance-enhancement in sports.

Gabby Douglas Mother Sold Her Jewelry to Help Her Daughter Win Gold Medal

Gabby Douglas is the ultimate Olympic champion and she deserves every bit of praise she receives.

How Philosophy and the Natural Sciences Prove the Existence of the Soul

Where does our free will come from, and how is it possible for physical matter to experience itself?

James Eagan Holmes Trial: Insanity Defense Does Nothing to Stop Future Killing Sprees

The insanity defense is nearly irrelevant to criminal prosecution, but insanity and the problems it poses for crime control are much more serious issues.

Why Hollywood Will Remake The Dark Knight Rises For Years to Come

This summer alone there are there mega blockbuster remakes. Unfortunately, it will take an economic upswing before Hollywood is ready to gamble on creativity once again.

Anti Gay Companies: Chick Fil A Appreciation Day Attracts Huge Crowds in Wake of Uproar

My ventures to five different Chick-Fil-A restaurants revealed a ton of people showing their support with a small protest and a bit of discussion to end the day.

Ron Paul RNC Appearance Could Ruffle Romney

A look inside whether Ron Paul's efforts have made a difference in this years election. If you support Ron Paul, should Romney get your vote?

Ron Paul Blasts Congress Iran Sanctions Bill, Calls It Obsession with Iran Act (+Video)

In a rebuke to Mitt Romney's recent remarks in Israel, Ron Paul said Iran is a Third World country which doesn't represent a real threat to the United States.

Dangerous Pesticides Are Everywhere: New Movie Exposes Shocking US Pesticide Practice

If a pesticide is pulled off the market because it's shown have dangerous effects on people and the environment, the U.S. corporations continue to manufacture and export that pesticide.

Occupy Wall Street Nemesis John Pike Loses His Job 9 Months After Losing His Cool

Lt. John Pike joins the Hall of Fame of disgraced cops shamed off the job 9 months after casually pepper-spraying students at UC Davis. But is Pepper Spray Cop about to start a new trend?

Michael Phelps Shows Why America is Still the Greatest Country in the World

Michael Phelps, arguably one of the greatest Olympians of all time, shows us that by setting ourselves up mentally, we can overcome obstacles despite setbacks that appear to thwart our success.

Obama vs. Romney: Democrats Eat Republicans For Lunch When it Comes to Foreign Policy

Republicans, led by their presidential candidates, seem unable to articulate a coherent foreign policy. President Obama and Democrats have been much more successful since 2008.

Robert Pattinson Dating Rumors: Star Hiding Out at Reese Witherspoon House

To get some privacy during his devastating break-up, Robert Pattinson finds comfort in the home of Reese Witherspoon.

Romney Israel Policy Would Lead to Total Disaster

Romney could pull us closer to hostilities with Iran.

Has NBC's Olympic Coverage Been Abysmal?

What do you think of NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games?