Top 5 Reasons Obama is Not a True Liberal

On some issues, his record has been even more conservative than George W. Bush.

One Direction Gay American Spoof Blasts Mitt Romney and Fox News (VIDEO)

1D, the popular British boy band, has officially invaded America; not only to serenade teenagers with Justin Bieber-like tunes, but also to potentially influence the outcome of the 2012 Election.

9 of the Top 10 Richest Presidential Candidates Have Lost, But Mitt Romney's Fundraising May Change That

Mitt Romney's fundraising advantage in 2012 is showing President Obama that it is not 2008, and that this presidential election will be far more competitive.

Meles Zenawi Death: Loss of Brutal Dictator Throws Ethiopia Into Cloud of Uncertainty

PM Zenawi leaves Ethiopia highly fragmented, with an extremely high cost of living, high unemployment, and no strong institutions to navigate the transition.

What Would You Ask Obama And Romney?

Do you wish you had the chance to ask Barack Obama and Mitt Romney one question? Now you do.

Man of Steel: What New Superman Movie Says About State of Journalism Today

If Zach Snyder wants to make Superman relevant to this generation, one major thing needs to change: his job at the Daily Planet.

Syria Civil War: Why Israel and Iran May Go to War, Forcing the US to Send in Troops

The civil war in Syria could collapse the balance of power in the Mideast. Depending on how things go, it could be very bloody, or we can have peace.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: What Facebook is Doing to Turn Around its IPO Disaster

Should investors be worried before the last lock-up ends in November? Can FB pull it together in time?

A Miscarriage of Justice: It's Time For the GOP to Radically Rethink Views on Rape and Abortion

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin has revealed the extreme views of some pro-life advocates, and Republicans must change their platform, reject these views, and choose real justice.

Chick Fil A Anti Gay Controversy: Same Sex Marriage is Protected By the Constitution

Gay marriage is protected by the freedom of religion clause of the Constitution and should therefore be a non-issue in U.S. politics.

Paul Ryan and Wife Janna Ryan: They Might Be More Loyal to Lobbyists Than to the Voters

Paul Ryan has spent his entire adult life in DC. His wife has as well. She was a lobbyist.

Israel May Attack Iran Within 2 Months, But a Higher Chance of War Comes if Romney is President

Despite the hype, Israel won't attack Iran before the U.S. election

A New Big Bang Theory is Just One of 5 Recent Science Discoveries You Missed

Overshadowed by the excitement surrounding NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars, these are the stories that slipped under the radar.

11 Year Old Pakistani Girl Could be Executed for Blasphemy as Radical Muslims Call for Blood

An 11 year old girl and Pakistan allegedly tore pages from a Quran, which could mean a death sentence.

Republicans Reject Todd Akin Legitimate Abortion Comment in Public, Yet Support Him Behind Closed Doors

Will this hypocrisy never end? While condemning Akin for his "legitimate abortion," the GOP platform makes it clear that Republicans 100% agree with him.

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Cheating Scandal: The Bachelorette Star is Caught Sexting

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm appear to be the next celebrity couple in this long list of summer 2012 celebrity cheating scandals.

How the Price of Corn Will Impact Your Wallet For Years to Come

When will higher prices for corn hit your pocketbook, and for how long will food and gasoline prices remain high(er) because of the drought of 2012?

As Israel and Iran War Odds Increase, Here is How the US Should Respond

In recent weeks, all indications have pointed to an increasingly imminent Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

22 Cities, 5 Continents, 1 Secret Party: Lincoln Center Flash Mob Dinner Attracts Thousands

It sounds very 1920's Great Gatsby-esque but it happened just this Monday night. A secret dinner, where diners dress all in white, and it takes place in 22 cities, across 5 continents.

Todd Akin Comments: Why the GOP Lost Election 2012 On August 21 At Exactly 6:01 pm

Akin jumped off the ledge. And took the whole GOP with him.

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Pics Now in HD

Images too awesome to miss!

Robin van Persie Is a Pawn of Billionaire Soros: Why Manchester United Is the Start of a Global Liberal Invasion

George Soros has bought a share in Manchester United, implementing his insidious liberal brainwashing tactics in the world of sports.

George Galloway Defends Julian Assange: Why We Still Do Not Understand Rape

From Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comments to George Galloway's defense of Julian Assange, it's clear that we still don't quite know how to define rape.

Darla Moore and Condi Rice Admitted to Augusta National, But It Should Not Have Taken Women This Long

The "last of the old plantations" finally admitted females to the sport of golf on Monday. Will sexism in such clubs be demolished forever?

Condoleezza Rice and Darla Mooreare the First Ladies of Augusta National Golf Club: Why This Is Not Progress

At a time when women represent one of the fastest growing segments in both playing and following the game of golf, this decision is certainly decades late.