Why I Also Almost Died During the 2012 New York City Ironman Triathlon

A fellow triathlete tragically died during New York's first Ironman. It also almost happened to me that day. And it could happen to anybody, at anytime.

Why Women Rights Will Be Taken Away Forever if Mitt Romney Wins the Presidency

Several Supreme Court justices, from the liberal side, may retire during the next presidential term.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Alexander Skarsgard Wants to Be Christian Grey (VIDEO)

Just when “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill seemed to have "Fifty Shades of Grey’s" main role in a lock, along comes "True Blood’s" Alexander Skarsgard with his own Christian Grey-themed cologne ad.

Tom Daley Gay and Girlfriend Rumors: Girls Aloud Want Diver to Appear on Tour

Britain’s newest golden boy and girlband Girls Aloud are fans of each other, especially Daley and member Cheryl Cole.

Neil Armstrong Dies: He Was Against SpaceX and the Privatization of the Space Industry

The Apollo 11 astronaut who took “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” has passed away.

Paul Ryan African American Ex-Girlfriend Proves More Than You Think

Ryan's previous interracial relationship won't win him any votes from the African American community, as his policies would be bad not only for blacks but also for Americans in general.

Wyclef Jean, Kid Rock, and Journey to Perform at RNC 2012 Kick Off in Tampa

Also present will be Karla Davis, from "The Voice," "American Idol" star Shannon Magrane; as well as Ann Romney and actress Rosario Dawson, who will appeal to Hispanic voters.

Christian Texas Teenager Sues Burger King for Religious Discrimination

17-year-old Ashanti McShan says she accepted employment with Burger King, in Grand Prarie, with the mutual agreement that she would wear a skirt at work.

Brandon Raub Facebook Fiasco: How Posting on Your Timeline Could Land You in the Madhouse

The former Marine was detained for psychiatric evaluation after posting anti-government messages on his Facebook profile.

The Romney Ryan Energy Plan Will Not Make America Energy Independent

The plan offers no new proposals other "than drill baby drill" and deregulation, deregulation, deregulation.

RNC 2012: Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Julian Castro and the Top 5 Speakers at the RNC and DNC 2012

From Scott Walker and Ted Cruz, in the Republican side, to Bill Clinton and Tammy Duckworth, in the Democratic one, here are the top 10 speakers to watch out for in both the RNC and DNC 2012.

Jeffrey Johnson Empire State Shooter: Lessons From Tragedy Outside of Hazan Imports

The fact that Jeffrey T. Johnson shot his former boss after losing his job at "Hazan Imports" could be used to say something pithy about workplace violence and our dire economic straits - or not.

National Hurricane Center: Hurricane Isaac Could Crash RNC on Monday

Though Republicans are reluctant to cancel, or even delay, their gathering; Vice President Joe Biden canceled his Tampa trip because of concern that the trip may disrupt disaster planning.

Swing State Polls: Paul Ryan Helps Romney in Wisconsin, While Obama Winning Ohio

Obama's lead in the swing states looks conclusive. But there is always time for surprises, such as when Carter's astonishing lead over Reagan turned into a Republican landslide in 1980.

Why Evangelicals Should Not Necessarily Vote Republican

If Republicans really cared about social morality, they would not be empowering the rich to get richer with huge tax breaks.

Neil Armstrong Dead: One Last Step For a Man, One Giant Loss For Humankind

Neil Armstrong, the popular American Astronaut who first landed the Apollo spacecraft on the moon, died on Saturday.

Paul Ryan Divides New York Times Columnists Paul Krugman and David Brooks

Krugman is wrong, Brooks right about the 2012 presumptive vice presidential nominee.

How the Boston Red Sox Teach Us How to Fix the Economy

The Red Sox are having a dismal season due to a lack of investment in future years. It's time for both the Red Sox and the current economy to be fixed now instead of waiting for the worst.

Spider Woman, Oracle and 5 Female Comics That Deserve a Movie More Than Wonder Woman

With all the wishful thinking for a Wonder Woman movie, it makes one wonder why people aren't talking about the females from comics that really deserve a film to call their own.

Todd Akin Legitimate Rape Comment Apology: Damage Control May Not Save Akin

In the midst of his controversial comments regarding rape, Congressman Todd Akin issued an apology for his statements. Is it enough to undo the damage?

Lance Armstrong Ends Witch Hunt by Giving Up on USADA Doping Allegations

Armstrong has bowed out in a way that will allow him to maintain his reputation, endorsements, and friendships.

Romney Ryan Medicare Plan: Why It Makes Sense for Seniors to Cut Costs Themselves

The Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare makes good fiscal sense to save money and save the program.

America is Still the Shining City on a Hill Because of Its Diversity

In America, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ron Paul Finally Gets Props at RNC: Tribute Video to Be Played by Romney Campaign Tuesday

The short video tribute will be shown on Thursday to acknowledge Paul’s contribution to the national debate, as well as try to rally his supporters into the presumptive GOP ticket.

Todd Akin Legitimate Rape Views Are Divisive and Will Cost Republicans in November

Akin verbally assaulted victims of sexual abuse when he described some rapes as "legitimate."