The 15 Greatest College Movies of All Time

It's back to school season ... so let's watch movies about college.

2016: Obama America Movie: Review and Spoilers of The Most Powerful Documentary of the Year

No conspiracy theories. No Muslim this or socialist that. Instead, "2016: Obama’s America" makes the case that the president is an anti-colonialist carrying out dreams from his father.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: 25 Actors Under 25 Who Could Play Young Christian Grey

Though it’s almost sure that "Fifty Shades of Grey’s" main role will go to Ryan Gosling, Henry Cavill or Aleksander Skarsgard, who will play young Christian Grey? Here are 25 options.

Hurricane Isaac 2012: Storm Reprises Painful Katrina Memories in New Orleans

As tropical storm Isaac heads toward New Orleans, the city prepares for the worst, and remembers what their city looked like seven years ago this week.

Why Some Churches Should Lose Their Tax Exempt Status

"Trinity Broadcasting Network," "Inspiration Network," Joel Osteen, and others, have turned Christianity into a multi-billion dollar business that goes against the true teachings of Christianity.

Ron Paul Wins in Tampa: He Has Changed the Republican Party Forever

Calls for auditing the Fed, a commission to study a return to the gold standard, and concerns about internet freedom are some of Dr. Paul's ideas included in the GOP's new platform.

The US Budget Deficit is the Biggest Threat to National Security: Be Very Worried

As then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen said in 2011, “Debt is the single biggest threat to our national security.”

Ron Paul Supporters: Rand Paul 2016 is Your New Rallying Cry

Ron Paul on Sunday gave one of his biggest speeches yet on the eve of the RNC.

Hurricane Issac Path: Here is Why Isaac Will Not Cause the Same Damage As Katrina

As a result, the RNC 2012 probably won't be that affected by it.

James Holmes and Jeffrey Johnson Aftermath: Why We Do Not Need Stricter Gun Laws in the US

Imposing harsher and stricter controls on guns negatively affects people who use guns for recreation and self defense, besides diminishing the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens

Perry Hall Baltimore School Shooting: Why Gun Control Policy Needs Serious Rethinking Now

A former student of Perry Hall high school reflects on Monday's tragedy.

Romney Costco Love: Mitt Romney and Ann Romney Shop at Costco, Just Like You People

The aspiring First Couple told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace, from their New Hampshire summer home, that they love to shop at wholesale retailer Costco.

The Newsroom HBO Season Finale: Aaron Sorkin Will Make Sure Season 2 Rocks

After 10 episodes, have audiences warmed to Aaron Sorkin's life-imitates-art HBO flop The Newsroom? They certainly have ... and season 2 will be a mega-hit.

Atheist Billboards Near DNC in Charlotte Come Down After Outcry From Religious Zealots

Members of the faithful move to stifle speech that challenges their worldview, but fully expect their own to remain in the public square.

How the Climate Change Debate Became a Partisan Culture War

Climate change has become as much of an existential and political question as it is a scientific one.

Mark Sanford Gets Engaged to Argentina Mistress Maria Belen Chapur, Gears Up for Comeback

The former South Carolina governor, who got caught lying about his supposed trip to the Appalachian Trail, is planning on making his Argentine "soul mate" a First American Lady.

Perry Hall High School Baltimore Shooting LIVE: Former Students React to Shooting

A high school student was shot in Baltimore County on the first day of school.

Predator Drones Are a Necessary Evil In Pakistan

U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan are a violation of national sovereignty, but they are absolutely necessary and justified

Reality Check: RNC 2012 Bump Does Not Mean Romney Will Win

The Republicans are gearing up for a national convention in pursuit of the coveted post- convention bump, but research has shown that these jumps in the polls don't also equal an election win.

Anders Breivik Sentence in Norway is a Triumph for Human Rights

With the 21-year sentence, human rights have won in Europe by keeping us away from the dark ages of the death sentence.

10 Life Lessons Learned From Mom and Dad

Disagreeing with mom and dad is as easy as breathing; they're biased, protective, and outdated - well, not all the time.

Ron Paul Liberty Movement: How Ron Paul Will Still Be at the RNC

The Republican National Convention hasn't started yet, but Ron Paul has already left his mark on this year's GOP gathering.

Why An Obama Win in November Might Be the Best Thing For Ron Paul Supporters

Don't despair if Obama beats Romney; it may help the liberty movement build momentum within the GOP.

Tropical Storm Isaac Path: 7 Years After Katrina NOLA Braces for Impact

Hurricane updates from New Orleans and wherever I end up...

Hurricane Isaac Path Bumps Donald Trump From RNC 2012 Tampa Convention

However, "The Donald" still thinks Mitt Romney has “a great heart” and that he and Paul Ryan will save Medicare while Obama would "dissolve it" if reelected.

Pussy Riot Rockers Challenged Putin and Changed the World

Pussy Riot is a threat -- and we should give them credit for it. Their music, inspired by the riot grrrl movement, helped these activists change the world.

Republican National Convention LIVE: Following the RNC and Top Speakers in the Convention

How will agriculture play a part at this year's RNC?

Ron Paul Does Not Need the RNC: Libertarians Have Already Changed the GOP Forever

Though Ron Paul will not be nominated for president and may not even get on the ballot, libertarian ideas are taking root within the Republican Party.

RNC 2012: A Better Future is the Theme of the Mitt Romney Campaign, Keeping it Short and Sweet

It's kind of like prom, with the party theme “the future” attached to everything.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan at RNC: Why It Will Mean Little for GOP Attempt to Win Over Catholics

While the media is insisting that Dolan's RNC appearance helps the GOP's attempt to win over the Catholic vote, the majority of Catholics actually disagree with him on most major social issues.

Obama Twitter Followers Are 70 Percent Fake: But This Is Not Really That Big of a Deal

Both Obama and Romney have been found to have fake Twitter followers. As a result, the big issues are being brushed under the rug while we focus on social media popularity.

Do We Even Need Political Conventions Like the RNC Anymore?

Brokaw suggested a one-day affair and a series of rallies across the country at sports stadiums connected to the convention by satellite.

Herman Cain ABCs: Why the 2012 RNC Needs More Black Delegates

On Sunday at the Unity Rally, Herman Cain brought up a key issue for Romney-Ryan in the upcoming election: the Republican Party's perceived lack of support from black communities.

Syria Civil War: After Killings Near Damascus, UN Remains Unable to Resolve Conflict in Syria

Dozens of bodies have been found outside of Damascus in what appears to be a massacre in the ongoing Syrian conflict which the UN still does not know how to resolve.

Ron Paul at the RNC: 7 Reasons it Will Be Lame Without Him and Other Top Republicans

Seven reasons why a tamer RNC might be a lamer one, too.

ALEC Helps Push Heavy Conservative Agenda in Ohio State Politics

The governor and at least two top Ohio state officials share alumnus status with the far-right group ALEC.

Todd Akin Comments Are Not Deterring Republican Women Voters

Representative Todd Akin's comments were quickly denounced by the Republican party in fear of his stupidity being construed as contagious. But so far, it's not hitting where it hurts: voters.