FDA Approves Stribild, an Advancement in HIV Treatment if You Can Afford It

While medical advancements in HIV treatment are always promising, due to cost the effects on populations most in need will change very little.

2016: Obama America Movie Review: Dinesh DSouza Casts Obama as Anti American President

The Republican strategy to portray President Obama as anti-American will cost them the election in 2012. Dinesh D'Souza's new movie, '2016: Obama's America' is the latest attempt.

50 Years of Catwoman: In Her Satin Tights, Fighting for Women's Rights

What do the different depictions of Catwoman in film reveal about our shifting cultural ideals? A lot.

Tom Daley Girlfriend and Gay Rumors: The X Factor Wants Diver to Trade Speedos for Microphone

The London 2012 Bronze medalist will join Team GB’s Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Chris Hoy as guests of the popular British show.

Hurricane Isaac 2012: The Storm That Will Cost Romney the Election

Hurricane Isaac is a reminder to many Americans of a flawed Republican response to Hurricane Katrina. Once again, Romney will be forced to respond to President Bush's faults.

Prenatal Genetic Testing is an Unethical Form of Playing God

An emerging form of genetic testing may engender discrimination.

Hurricane Isaac 2012 LIVE: Weather Forecast Sets Hurricane Path Straight Into New Orleans

Tropical Storm Issac verges on hurricane strength Tuesday and, with winds currently up to 70 mph, is projected to land this evening along the Mississippi or Southeast Louisiana coast.

Ex Navy SEAL Osama Bin Laden Death Raid Book Jeopardizes National Security

"It is time to set the record straight about one of the most important missions in U.S. military history," writes author and former Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette.

Vagina Costumes at the RNC: How CODEPINK Is Confronting the GOP's War on Women

“Giant Vaginas Descend On Republican National Convention in Tampa” sounds like cheesy ‘50s science fiction movie — but it isn’t. It’s a protest organized by CODEPINK happening now at the RNC.

Ann Romney RNC Speech: Ann, I Love You, But Your Husband is Bringing Me Down

An open letter to Ann Romney after her personal address to me (and other women) at the RNC.

GM to Close Volt Plant for Four Weeks, and Why Another Bailout Is Likely

The first GM bailout allowed the company's problems to be prolonged and simply delayed the inevitable consequences. GM could be headed for bankruptcy again as it continues to lose market share.

The Top 5 Reasons Why I Went Greek (And You Should Too!)

Should I join a sorority or fraternity in college? As rush season begins at many schools, here are the top 5 reasons for deciding to join Greek life.

iPhone 5 Release Date: iPhone and iPad Mini Compete with Samsung, Android, and Kindle

Apple continues to perfect its standard product, but targeted developments like a new screen could weed out the competition.

Ron Paul and Weed Enthusiasts Everywhere Say Time to Legalize Marijuana

From the arguments of Ron Paul to pot connoisseurs, there seems to be a legitimate case to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

RNC Speakers Schedule LIVE: Chris Christie and Ann Romney Celebrate Ronald Reagan

The RNC theme is "We Built It," and expect to see speakers Chris Christie and Ann Romney celebrate Reagonomics.

Why Hurricane Issac 2012 is a Gift to the GOP From the Political Gods

Pay close attention during the Republican Convention ... the GOP is quietly stealing millennials away from Democrats, capitalizing off of the results of an interconnected world.

Get Ready For 4 More Years of Anti Gay Policies and PATRIOT Acts: Whether Obama or Romney Wins, Our Civil Liberties Will Be Crushed

In neither the Obama administration nor the Romney-Ryan ticket do civil liberties have a champion. Comparing the two sides’ stances is an exercise in choosing a rock over a hard place.

Rob Wallace and Markwayne Mullin Win Oklahoma Runoffs, Will Face Each Other in November

Two Democrats and two Republicans Square off in their respective primaries for the second congressional district.

Nicole Snooki Polizzi is a Mom: 10 Tweets Welcome Baby Lorenzo to the Jersey Shore

Sunday night, 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki gave birth to a future party animal, the Anti-Christ, or a bouncy baby boy, depending on who you ask on Twitter.

Ron Paul Supporters Disrupt RNC, Fight For Ron Paul Delegates to Be Seated at Convention

Chants of "let them sit" erupted on the convention floor supporting Maine's Ron Paul delegates stripped of their seats.

New Once-a-Day HIV Pill Stribild is a Medical Breakthrough, but it is Not a Cure

In a huge scientific breakthrough, a new once-a-day pill to treat HIV infection was approved by the FDA on Monday.

Mia Love May Have to Defend Romney When It Comes to Welfare and Race

Will Mayor Mia Love, who touted "personal responsibility" at the RNC be forced to re-address the issue of race and social services in order to deflect charges of racism from the Romney campaign?

Crutch Fight in Times Square Video: Tourist and Homeless Guy Do Battle

Two guys smash each other with metal crutches in Times Square. Just another day in New York.

Gabby Douglas Oprah Interview: Gymnast Was Bullied at Virginia Beach Gym

The two-time London 2012 gold medalist sat with Oprah Winfrey in “Oprah’s Next Chapter” to open up about racial bullying.

Gay LGBT Rights Under Attack: NBC The New Normal Banned in Utah

A Mormon church-owned Utah NBC Affiliate considers the sitcom, about gay adoption, “inappropriate” for its audience.

How Mitt Romney Can Make His Rich Guy Status a Good Thing

Americans think a Romney presidency would only serve the rich; but Romney can overcome his poor little rich boy stigma ... and here's how.

Success in Business Has Nothing to do With Intelligence

You may think it's important tobe a genius to turn a great idea into a successful business; what you really need is a helping of a creativity.

Hurricane Isaac Has Nothing on Fury of Ron Paul Supporters Romney is Inviting at RNC

After literally beating back Ron Paul delegates at the Republican National convention, Mitt Romney’s campaign turns its war on the rest of the democratic voting system.

Romney Interview Shows Why He is Ready to Beat Obama and Lead America

America needs a calculating businessman in the Oval Office, not a starry-eyed idealist.

Millennial Leader to Watch: Marine Biologist Inspires Children of Color

As one of the few people of color promoting ocean education, Daniell Washington is following her passion and inspiring people to take a stand.

Kelly Ayotte RNC Speech: Quotes on Middle Class, Jobs, and Obamacare

Ayotte opened the RNC night 1 speech series, discussing jobs and small businesses … and how government intervention in the economy is destroying jobs

Gabby Douglas Tells Oprah About Bullying and Her Road to Olympic Gold

Gabrielle Douglas has done her share of interviews since the London Olympics, but she now has done the mother of all interviews. Douglas has officially become a part of Oprah's Next Chapter.

Millennial Leader to Watch: Andrew Bo Young, III

By using his business background nonprofit as a business, Young is helping to fight poverty “using a start-up approach.”

RNC Convention LIVE: Chris Christie Delivers Keynote Address

Looking forward to closely review the speech for this evenings key note speaker.

NASA and Team Up: New Song Reach for the Stars to Debut on Mars

Man once again will make history in outer space. Only this time, history will be made thanks to the Curiosity Rover and the Black Eyed Peas' frontman.