Why We Need Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Why do we need it? In a word: epigenetics. The amount of front-end coding that has been done by RNA and histones limits the usefulness of fetal and adult stem cells.

Hurricane Isaac 2012: Everything You Need to Know About Hurricanes, Especially This One

The 2012 hurricane season is heating up fast. This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know about how hurricanes work and what to expect this season.

RNC Schedule 2012 Updated: Wednesday, Day 2, Speakers

Complete schedule of the speakers expected to address this year's abbreviated Republican National Convention.

American Idiots: Our Own Political Ignorance is Destroying Our Political System

Our political culture is in decline. And it is dragging our political system with it.

iPhone 5 Release Date: Kate Upton Brings Apple Phone to Samsung Galaxy Party

The Sports Illustrated model, famous for her banned YouTube "Cat Daddy" video, committed a tech faux pas regarding Apple and Samsung ongoing war.

Hurricane Isaac 2012 and Hurricane Katrina: 7 Years On, One NOLA Icon Faces a Different Kind of Storm

Backlash by NOLA residents against the Times-Picayune's decision to cut back on its print editions and focus on its digital counterpart,, underscores issues about the future.

Abby and Brittany: Conjoined Twins for the Win

Conjoined twins offer the latest understatement from TLC's collection of mundane tales from the biological fridge.

Mia Love Wikipedia Page Allegedly Hacked: N Word Insult is Insulting to Everyone

The recent onslaught of insults against Mia Love are unacceptable.

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Summer Finale: Toby is A and Aria is Pretty Little Lying

Pretty Little Liars has completed another season, this time with the best episode the show has ever seen.

Arizona Primary Results LIVE: Jon Kyl, Gabby Giffords Seats Up For Grabs

The retiring Jon Kyl's senate seat is up for grabs in November.

Oregon Football Ex Quarterback Nate Costa Says Oregon Cheerleaders Have Gotten Uglier: His Comments Are Tasteless

It's hard to be completely offensive and tasteless in 140 characters or less but this past Monday former QB Nate Costa did his best on Twitter.

Hurricane Isaac 2012: Storm Raises Gas Prices By As High As 14 Cents Across the Nation

Gas prices have ben rising sharply, almost 5 cents a gallon nationwide, but as high as 14 cents in some states on Wednesday because of Hurricane Isaac.

Condoleezza Rice RNC Speech and Mia Love Address: Republicans Do Not Appeal to African Americans

A closer look at the Republicans' Black Convention speakers reveals the challenges they face garnering support among African Americans.

Racism at the RNC: Why You Should Avoid Major News Networks for Accurate Coverage

Conservative bloggers accuse MSNBC of omitting speeches by minority speakers at the RNC; while these claims cannot be conclusively proved, voters should ensure they're seeing accurate coverage.

Paul Ryan RNC Convention Speech: 5 Things Paul Ryan Got Right

Wisconsin Congressman and Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan needed to hit a home run tonight. He did.

Racism at RNC 2012: Why the Media Has a Responsibility to Cover It

Media Has Responsibility To Cover Republican Racism

Mia Love Blasts President Barack Obama at RNC 2012 Kick Off in Tampa (VIDEO)

Forget about Chris Christie and Ann Romney, female black Mormon conservative Mia Love is Mitt Romney's secret weapon.

Ann Romney RNC Speech: Criticized By Liberals Only to Keep Up the War On Women Facade

Liberal pundits continue to do everything they can to reinforce the Obama campaign's disingenuous attacks that Romney and Ryan are "waging a war" against women, minorities and the middle class.

RNC Schedule Highlights: Night One Sees Big GOP Winners in Chris Christie, Nikki Haley

Republicans faced a challenge in the opening day to the convention. Either attack Obama, or compare the options voters face. The chose the right path.

Vermont Primary Results LIVE: John MacGovern Wins GOP Primary, Will Face Bernie Sanders

The U.S. Senate seat of self-described "socialist" Bernie Sanders is up for grabs in November.

Ann Romney RNC Speech: 9 Women of PolicyMic Respond

While it may be too soon to determine whether or not women will vote for Mitt Romney, nine women of PolicyMic offer their thoughts on his wife's speech.

Rachel Corrie Death Verdict: Israel Condemned by Human Rights Groups for Faulting Corrie

A court in Haifa ruled Israel is not culpable for the death of Rachel Corrie, who was run over by a bulldozer while trying to prevent the demolition of Palestinian homes in Gaza.

When You Vote, Make Sure You Know What You're Ordering For the Next Four Years

Having that one seemingly crucial ingredient means nothing if the finished product tastes ghastly -- something to keep in mind this election season.

Obama on Reddit: What President Obama Said in His Ask Me Anything

Ask him anything, in AMA format.

Michael Jackson Birthday: 7 Ways the King of Pop is Still Bad

In honor of what would be his 54th birthday, here are seven ways that MJ legacy lives on. New music, new movies; the King of Pop is still 'Bad.'

iPhone 5 Release Date: Why Google Has Not Lost the Tech War to Apple

Samsung has been ordered to pay over $1 billion to Apple for infringement, officially starting an all around technology war between the tech giants.

Paul Ryan Hottest VP Pick: Ryan ACDC Reference at RNC Proves VP Nominee is Conservative Cool

"My playlist starts with AC/DC, and ends with Zeppelin."

Juan Williams Calls Ann Romney 'Corporate Wife': What to Make of His Statements

Fox News contributor Juan Williams commented last night that Ann Romney seemed like a 'corporate wife.' Though his statements are part of the problem of misogyny, he did have valid points.

Fracking Industry Crashes Academic Conference: But That Was Not Even the Worst Part

Texas Energy Institute’s corrupt obfuscation provides fracking industry fuel for its fires worldwide.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Visits Iran, Upsetting the US and Israel

Even with the best intentions, Ban Ki-moon's visit to the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Tehran will not accomplish much in the name of diplomacy.

Modern Family Creator Steve Levitan Disses Ann Romney for Her Love of the Show

Ann Romney may be the toast of the town at the RNC, but she's certainly making some enemies in Hollywood.

Jerry Brown Announces California Pension Reform: Why Public Unions Are Not Up in Arms About This Plan

Questions still remain, but with the state and its pension system grossly underfunded and reeling from the Recession, it's better than nothing at this point.

John Walker Lindh, American Terrorist, Sues Federal Bureau of Prisons for Right to Pray

John Walker Lindh is suing the Federal Bureau of Prisons for the right to pray in a group; but he has no right to these privileges.

Scott Walker RNC Speech: Obama's You Didn't Build That Quote Fires Up GOP Super Stars

Many Republicans believe that the key to winning election 2012 hinges on using the same strategies — and policies — Walker used in the lead-up to his June 5 recall.

Condoleeza Rice RNC Speech: Mitt Romney Must Prove He Has Foreign Policy Experience

For Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to be considered viable on the most presidential of issues – foreign policy – they must put forward real solutions, different from those of Obama.

Alaska Primary Results LIVE: Don Young Faces Two GOP Challengers

Alaska's only Congressman for the last 40 years is locked in a rematch of the 2010 GOP House primary.

New York Fracking Debate: Andrew Cuomo Faces Protests From Angry New Yorkers

For the NY governor, there is the possibility of political consequences for giving in to the industry.

Obama Ups Fuel Efficiency to 54.5 mpg to Promote Energy Independence: This Could Backfire

Obama administration announces efficiency requirements of 54.5 mpg on new cars and light trucks by 2025, promoting energy independence, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and savings for Americans.

GOP Medicare Debate Continues: Why Texas May Take Its Health Into Its Own Hands

Some Texan counties wish to adapt the same kind of Medicare expansion which Rick Perry has infamously criticizes, as uncertainty about Medicare remains a certainty in the GOP.

Arizona Primary Results: Ben Quayle Goes Down to David Schweikert

Jeff Flake defeats Wil Cardon for GOP senate and will face Richard Carmona. Democratic 4th still too close to call.

Ron Paul Supporters: The GOP Has Not Really Incorporated Libertarian Views Into Their Platform

The truth about the GOP platform that so many are preaching was a win for Ron Paul slips out.