The US Air Sea Battle Strategy: What War With China Would Look Like

War with China is not a forgone conclusion, but preparation for it is a necessity.

The Bourne Legacy Review: Without Matt Damon, This Movie is a Flop

If the Bourne franchise can continue without its titular character, there must be something drawing viewers other than the man himself.

Why Ron Paul and Libertarian Ideals Are Here to Stay

Libertarians differ from the Republicans Party on several core points, which is why Ron Paul supporters may cost Mitt Romney the 2012 election.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: 21 Latino Hunks Who Could Play the Rival of Christian Grey

Meet Carlos Pena (“End of Watch”), Ryan Guzman (“Step Up: Revolution”), and the 21 hunks who could be cast as Jose Rodriguez, Christian Grey’s rival in "Fifty Shades of Grey" the movie.

Sexism Runs Rampant At London Olympics 2012

Do female athletes face bias that male athletes do not? A recent study shows that sexism is still prevalent in the Games.

Facebook (FB) Stock Woes: Why the Facebook IPO Disaster Could Take Down the Entire California Economy

Like investors, California is getting bit by the Facebook IPO slump.

Immigration Reform: State DREAM Acts Can Help Undocumented Students

In-state tuition recognizes and affirms the experience of undocumented students as being equal to that of their their legal resident and citizen peers.

Atheism Statistics Show Young People Losing Faith, But Data Does Not Tell Whole Story

While statistics suggest that millennials are the least religious generation, there's more to the story.

Chinese Swimmer Steroids: Chinese Rightly Demand Apology for Ye Shiwen Doping Allegations

Ye Shiwen’s two Olympic records would have not been questioned if she were, let’s say, a strong German or African American athlete.

Sarah Palin Chick Fil A Support: 3 Things She Gets Wrong

Palin, the supposed champion of capitalism, freedom of religion, and the First Amendment, is proving herself to be quite the hypocrite.

4 Reasons Why Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Diabetes and Poor Health

Artificial sweeteners might appear to be an easy way to save calories, but if you look at the big picture, the risks outweigh the rewards.

Chinese Swimmer Steroid Use: Ye Shiwen Doping Scandal Proves Political Drama Can Taint Sports

The furor over Ye Shiwen's "unbelievable" effort in the 200-meter freestyle is about more than just sport.

Torture Works: What I Learned From Being Water Boarded

The value of torture versus persuasion has been hotly debated since torture was approved by the Bush administration. There is no easy answer.

Romney Tax Plan Poses Middle-Class With $2,000 Question

It's the $2,000 question: Will President Obama be able to capitalize on the news that Mitt Romney's tax plan puts an immense strain on middle-class families?

Doc McStuffins Helps Disney Overcome Its Racist Past

The new Disney Channel Jr. show, Doc McStuffins features an African-American girl as the lead, showing that anyone can be a doctor.

Tom Daley Shows the Pros and Cons of Anonymous Online Comment Sections

It appears as though we take out our frustrations on people we don’t know online which is not always healthy and ultimately solves nothing.

Iran War Threat Drastically Overstated By Israel Lobby and The Economist

The Economist apparently doesn't want you to know how well Jews are doing, just like the Israel lobby.

Twindex Who is Winning: Obama vs Romney on Twitter

Twindex, or the Twitter Political Index, tracks the conversations and debates in the Twitterverse related to the candidates and understand whether it positive or negative information.

FB Stock Woes: Facebook Shares Tumble, Top Execs Jump Ship

Top Facebook executives Katie Mitic and Ethan Beard said they’re quitting “for other pursuits,” as the social network’s shares traded below $20 – erasing 50% of the company’s value.

Olympics Live Streaming: NBC Not to Blame For Bad Coverage

Americans are upset they're hearing about the Olympics before being able to watch it themselves. Part of the problem is NBC, but it's also time to realize that we don't always get our way.

Obamacare Will Save Millions of American Lives

Millions of Americans will benefit from Obamacare.

Egypt Pyramids And Other Wonders of the World Are Being Destroyed

The destruction of historical monuments erases the record of past civilizations for the short-sighted egoism of today's living people. We should do something about it.

Jenna Jameson Endorses Romney for President, Proves Mitt Wins the XXX Vote

Will Sasha Grey back President Barack Obama in the fight for the porn vote?

Mitt Romney Israel Comments Reek of Anti Semitism

As Mitt Romney returns from his overseas trip, the only group of people that is still unoffended by the GOP contender’s various verbal miscues is the one that should be offended the most: Jews.

Total Recall Review: 5 Reasons Why Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel Disappoint

'Total Recall,' the remake of the 1990 film of the same name, simply cannot be good and is destined to malign the name of Philip K. Dick for those that haven't read his works.

Sarah Palin and Rand Paul Will Lead Tea Party Takeover in Wisconsin Next

After Ted Cruz and T-SPLOST, the Tea Party is rising. Again.

Mitt Romney Jewish Vote Odds: Polls Show He Can Steal Jews Away From Obama

It’s a sluggish economy and Middle East uncertainty versus historical trends in a fight to win the Jewish vote. Will this demographic stay in Obama’s court, or can Romney pull off a victory?

What the Robert Pattinson Dating Scandal Tells Us About Our Own Trust Issues

As cheating scandals become more and more prevalent, our culture is increasingly glorifying a lack of trust as the true sign of love.

Snoop Lion Joins Tupac, Prince and Other Musicians Who Have Changed Their Names

He is like a rapper caterpillar who shed his Snoop Dogg skin to become the Rastafari butterfly named Snoop Lion.

The Fed and Ben Bernanke Are Ruining the Economy

The economy is struggling to grow to help suffering Americans. Policymakers should take a step and reassess what problems they are creating.

Chick Fil A Anti Gay Stance Makes Me Want to Eat a Burger

Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, would be proud of his son. I’m pretty sure Jesus would be less so.

Gabby Douglas Gold Medal Win in a White Sport Inspires the Nation

Gabby Douglas became the first African American to win a gold medal for the women's all-around competition. She not only is an inspiration to African Americans, but to the entire nation.

Badminton Scandal: Chinese Cheat At Olympics and the World Loses

Sometimes the Olympic spirit gets in the way of competition, and then we all lose.

Why Chick Fil A Supporters Deserve a Voice, Too

Having certain beliefs, morals, or values are meaningless when you do nothing to act on them. It is simply a farce.

Jobs Crisis: Unemployment Up to 8.3 Percent As Obama Shows He Can Not Save the Economy

While Obama has failed to decrease unemployment, grow the GDP, or decrease our reliance on welfare, Ronald Reagan did all that and more.

Google Street View Just Another Example of Tech Company Invasion of Privacy

The idea that Romney will fall behind in technological ability without announcing his VP pick via smart-phone really misses the point.

Romney Tax Returns: Harry Reid Says Romney Has Not Paid Taxes in 10 Years

Romney's refusal to release more of his taxes, specifically in 2009, has fueled speculation he's hiding something.

The Fed is Working Hard to Fix the Economy, Congress is Not

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve Board announced it would not currently undertake further actions to stimulate the economy.

Twitter Chooses Profit Over Free Speech in Olympics Censoring Scandal

The old, sweet, and reliable Twitter that has changed how we get our news, helped with activism, and altered the face of elections has finally shown us its corporate side during the Olympics.

Why No One Criticizes the US Socialized Health Care Which Has Been Around For 100 Years

There seem to be few attacks from politicians on "socialized" health systems in the US like Medicare, but it's less a matter of overall approval and more a matter of misperception or politics.

Tea Party Win: 3 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Won the Texas Election

Cruz won due to a delayed primary, political skill, and Tea Party sentiment.

Hollywood Does a Bad Job Dealing With Sensitive Subjects Like Elderly and Death

Films brave enough to tackle the subject of aging are few and far between. Several recent works have gotten the atmospherics right, but missed the more visceral aspects of modern old age.

Jobless Rate Ticks Up, But Read the Data Before Listening to the Political Rhetoric

Today's mixed unemployment report will give all political parties talking points, but let us attain the facts to see through rhetoric.

Romney Foreign Policy Trip: Gaffes Will Not Hurt Him in Election 2012

Mitt Romney may have had a bad week, but will we care a week from now?

Mike Huckabee Loses My Respect After Chick Fil A Appreciation Day Charade

My life is too busy and short to care about everyone's opinion.

Gabby Douglas Makes History by Becoming First African American to Win an Olympic All Around Gold

The 16-year-old bubbly “Flying Squirrel” was congratulated by Oprah Winfrey and invited to the White House by President Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin vs Bill Clinton: The Fight For Influence in Election 2012

With both Clinton and Palin so wildly popular in their respective parties, it will be hard to gauge who is truly more influential.

Facebook (FB) Stock Crisis: Why The Facebook IPO is Failing

Facebook's initial foray into the markets as a publicly traded company failed because the company has little effective business planning and misunderstands the purpose of an IPO.

Romney Israel Palestine Trip Raises 1 Million Dollars, But Offends An Entire People

Romney's Jerusalem comments on wealth and culture were not just tactless: they showed a bad sense of diplomacy.

Supreme Court Must Strike Down Plea Bargaining

A new study shows that even people wrongfully accused will accept deals to avoid harsh punishment.

Dodd Frank is an Affront to the Free Market and Must Be Repealed

The Dodd-Frank financial reform bill is now two years old. Happy birthday to this unsuccessful odyssey orchestrated by a Democratic-controlled Congress.