Freshman Year Survival Guide: 15 Tips for Your First Year of College

Welcome to college! Here are 15 ways to get through the first year with flying colors.

If You Liked Romney's 5 Point Plan, Vote for Obama

If you liked Mitt Romney's talking points at the RNC, you should consider re-electing President Barack Obama.

RNC Blog: Mitt Romney, Clint Eastwood, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio Address Convention

Find out how it all went down at the RNC on Thursday night.

Mitt Romney's Speech Video: Recap and Analysis

Republicans from across America will gather in Tampa to conduct the work of nominating the Romney/Ryan ticket. What other shenanigans will take place?

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Christian Bale is the New Christian Grey on the Block

A new Facebook poll found that the "American Psycho" and "The Dark Knight Rises" actor is actually a new favorite to play the main role in "Fifty Shades of Grey" the movie.

Romney vs Obama Poll: Romney Trails on Key Indicators Despite RNC Convention Bump

A new CBS poll shows that Romney still has plenty of work to do.

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio for President 2016: Stars Position Themselves for Future

Should Romney not win this year, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio have positioned themselves very well for 2016 runs. They and Paul Ryan make up the first tier as of now.

Nicki Minaj Misogyny: Why Female Artists Are Tearing Women Down

Twenty years ago things were different; female hip hop artists didn't get fame by tearing women down. But it's a new more misogynistic era, and Nicki Minaj lyrics are leading that charge.

Marco Rubio's Speech Last Night: Highlights And Video

Five highlights from Florida Senator Marco Rubio's speech introducing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the RNC 2012.

Burning Man 2012: The Truth Behind the Mysterious Nevada Festival

Burning Man. A festival so filled with intrigue and mystery that I took it upon myself to see what the week of festivities is really all about.

Blue Moon: Where to See It and What is a Blue Moon

On August 31 a blue moon will be visible in the night sky, but a blue moon might not be what you think it is.

Mitt Romney's Speech Finally Shows the Leader He Truly Is (+Video)

Live updates and analysis from the RNC throughout the convention.

GOP 2012 Platform: 9 Shocking Anti LGBT Planks in the Republican Plan for America

If fully implemented, the GOP platform would set LGBT rights back 50 years.

Ron Paul Would Make for a Better Republican President Than Mitt Romney

Follow along live for the latest updates at the RNC Coronation.

Mitt Romney's Speech Last Night: Video and Analysis

Mitt Romney's speech has put pressure on Democrats. It's game on and now Dems will now try to undo everything accomplished in Tampa starting next week.

Mia Love RNC Performance Could Make Her the First Black Republican Woman in Congress

Love has pledged to join the Congressional Black Caucus if elected.

Ron Paul Supporters Extremely Disappointed and Angry After RNC Snubs Libertarians

What's a libertarian to do but feel exasperated and neglected after the GOP Convention which seemed eager to silence all Ron Paul supporters.

Bernanke Speech Transcript from Jackson Hole: QE3 Possible

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gives a highly anticipated speech at Jackson Hole, Wyoming in which he should indicate whether the Fed will enact another round of monetary easing.

Mitt Romney Speech Analysis: 2 Key Reasons His RNC Speech Will Not Change My Vote

Mitt was weak on the specifics and provided at least two big reasons why this speech simply does not change my vote.

Ron Paul Supporters Systematically Sidelined at RNC Convention 2012

The GOP has alienated important branches of the party and runs the risk of losing these votes in November. Romney had the opportunity to unite the party but failed to so.

Bill Nye Slams Creationism, But His Criticism Misses the Mark

Bill Nye only scratches the surface on the war between faith and reason

James Holmes Tried Calling Psychiatrist 9 Minutes Before Batman Dark Knight Rises Shooting

"I'm feeling bad, please stop me. Do something. Help me," was James Eagan Holmes' message to University of Colorado psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton.

Texas Judge Claims Tax Raise Needed to Prevent Civil War if Obama is Reelected

County judge Tom Head, from Lubbock, Texas, predicted an imminent civil war in the U.S. as Obama and the UN supposedly conspire to take away the rights of Americans.

Ann Romney and Other RNC Women Attacked By the Left: 6 Ways Liberal Extremists are Just Like Domestic Abusers

Controlling abusers on the left have more targets than they can handle with RNC women. They are losing control and struggling to keep up the hateful tweets.

Electric Zoo 2012: Schedule, David Guetta and Tiesto Performances

The biggest EDM festival of the season is here. Skrillex, David Guetta, A-Track and more take over Randall's Island for a three day music festival. Schedule, biggest acts, and more.

Marco Rubio's Speech: Video and Full Transcript

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who was on the short list to be Mitt Romney's running mate, will present the Republican presidential nominee. Here are his remarks.

Mitt Romney's Speech Last Night: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Romney made the economy the central focus of his pitch on Thursday for why he should be the next president of the United States.

The Politics of Fluff: How Politicians Say Everything Without Saying Anything at All

In the United States, politicians respond to the people. If we want real debate that solves problems, we need to raise our standards.

Obama vs Romney Latino Vote: Conventions Showcase Latinos But Not Sincerely

Univision president has called a Hispanic debate moderator, raising questions about the Hispanic vote in the election. At the conventions, each party features Latino faces but is any of it real?

3 Words to Describe the Mitt Romney Republican Nomination Speech

By talking like a human being, Mitt Romney finally sounded like a candidate who truly understands what's necessary for the country.

Mitt Romney's Speech Last Night: Transcript of the Speech He Should Have Given, But Did Not

Here's the speech Mitt Romney really should have given.

Mitt Romney RNC 2012 Speech: Why His Obama Attacks May Not Stick

Romney sought to capitalize on voter disappointment with Barack Obama, but his critiques may have been better suited for a different audience.

Condoleezza Rice RNC Speech: Tampa Convention Highlights Strengths of GOP Women

While a lot of attention was paid to Ann Romney, the women who truly shone at the RNC were politicians like Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez, Nikki Haley, and Kelly Ayotte.

Palm Reading is Not a Hoax: Here is How it Works

A real-life palm reader explains the meaning of, and differences between, your right and left hands.

Sarah Palin Refudiate and Barack Obama Insourcing Could Become New Dictionary Words

Collins Dictionary has invited anyone to suggest words to be included in the dictionary, and political words are in vogue in 2012.

Mitt Romney’s RNC Acceptance Speech in 3 Words

Perseverance, experience, and Armstrong.

Mitt Romney's Speech Last Night: Mitt Finally Proved He is a Hard Working American, Just Like the Rest of Us

Going into the speech, Americans needed to believe that Romney is not just an out-of-touch billionaire. Mitt accomplished that, and so much more.

Clint Eastwood's Speech Last Night: Just One of Many RNC Successes

Republicans were critical of the president, but only so they could establish contrast. Romney may have won the election with his speech on Thursday.

Ryan Seacrest is a Millennial Role Model, and Here are 7 Reasons Why

Forget about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, Ryan Seacrest's upward mobility journey from a chubby Georgia teen to a media mogul in the making is the true American Dream.

Jeb Bush RNC Speech Defends Brother George W Bush

The former governor of Florida claimed Republicans side with students, and Democrats with "powerful unions."