Dos Equis Quotes: 25 Most Interesting Man in the World Inspired Memes

"I don't always drink beer, but when I do I drink Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friend!"

Obama vs Romney Who Would Win: Obama Leading With Millennials, Romney With Seniors

The generation coined the "millennials" is poised to make its influence felt on politics. Will this be the difference in the election, and what does the current trend mean for our future?

Anti Gay Companies: Chick Fil A Same Sex Kiss In Day is a Big Flop

While Chick-Fil-A is known for its chicken, it appeared Friday that most of those in the gay and lesbian community had plenty of "chicken" in them.

Ron Paul Supporters Would Agree: Gary Johnson Support for Medical Marijuana Legalization Will Help, Not Hurt

And with more support and coverage, Johnson could get the 15% needed to participate in the national presidential debates -- potentially becoming a game changer.

Youngest Athlete In 2012 Olympics: Jordyn Wieber, David Boudia and the Education of an Olympian

Whether in the public system, or home schooled, these Olympians have learned how to balance sports and education at Olympic level.

US Gold Medalists at London Olympics 2012 Get Rewarded With $9K Tax Hit By IRS

American tax code needs reform, there's no denying that. Olympic athletes are no exception to any sort of loophole, although the physical medals should be left untouched.

Obama Birthday: How Old is Obama and Top 5 Gifts for President Obama in 2012

Today is President Barack Obama's 51st birthday, and here's the top 5 list of presents the president wishes he got this year.

Ron Paul and Austrian Economists Are Wrong: More Spending Will Save the Economy

Austrian economists need a better handle on reality. Keynesian theory got us out of the Great Depression and will get us out of this one as well. Rewriting history doesn't change reality.

Chinese Swimmer Steroids Allegations: Ye Shiwen Did Not Dope, She Worked Hard

The Chinese have a unique ability to push themselves to the limit when it comes to anything.

Gay Olympic Athletes: America Only Has 3 LGBT Athletes in London 2012 Olympics

You might expect countries in the Middle East and Africa to have a dearth of gay athletes, but why is there such a lack of LGBT sports stars in the U.S.?

Ron Paul Supporters Will Make Gary Johnson the Next Ross Perot

In 1992, Ross Perot ran for president as an independent candidate and fared pretty well. In fact, he did so well that Bill Clinton nearly lost. Could Gary Johnson do the same in 2012?

Black Panther Movie: Marvel Refusal to Produce Film is Not Motivated by Racism

Marvel's first foray into the modern movie market, for instance, was none other than black vampire hunter 'Blade.'

Magic Mike Sequel Is in the Works, According to Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Matthew McConaughey

The three actors confirmed in different occasions that either a sequel or a prequel is already in the works.

How to Find A Job That Actually Pays the Bills, Without Having to Live Paycheck to Paycheck

Congress has exhausted itself doing nothing and needs a month long vacation to recuperate. Job hunters don't have that luxury. Here are more tips so you can find your next job.

Jobs Crisis: Data Shows Obama Stopped Economic Freefall

Republicans obstructed what would have added hundreds of thousands of new jobs per month this year, and need to be held responsible now.

Korfball, Tug of War, and 9 Weird Olympic Sports That Need to Make a Comeback

Olympic Sports come and go in the modern era, but, maybe like fashion, some of these quirky sports will make a great comeback in Rio 2016.

President Obama and Republicans Hold Double Standard on Syria and the War on Terror

President Obama has claimed the authority to indefinitely detain any American who offers support to Al-Queda. Now he is funding Al-Queda fighters in Syria, should the president detain himself?

Citizens United: 13 Myths That Prove Voters Have Nothing to Worry About This November

I'm here to debunk 13 of the most commonly made, and most wrong, claims people make about Citizens United, and to prove that we have nothing to worry about.

Anti Gay Companies and LGBT Supporters Miss the Point in Chick Fil A Marriage Debate

The point of the Chick Fil A controversy is not whether same-sex marriage should become institutionalized, but that government should not regulate marriage in the first place.

Invasion of Privacy: Arizona State to Use ID Cards to Track Students

Tracking students’ movements and purchases on campus could show which students are at risk of dropping out, but it raises major concerns about privacy and how much guidance is to much.

Chick fil A Same Sex Kiss Day Sticks It to Anti Gay Companies and LGBT Haters

It’s hard to think of something that would frustrate a company, whose CEO has spoken out in opposition to homosexuality, more than proudly putting gay love on display.

FB Stock Has Lost Half of Its Value, Because Facebook Is Not Really Making Any Money

Facebook makes a ton of money and has made Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire. How do they do it (or not)?

Summer 2012 Traveling: Why Every American Should Travel Locally and Abroad This Summer

The world is becoming very globalized and, as a result, foreign places are just not so foreign anymore. Besides, understanding America is part of understanding the world.

New France Sexual Harassment Law Will Not Stop French Men From Having Their Mistresses

New French law may lead to a onslaught of new cases, both legitimate and frivolous.

Latino Vote 2012: Choice of Julian Castro as DNC Convention Speaker Shows Obama Will Win With Hispanics

Obama’s choice of Castro as DNC speaker will help him sway Hispanics in election 2012.

Egyptian Democracy Has Not Improved Under President Morsi, And There is Nothing America Can Do About It

The practicalities of “democracy building” are far more intricate and elusive than making statements about it.

DEBATE: Do These 3 Charts Show that Obama is Doomed in Election 2012?

Why is Obama so popular if he isn’t succeeding compared to other presidents, particularly in terms of job creation and economic growth?

Swing States 2012: Pro Gay Marriage Position May Cost Obama

Democrats have taken a progressive step with their proposal to add a marriage equality blank to the party platform. Unfortunately the Republican platform is less tolerant.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting and Chick fil A Anti Gay Scandal Show Americans Are Too Quick to Blame

"Scapegoat: A History of Blaming Other People," by Charlie Campbell, is a deep look into our inability to hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi Put Egypt On the Brink

Discontent on either side of the president and a tenuous relationship with the powerful military leaves Egypt on uncertain ground.