Mars Landing LIVE: NASA Curiosity Rover Makes it to Mars

PolicyMic will be covering the NASA's Curiosity Mars Landing live. Bookmark this page and click/tap "refresh" often through the weekend.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Ryan Gosling Does Not Look Like Christian Grey

The first Christian Grey “picture” has been generated using criminal-sketching software. He doesn’t look like Ryan Gosling at all.

Gabby Douglas and Ryan Lochte Families File For Bankruptcy: The Cost of Being An Olympian

Everyone knows that being Olympian requires great determination and dedication, but few people realize that the cost can be a real burden for the athlete's family as well.

Milwaukee Sikh Temple Shooting: Sikh Beliefs and Practices Explained

With the shooting in Wisconsin, many of you may be wondering, "Who are the Sikhs?" Or, "How does Sikhism differ from Islam and Hinduism?" Wonder no more.

Tea Party Implodes After Getting a Little Too Crazy with Anti Muslim Rhetoric in Tennessee

The Republican congressional nomination battle in Tennessee is both symptomatic of, and the cure for, a brand of America's radical, conservative extremism.

Milwaukee Sikh Shooting Reminds America of Our Gun Problems, In Case We Forgot

After the Wisconsin shooting, it's clear, as it has been for some time, that gun violence and the prevalence of firearms in our society are problems in dire need of consideration.

Why Kobe Bryant and Team USA Basketball May Not Win the Gold Medal

After breaking records against Nigeria, a very narrow victory over Lithuania calls into question Team USA's fitness to bring home gold. Cockiness and laziness are to blame.

Palestine Statehood Bid Set to Come Under Attack by the US and Israel

The Palestinians will take their bid for statehood to the United Nations, but may be thwarted by the US and Israel again.

Usain Bolt, the Fastest Man Alive: He Can Go Even Faster, You Know

On Sunday, Usain Bolt became the first sprinter since Carl Lewis to repeat in the 100m at the Olympics. If only he would try just a little bit harder so we can see all that he's got.

Anti Gay Companies: Gay Rights Movement is Not Worthy of Civil Rights Status

If gay rights are granted recognition as “Civil Rights," then that also opens the door for reconsidering our "bigoted" and "intolerant" laws forbidding the practice of incest.

Democrats vs Republicans: Who is Winning the 17 Most Important States (Part III)

The strength and image of local parties will likely have a big impact on how politics will change after November, both at the local and federal level. What does the situation look like now?

Obama Getting Crushed: Romney Raises Over 100 Million For Second Straight Month

Mitt Romney has once again raised over $100 million, further fueling worries from the Obama campaign that they will be outspent.

Euro Zone Crisis: Why Young Spaniards Are Packing Up and Moving to Asia

In the global tug-of-war over the best and the brightest of today’s talented youth, Asia comes out on top.

Dark Knight Rises Review: Batman Film Capitalizes on Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party

'The Dark Knight Rises' is making its millions off of recent world unrest; capitalizing on the grievances of the OWS, Tea Party, and the Arab Spring movements.

Mars Landing: What It Was Like For Me At NASA Headquarters, Watching 7 Minutes of Hell

NASA makes a huge breakthrough with their recent Mars landing.

What a Tea Party Presidency Would Have Looked Like During the Great Recession

It has become popular to speculate what a McCain presidency would be like. However, it would be even more interesting to imagine how the Tea Party would have managed the 2008 economic collapse.

Debate: Do These Three Charts Doom Obama for Re-election?

Weigh In: Why is Obama so popular if he isn’t succeeding compared to other presidents?