Gabby Douglas Hair: NBC is Racist With Chimp Commercial at 2012 London Olympics

Right after Douglas won Olympic gold, the commercial that followed would have sent dead silence through a crowd.

Oscar Pistorius Olympics Controversy: Why Prosthetic Legs Are Not Likely to Lend an Edge

Oscar Pistorious, who made history by competing in the Olympics this summer, has dealt with controversy about the advantage given by running on prosthetic legs. We calculate that advantage.

50 Shades of Grey Movie: 13 International Hunks Who Could Play Christian Grey That Are Not Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is still the frontrunner to play the infamous Christian Grey, but there are plenty of other guys from around the world who could handle the lead role, too.

Postal Service Bankrupt Shows Why USPS Must Be Privatized

The USPS will default at midnight--and this is wonderful news for all mailmen and women.

Gabby Douglas Hair: Rockstar Olympian Embraces Her Natural Beauty

A lot of people have been giving Olympian champion Gabby Douglas a hard time for her hair. Really?

How Public Unions Are Destroying the US, and What Scott Walker is Doing Right

Public sector unions have used friendly politicians to get enormous compensation packages for decades. Now the bill is coming due, and America can't afford it.

iPhone 5 Release Date: New Phone Will Abandon Google Maps and YouTube

The new iPhone 5 will not have any Google products, meaning the war between Apple and Google is getting real.

David Petraeus For VP: CIA Director Could Be the Romney Game Changer in Election 2012

Romney does not have to pick another Sarah Palin to shock the world when he announces his VP pick, although this time around it may be worth it.

Tim Geithner Pressured Delphi to Cut 20K Worker Pensions, Shows Obama is In Bed With Unions

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner pressured Delphi to cut off non-union pensions in 2009. 20,000 workers paid the price for it.

Man Jailed For a Month For Collecting Rain Water On His Property

Recently an Oregon man was thrown into jail for 30 days because he decided to collect the rain water that fell onto his property into his own reservoirs.

Missouri Primary Results: Tea Party Upstart Sarah Steelman Looks to Upset the Establishment

Missouri's primary boasts a hotly contested Republican Senatorial primary and much, much more in what many see as a referendum on Tea Party momentum in the Heartland.

Citi Bike Share Program In NYC Will Bring Total Carnage

Motor vehicles were responsible for 7,000 pedestrian/cyclist injuries and 79 deaths in the first 6 months of 2012. Citi Bikes Won't Improve the Situation.

Get Ready: Your TSA Pat Down Is Only Going to Get Worse

Despite a year-old federal appeals court order, the TSA is refusing to hold a public hearing over its unpopular "naked body scanners."

Vatican Battles With Catholic Women: Fight With Religious Group Will Help Catholicism

Although the confrontation between the Vatican and the Leadership Council of Women Religious has been difficult to resolve, it will strengthen the Church in the long run.

Obama Super PAC Accuses Romney of Being a Murderer

In its latest ad, pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA suggests that Romney is responsible for the death of a steel worker's wife, marking a new low in presidential electoral politics.

Missouri Primary Results: Tea Party Candidate and Amendment 2 Look to Make Waves in MO

Here's everything you need to know about the August 7 Missouri primary elections.

DEBATE: Should Congress Regulate the Use of Attack Ads in Election 2012?

What role should attack ads play in the election cycle, and is there anything we can do about them?

Ron Paul May Be Locked Out Of the RNC

Has Mitt Romney committed his most lethal political error? Why is Ron Paul not getting a shot to speak at the RNC?

Postal Service Bankrupt: Mail is Dead in America

The USPS bankruptcy is filled with political and economic complexities.

Washington Primary Results: Derek Kilmer Race Could Be Biggest in November 2012

The race for District 6 could be prologue to a bigger battle come November.

Postal Service Bankrupt: Congress Needs to Give USPS More Autonomy

Instead of bailing out the USPS, Congress should allow it to be truly self-sustaining, letting it make its own operational decisions, and stem the flow of red ink by increasing postal rates.

Egyptian Workers Demand a Say in the New Egypt Under President Morsi

Without dedicated political representation and with old regime cronies still running the factories, how Egyptian workers will fare under the new system is up in the air.

Ed's Lobster Bar: The Best Seafood You Have Ever Had

An interview with Ed McFarland, chef and owner of Ed’s Lobster Bar.

Postal Service Bankrupt: USPS Must Be Privatized

It's high time to privatize the U.S. Postal Service.

Obama Rips Romney Tax Plan As Robin Hood in Reverse: Romney Steals From the Poor

According to the Tax Policy Center, Romney's tax plan would be a tax hike on the middle class and a tax cut to the upper class. President Obama is now calling that plan 'Romney Hood'.

Postal Service Bankrupt: Republicans Set USPS on Fire

Thanks to a ridiculous law passed in 2006 requiring the post office to prefund retirement benefits for employees who haven't been born yet, the USPS is facing an entirely manufactured crisis.