50 Shades of Grey Trilogy: How Christian Grey Used Erotica to Save A Small Maine Town

The mill industry hasn't been thriving for years, but with a little help from an erotic book series, a small Maine town can put people back to work.

Trickle Down Economics Debunked in One Chart

A new study finds that most Americans prefer the distribution of wealth in socialist states.

Sikh Temple Shooting and Missouri Mosque Burning Show Hate is Rising in America

The recent shooting at a Sikh temple and a mosque burning, ruled an arson, are only further evidence of the hate that exists and has persisted since after 9/11 in the country.

Why Sarah Palin and Tea Party Women Tend to Have Sex Appeal

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Steelman. Why are attractive female politicians grouped in one of the most conservative ideological corners in America?

14 Scary Facts About Wade Michael Page and White Supremacists in America

Here are 14 things you need to know about Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page, the white supremacy symbols tattooed on his body, and the history of the groups they represent.

7 Tips to Live Life to the Fullest

Increasing one's personal effectiveness requires not only thinking differently, but also acting differently. We all have ingrained habits; the challenge is to adopt the right ones.

Obama Must Release His High School Transcripts

The Obama campaign is insinuating that Romney hasn't released his tax returns because he's hiding something. Obama should release his transcripts or drop the issue.

London Olympic Sexism: Gender Issues Are Being Ignored During the 2012 Games

While women are a strong presence among the athletes, sexist remarks and offensive comments demonstrate to the world that equality of the sexes requires more than just a female face.

Why the Tea Party is Not Wacko Conservative Extremists, But Rather a Force For Good

Both Democrats and Republicans used to practice fiscal responsibility and constitutional government. The Tea Party is trying to restore these lost principles that progressives now call "extreme."

Michael Phelps Girlfriend: Megan Rossee Unfairly Attacked As a Gold Digger

Most of the rumors surrounding Megan Rossee have been nothing but negative, and that’s just unfair.

Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal: Why Cheating is the Ultimate Deal Breaker

Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson and the media went wild. The truth is, 22% of the population cheats, so why has one girl become the world's sacrificial lamb?

Sikhism Explained: What Wade Michael Page Never Understood

Chardi kala, the belief that one should "live positively, in the highest spirits," is just one of the many attributes that make the Sikh community one we should all get to know better.

Sikhism Beliefs: Sikhs and Muslims Have Long History of Violence

The shooting today at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin has the marks of a hate crime.

iPhone 5 Release Date and Features: iOS6 and the 4 Features You Can Expect

September 12 is currently the rumored release date for what will probably be the newest, hottest gadget yet. Here’s a rundown of all of the features you can expect to find in your new iPhone 5.

Oxford Dictionary Adds 35 New Words, But Using Them Coherently Will Not Be Easy

The line between verbal diarrhea and real diarrhea is further blurred.

Republican Downfall Happened When GOP Aligned Themselves With Evangelicals

A former GOP staffer unfairly targets Christianity in a scathing Salon article.

Ron Paul Will Be Excluded From the RNC

The Republican National Convention releases a list of some its speakers, and Ron Paul isn't one them.

Chick Fil A vs Starbucks: LGBT Supporters Are Winning the Anti Gay Companies War

As the percent of Americans who support gay marriage passes the percent of Americans who don’t, LGBT rights opponents may feel more inspired to turn out to companies like Chick-fil-A.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg: Let New Yorkers Drink Beer in Public Parks

Until New Yorkers can drink alcohol in parks, and until the NYPD reveals statistics related to petty park-related offenses, New Yorkers will never be free.

David Petraeus For Vice President is Too Good to Be True

Like former Secretary or State Condoleezza Rice, Petraeus is too good of a pick to be true.

Without the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney Would Be Nothing

Obama is out-raised yet again, but that didn't stop him from spending as much as possible. Can all of the money being thrown around affect election?

Google Street View As Art: Modern Portraits of the Poorest Neighborhoods in America

Introducing America to Americans, again: photographer Doug Rickard's series "A New American Picture" uses images from Google Street View to capture America's downtrodden and forgotten streets.

NASA Mars Landing: US Can Still Lead in Space Exploration

Should NASA attempt a manned landing on Mars solo or as one of a group of international partners?

11 Actors Who Could Run the White House Better Than Obama and Romney

In this uninspiring election season, here are some TV and movie presidents that might bring a little excitement and passion to the Oval Office.

Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting Caused By Atheism, Says Demented Pat Robertson

The sick and twisted Pat Robertson has once again wasted no time in blaming cultural decay for America's tragedies.

Sikh Shooter Wade Michael Page Could Have Been Stopped

Three days after a white supremacist opened fire at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and claimed six innocent lives, the media is silent. Why it's different from Aurora and why it matters.

Why Giving 5 Dollars to Obama in Election 2012 is Pointless

The focus on fundraising numbers is a distraction. The election will ultimately turn on intangibles, not on which candidate raises more.

The Top 5 Batman Comics Ever

Five essential Batman graphic novels that will work for both Batman novices and experts searching for more tales of the Dark Knight.

August is the Make It Or Break It Month For Obama and Romney

Romney is outspending Obama, but Obama has more donors and his electoral probability rating keeps rising. By Labor Day, we should know who our next president will be.

Declared for Dead, My Special Needs Daughter Proved Miracles Are Still Possible

My daughter had a 3% chance to live. But after 105 days at the hospital, she proved there's nothing in this world that can't be overcome.

Kansas Primary Results: The Evangelical War On Politics in Kansas Has Turned Into a Crisis

In Kansas, “faith” has become inseparable from the term “Republican,” and a battle of ideologies within that party has broken out.

Why We All Need Universal Spiritual Care

The ACA health care bill doesn't go far enough towards saving the American People and we must include a spiritual element to the mandatory health care.

Ron Paul Shafted by the RNC: Rand Paul to Speak Instead

Rand Paul speaking in Tampa will do little to appease Paulites at the convention, but this is also the greatest gesture the present Republican Party can make toward Ron Paul.

NASA Mars Landing Deserves More Attention Than Ryan Lochte and the London Olympics

The Olympics, and sports in general, distract from really important human achievements and problems.

James Eagan Holmes Shooting and Greek Debt Crisis Show Two Countries Running From Their Problems

What do the Greek debt crisis and America's gun problem have in common? The fact that both countries live in denial about their most pressing national problems.

Obama Fundraising Gone Wrong: Secret Service Force Swimmers Off of a Public Beach

Barack Obama visited Connecticut on Monday, and two taxpayer-funded beaches were shut down to accommodate.

Why Plastic Bottles Must Be Cracked Down on By the Government

Petroleum is not the only thing dramatically contributing to global warming. Our use of plastic is causing damage which may prove impossible to recover from.

Environmentalism is Doomed Without Good Citizens and Good Consumers

Individual action alone won't solve our environmental problems, but neither will giving up on responsible consumer habits.

Missouri Primary Results: Winner Todd Akin Poses Serious Threat to Claire McCaskill

Akin is undoubtedly conservative, but apparently not so conservative for the Missouri public that they do not prefer him to McCaskill by a three point margin according to polls.

Sinai Massacre: Muslim Brotherhood Blames Israel

Was Israel's Mossad intelligence service behind attack?