Romney vs Obama Poll: Why America is Better Off Today Than it Was Four Years Ago

Do I feel better today than I did when I voted for Obama on November 4th, 2008? You bet I do.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Matt Bomer is Not too Gay to Play Christian Grey (VIDEO)

The "Magic Mike" and "White Collar" actor has been deemed as too gay to play Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey" the movie. He’s not.

DNC 2012 Schedule and Speakers: Obama Sand Statue Gives GOP Fodder for Attack

The Mount Rushmore-style Obama effigy comes on the heels of Republican attacks on the Democratic National Convention, and its 2008 Greek columns.

Romney vs Obama: 5 Reasons Mitt Romney RNC 2012 Speech Failed

Romney's speech had the potential to rally the base and obtain the support of key demographics. But his lofty ideas and the lack of true substance hindered him from achieving those goals.

Snooki Baby: Why the Jersey Shore Star is a Millennial Role Model

I’ve long suspected, and the recent arrival of baby Lorenzo only confirms, that Snooki Polizzi is a great role model for the modern woman. At least, the modern twenty-something woman.

Tom Daley Girlfriend: Rosie Huntington Whiteley Admits Crush on Diver

The "Transformers" actress and model, who is in a relationship with "The Expendables 2’s" Jason Statham, says so on ITV’s “The Jonathan Ross Show.”

Ron Paul the GOP is Not My Party Remark is Why He is a True Conservative

Ron Paul recently said that the GOP was not "his party." This is true, in many ways, but mostly as a result of the party leaving conservatism behind. Paul never did, and he leaves a great legacy.

Paul Ryan Black Girlfriend Revealed: She is a Gorgeous Democrat

Deneeta Pope wishes Paul Ryan well, but she probably won’t be voting for him in November.

MTV VMA 012: Rihanna and Katy Perry Prove MTV Did Not Kill the Video Star

Video killed the radio star, and MTV killed the video. But the video lives on thanks to artists like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Goyte and Tyler the Creator.

Clint Eastwood RNC Speech: Dirty Harry Knew Exactly What He Was Doing

Why the movie star's "bizarre" RNC speech was calculated to the very end not to back Mitt, but to mock him.

Paul Ryan Lies Again: Marathon Time Not True

They may seem like meaningless lies (except for the whole lying at the RNC thing) but if Ryan wants any semblance of credibility, he needs to start being honest.

Mia Love and Susana Martinez: RNC 2012 Showcased Diversity on Stage, But Not Among the Crowd

The Republican Party showcased their minority talent at the RNC, but if minority attendance is any indication they face an uphill battle in attracting minority voters.

Paul Ryan is an Amazing Liar, and That is Terrifying

Do you want someone in greater power over your life who can so convincingly lie, and straight to your face?

Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry RNC Speech: 5 Reasons Why He Nailed It in Tampa

Pundits are up in arms for what they perceive as Clint Eastwood's incoherent speech at the RNC 2012. Here are 5 reasons why they're wrong.

Clint Eastwood Go Ahead and Make my Day RNC 2012 Speech: In Defense of Dirty Harry

Clint Eastwood delivered a bizarre, unexpected speech to the Republican Convention that upstaged Romney's big night. But, he was unintentionally funny.

Law School: What to Expect When You're Waiting on 1L

You're heading to law school and it might be a little terrifying. But that's ok, I promise.

Obama vs Romney: Romney's RNC Speech Previewed Mitt Neocon Foreign Policy Vision

In his 37-minute acceptance speech to the Republican Party, the nation and the world, Mitt Romney spent just 46 seconds of it outlining his foreign policy agenda.

Terrence Tyler the New Jersey Pathmark Shooter Tweeted About Killing Coworkers

The Old Bridge, New Jersey, supermarket shooting in which Christina LoBrutto (18), Bryan Breen (24) and gunman Tyler (23) died on Friday was eerily tweeted in 2009 by the disturbed ex Marine.

Breaking Bad Season Finale, The Hobbit, and Heidi Klum Cheating Scandal: Your 2012 Labor Day Weekend Guide

As you enjoy Labor Day and the end of summer, take a peek at this weekend's biggest draws and releases. 'The Hobbit', Missy Elliot, 'Breaking Bad' ... oh my.

TV Guide Fall 2012: Nashville, New Girl, and Your Complete Guide

Dennis Quaid in 'Vegas'; Reba McEntire in Malibu. Here's a complete guide to fall TV: What's new, what's cancelled, and which of your favorites will be back.