9/11 Anniversary: 5 Ways America Has Changed Forever

September 11, 2012 marks the 11th anniversary of this generation's day of infamy. Our lives were changed forever.

MMA Fighter Jarrod Wyatt Gruesomely Murders Partner Taylor Powell, But Calls to Ban the Sport Are Wrong

Following a terrible crime, some people have begun blaming combat sports for violent crimes and psychedelic drugs for psychosis, overlooking the fact that some people are simply insane.

Chicago Teachers Strike Proves What Scott Walker Knows All Too Well: Unions are Greedy and Unnecessary

The Chicago Teachers Union went on strike over a 30% salary raise, Illinois unions resist any pension reform, and Wisconsin union membership dramatically declined in the wake of CBA reform.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Christian Grey to be Played by Henry Caville, Matt Bomer, or Ryan Gosling

Will it be Matt Bomer, Henry Caville, or Ryan Gosling? The role of Christian Grey is still up for grabs and these three men are the top picks.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Obama Gaining Significant Momentum

Obama is leading in the polls and the gap is widening. Now, when I support Obama, I've got plenty of company.

Blake Lively Married to Ryan Reynolds: The Top 10 Secret Celebrity Weddings

With the paparazzi running into everyone's business it's no surprise that sometimes celebs have to keep their weddings hush-hush. Jay-Z and Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, to name a few.

Chicago Public School Teachers Union Strike: Murder Rate and Violent Crimes to Rise, Full Blown Crisis for Chicago Students

The Chicago Teacher's Union strike will put hundreds of thousands of students at risk and continue to hurt an ailing school district.

JK Rowling New Book, Stephen Colbert, and the Top 8 Books to Put on Your Fall Reading List

We hand selected eight titles you’ll love to get lost in, just like your favorite corn maze.

Fact Checkers Tell Just As Many Lies as Paul Ryan and President Obama

Fact checkers claim to be the truth tellers in this election, but they need to be subjected to scrutiny as well. Claims made about Paul Ryan and President Obama's speeches were not entirely true.

Chicago Teachers Union Proves It Is a Greedy Interest Group That Does Not Care About Students

By opposing reforms that are proven to help students, the Chicago Teacher’s Union has shown that they care more about their members than the students and the city they purport to serve.

Sigourney Weaver Transitions From Political Animals to New Off Broadway Play

After "Political Animals," the "Alien" actress goes on stage to star in "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike."

Gender, GIFs, and Millennial Journalism: Real Talk with Former GOOD Editor Ann Friedman

Former executive editor of GOOD Magazine Ann Friedman talks Tumblr, Twitter, and trend pieces on women's issues, and what they mean for the future of journalism.

Rahm Emmanuel and Mitt Romney Join Forces in Chicago: Why Unions May Become the Next Big Election 2012 Issue

The Chicago teachers union battle could possibly end up being the next big election 2012 issue.

Job Interview Tips: How to Use Your Networks to Launch Your Career

Technology is not always enough to land you a job — here's how to use informational interviews to create meaningful connections for a new career.

Poverty in America: How President Obama and Mitt Romney Are Failing to Solve the US Poverty Epidemic

Democrats call for a welfare state that encourages government dependency, while Republicans blame poor people for being poor. Who's going to step up and address our poverty crisis head on?

The Bachelorette Review: Movie is a Mix Between The Hangover and Magic Mike (+Trailer)

The Will Ferrell-produced Bachelorette finally opened in the U.S. with Kirsten Dunst and James Marsden starring in an alcohol, male stripping and drug-filled film that makes "The Hangover" blush.

Chicago School Strike: School Choice and a Voucher System Would Solve the Problem

Chicago's education is broken, more so because we have antiquated concepts of what education means in our modern world. It's time for choice among parents and educators alike.

When Rivers and Animals Get Human Rights, Democracy Gets Weird

With animals and rivers being granted legal protections as if they were human, we need to reconsider what makes us exceptional.

Obama vs Romney: 11 Things You Must Know to Vote For the Best Candidate in Election 2012

11 suggestions to help you choose the best man for president come November.

Romney Meet the Press Interview: Proof That Romney and Ryan Are Full of Flip Flops

The GOP ticket's rhetoric is in sharp contrast to its governing style and voting record.

RNC, DNC, and Aspiring to Be President: Kids Watch the Darndest Conventions

This election season, what will our children learn about growing up to be president?