Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Mitt Romney in Election 2012

From his notorious flip-flops to his bungled response to the Middle East crisis, here's a list of 10 compelling reasons why you should vote to re-elect President Obama.

8 Reasons Bill Clinton is the Coolest President of All Time

An eclectic list of past and present, serious and not-so-serious Bill Clinton cool.

Seth MacFarlane Hosts Saturday Night Live Season Premiere: Frank Ocean and John Mayer SNL Musical Guests

Saturday Night Live premieres with Seth MacFarlane as host and Frank Ocean as musical guest. The biggest questions of the night are how will Jay Pharoah do as Obama? And who will play Paul Ryan?

Obama Biggest Donors 2012: 10 Rich People Helping Obama to Win Election 2012

Obama has some deep-pocketed donors hoping to see the commander-in-chief stay in the White House. Here is a list of 10 of the largest individual donors to his campaign.

Bloomberg Soda Ban: Majority of New York City Opposes Ban Designed to Fight Obesity Crisis

The New York City Board of Health has approved Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces, securing a small victory amidst ultimate defeat.

TSA Gone Wild: 8 Unexpected Ways the Government is Spying on You

Near-constant surveillance is the new normal. But the voting public might be a bit more outraged if they were aware of the extent of government surveillance that goes on without their knowledge.

McDonald's Calorie Count Will Not Solve Our Obesity Crisis, But I'm Still Lovin It

McDonald's has debuted menu-labels in its franchises nationwide as part of a larger campaign to promote informed decision-making. Does this move build on an already good month for public health?

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Film Innocence of Muslims: Lessons from a Dreadful Movie

The organizers of these riots are nothing more than political operatives, much like those who organize Democratic and Republican campaigns for elective office.

Obama vs Romney: Arabs and Mitt Romney Both Agree That American Foreign Policy Needs Changing

The shared conceit of both political parties is that American values and interests overseas are synonymous, but if they aren’t, which ones do we sacrifice first?

Occupy Wall Street Anniversary: One Year Later, the Movement Has Failed, With Only Itself to Blame

Protesting in the streets rather than working through the political process has made the movement irrelevant.

Chris Stevens Death Highlights Instability in Post-Gaddafi Libya: America Must Lend More Support

The Libyan government and people are eager to solve their security problem. The consulate attack is a wake-up call to the U.S. to offer more assistance and support than it has.

If Libya and Egypt Want to Keep Receiving US Aid, A Simple Apology Will Not Cut It

The U.S. government must make clear to their Egyptian and Libyan counterparts that apologies are not enough. Justice is needed, as is the assurance that this can never happen again.

Pope Visit to Lebanon 2012: Pope Benedict XVI Preaches Tolerance Amidst Violent KFC Protests

Pope Benedict XVI began a three-day visit in Lebanon amid escalating tensions in the Muslim-dominated Middle East, preaching the message of inter-religious dialogue.

Michelle Obama Mom in Chief Controversy Highlights American Fears of Strong Black Women

Perhaps the double standard that black women are held to is slowly being altered with Michelle Obama as “Mommy-in-chief,” or maybe I would just like it to be.

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law and Iowa Congressman Steve King Show Why Liberals Must Vote in Election 2012

The best way to combat Republican extremists is by voting, and they hate that!

Student Loans: The Good and the Bad for Millennials

While student loans give millennials the opportunity to access higher education, they often force us to accept high levels of debt and economic strife as well.

Samuel L Jackson Obama Ad is Deplorable and Should Be Pulled Off Air

A horrified citizen's account of the deplorable nature of Samuel L. Jackson's rumored new advertisement supporting President Obama.

Ascent of the A Word Review: How the Word Asshole Came to Be

In "Ascent of the A-Word", linguist and professor Geoffrey Nunberg tackles the word "asshole." Where did it come from, why do we use it, and what does it says about America?

Education Reform: Treating Schools Like Businesses is Wrong

We need to take a critical look at our nation's shift in thinking about education and what we really should be focusing on if we are serious about education reform.

Business Plan: How to Start Your Own Business and Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Usually new inventors are surfers, runners, artists, or computer nerds who love what they are doing and find a new way of doing something that no one has thought of before.