Sorry Ron Paul and Paul Ryan, 9/11 First Responders Bill Now Covers Cancer Treatments

GOP support for 9/11 responders begins and ends at their usefulness in patriotic speeches. As people who are suffering deadly illness for their heroism, they’re not quite as worthy of attention.

ALEC is Secretly Collaborating With Foreign Countries to Promote Bills in Congress

ALEC is working with 17 representatives of 7 foreign countries, against the protocol of the State Department, and must be held accountable.

Frank Ocean, John Mayer, and Seth Macfarlane Make SNL Season 38 Premiere a Hit With Millennials

SNL Season 38th kicked off with a big shout-out to their current millennial fan base. It stayed classic, while nodding towards the Samberg experimenting that kept them relevant.

Voter ID Laws Will Not Give Romney the 2012 Election, Despite the Best Efforts of Republicans

Republicans around the country have been pushing to institute voter ID laws, which threaten to disenfranchise numerous Democratic voters. Unfortunately for Romney, its not going to work.

Democrat Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Lies, Evasions, and All Time Greatest Hits

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Democrats slam Republicans like Paul Ryan for lies, but her own record is no different.

Illegal Downloading: Minnesota Woman Owes 222K For Copyright Infringement, Says Judge

Having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for downloading music is quite the killjoy.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos Put Royal Family in a Lose Lose Situation

Topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge show the unfortunate catch-22 situation of the Royal family's relationship with the media: the media always wins.

Pope Visit to Lebanon 2012: Why Now?

The Pope’s visit comes at a time of turmoil in the Middle East, and his trip represents both a religious and political statement to the Christians living across the region.

Top 10 Things That Keep Mitt Romney Up at Night

Fifty days to go and Romney is in trouble. Here are ten reasons why Romney should be concerned about this election.

Armenians Furious After Hungary Releases Azerbaijani Officer Ramil Safarov, Convicted of Murder

Washington has even expressed concern after Safarov, convicted to life in prison after killing an Armenian, was pardoned and extradited.

Gay Pride Parade 2012: A Chance for Serbia to Prove to Europe That It is Not Homophobic

This year's gay pride parade in Serbia will demonstrate the country’s progress towards ensuring human and minority rights and freedom of assembly.

Memo to Muslims: Free Speech is as Sacred in America as the Prophet Mohammed is to Islam

Muslims must come to understand that there's nothing Western governments can do to shut their citizens up from expressing their opinions, no matter how absurd they are.

Terry Jones and Sam Bacile Do Not Exercise Free Speech: They Practice Hate Speech Designed to Provoke Muslim Violence

If only Americans could see that the anti-Muslim film is yet another deliberate act of malice aimed at getting the kind of reaction that would demonstrate that Muslims are blood-thirst and violen

How Agnosticism Could Have Prevented 9/11 and a Mormon Attack 144 Years Earlier

During the Mountain Meadows Massacre,Mormons gunned down a group of 120 travelers in cold blood for the same reason as deaths on 9/11: religious extremism.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Film Could Spark Homegrown Terrorism, Warns FBI

Officials have placed local law enforcement on alert over the possibility that the Anti-American protests in the Middle East could spark domestic terrorism or violence.

Obama vs Romney: Both Vie for the Latino Vote 2012, But Neither Offers an Immigration Reform Solution

Both Obama and Romney are fighting for the Hispanic vote, correctly assuming that without it the election can hardly be won. However, none of them offers the solution the Latino community needs.

Why Millennial Men Must Embrace Feminism for True Gender Equality

In 2012, it's time for men to acknowledge that feminism, fully realized, would actually benefit everyone.

Occupy Wall Street S17: As Black Monday Protest Celebrates One Year Anniversary, Movement Must Grow Up

Happy Occu-versary! September 17th signals the one-year anniversary of the Robin Hood-esque movement fighting corporate corruption, big business, and the 1% of those holding 99% of the wealth.

Biggest Donors to Obama: Andrew Tobias, Anna Wintour, and Top 10 Bundlers for President Obama in Election 2012

Bundlers are the rainmakers of politics. Here is a list of the biggest bundlers in the Obama camp.

Euro Zone Crisis Takes a Toll on the Pharmaceutical Industry: Health Care in Jeopardy in Europe

The crisis in the Eurozone has led to the reshaping of the business sector and has taken a toll on the pharmaceutical industry in Europe.

Obama vs Romney: Election 2012 Will Keep a Divided Congress, So Expect More of the Same

Since neither party is likely to sweep the White House, the Senate and the House, we should probably expect more of the same for at least the next two years.