Obama vs Romney Polls: 10 Clear Signs Obama is Winning Election 2012

In case you're confused by the polls, here's an illustrated list of the 10 top reasons that we know Obama will win the presidential election.

Presidential Polls: 6 Simple Charts That Debunk The Romney Campaign Strategy

The attacks Romney and Republicans make show a lack of credibility, here's why.

Borderlands 2 Release is Marred By the Misogyny of Gearbox Software and Duke Nukem Forever

Gearbox Software has established with their previous project, "Duke Nuken Forever," that they are a misogynistic developer and, for that purpose, I will not be buying their new game.

Obama vs Romney Abortion Stance: The Right to Have an Abortion is What This Election is About

When I was 29-years-old I had an abortion and my life would have been totally different had I not had the right to choose. Electing Obama is the only way to maintain this progress.

Kanye West Cruel Summer Review and Sample: Mercy and Clique Mix Jay Z Royalty with 2 Chainz and the Next Generation of Rap

Kanye West's new collaborative album "Cruel Summer" features an all-star rap line-up: Jay-Z, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, 2 Chainz, Big Sean ... but does the posse manage to deliver?

Panera Bread Pay What You Want Business Model Sounds Utopian But it is Working

The "Pay-what-you-want" model is emerging as a viable business option given current economic conditions. Panera Bread Cares, an example of the model, is now opening its fourth restaurant.

Obama on Letterman 2012: Barack Obama Late Show Interview Will Be All About Charm and, Oh Yea, the Issues

On Tuesday night, Barack Obama will be interviewed on 'Late Show with David Letterman.' Critics have balked at his choice of Dave over Netanyahu, but Obama will adress big issues on air.

Obama vs Romney Polls: These 4 Data Points Will Shape the Election, And It Is Not Looking Good For Obama

When it comes to polling, if you pin your hopes on today's numbers, you could be swept up in a flood tomorrow.

Romney Caught on Video With 47 Percent Comment, And Conservatives Like What They Hear

Mitt Romney should get caught off guard more often. Every time he does, conservatives like more and more of what they hear.

Obama vs Romney: David Brooks Blasts GOP Candidate for 47 Percent Gaffe

Conservative David Brooks delivers a devastating critique of Mitt Romney's latest blunder.

Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Revolution TV Show Premiere, Parks and Recreation, Treme and the 6 Shows You Must Watch This Week

Season premiere season is well underway. With endless shows to choose from here are the 6 can't miss shows this week. "Revolution," "Treme," and "Parks and Recreation" make the list.

Obama vs Romney Polls: 3 Reasons Why Romney Has Nothing to Fear From Latest Battleground State Polls

Mitt Romney has nothing to fear from the Latest Polls from the Battleground States

Presidential Polls: Romney Still Leads Obama in Fundraising, But These 10 Bundlers Hope to Change That

President Barack Obama has revealed the identity of his top fundraisers whereas Mitt Romney refuses to disclose the names of his bundlers.

The Big Bang Theory: How Penny and Leonard Distract Us From the Real Issues

In a world where we are facing some really serious trouble ecologically, economically, and politically, I see almost no reflections of that trouble in our popular media.

Obama Administration is the Second Term Jimmy Carter Never Had

From economic policy, to energy policy, to foreign policy, Barack Obama's ideas and tactics are the same ones that Jimmy Carter tried 35 years ago. Both times ended up producing the same results.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Obama Leads Romney in Entitlement Reform and Medicare Polls

Americans have a history of avoiding entitlement reform. But the political sacred cow, Medicare, may finally be up for debate.

Romney Gaffe: Says 47% of Americans are a Bunch of Freeloaders

Romney says that 47% of Americans are freeloaders looking for government handouts. Does he know that most them live in Republican red states?

Rosh Hashanah 2012: Beyond the Apples and Honey

Rosh Hashanah is a critical opportunity for renewal and growth.

Bob Woodward The Price of Politics Review: New Book Goes Inside the Obama Presidency

'The Price of Politics' shows us exactly that: the cost we face for endorsing an unsustainable course for the country. But it's worth getting to know the men and women behind the podium.

Obama vs Romney Polls: On Energy, President Obama is Winning With Americans

Despite a rash of TV ads from big oil and gas companies, Obama's energy policy appears to be gaining support.

DADT Repeal: How the Gay Rights Victory Will Bolster Support for Same Sex Marriage

The success in repealing DADT will aid LGBTQ Americans and their allies in achieving marriage equality, as the ways in which federal law penalizes same-gender couples are revealed.

Newsweek Cover Controversy: Why Muslim Rage Headline Gets It Right

Outcry against Newsweek's latest cover does not change the fact that "Muslim rage" is a serious problem.

Obama vs Romney: On Iran, Both Candidates Must Better Explain Their Positions

The economy may be issue number one, but US relations with Iran and Israel show no reason for the candidates to push foreign policy aside during this critical juncture in American history.

Romney 47 Percent Hot Mic Comments: This Proves Just How Wrong He is For the American Presidency

At a private fund raiser, Mitt Romney was taped and those tapes make him look rather crass. He blames Americans "dependent on government," and says his job is "not to worry about those people."

Innocence of Muslims Controversy: Who Coptic Christians are, and What They Believe

Three factors in the history of Islam and Christianity in Egypt may be behind the film that sparked a Mideast crisis: a power shift, exclusivism, and separation of faith & state (or not).

Obama vs Romney: Talk Shows Actually Inform Voters

With less than two months away until Election Day, it's become apparent that the fun of the convention is over and that both presidential nominees are knee-deep in campaigning mode to sway voters

Obama vs Romney: A Line By Line Analysis and Defense of the Romney 47 Percent Comment

A complete analysis of each element in the controversial Mitt Romney hot mic comments.

Health Care Reform: Why the Money We Spend On the Elderly May Threaten Our Whole Economy

There are a number of costs affiliated with caring for an elderly loved one, and it may be dragging our economy down.

TV News Search and Borrow: The Newest Technology That Could Transform Internet Media

The Internet Archive's new tool "TV News Search and Borrow" lets users search Closed Captioning transcripts creating opportunities for politicos and ordinary users alike.

Mobile Phones Can Alleviate Global Poverty, But it Will Not Be Easy

Mobile technology has been heralded as a savior for global poverty. Yet only with sound policy can mobile phones live up to their hype.

Immigration Reform Battle is Useless Amid Partisan Extremism

Immigrants rights issues have become as cultural as they are political. Extreme partisan divisions have put roadblocks in the way of solving the issues that matter.

America Takes a Nose Dive in Economic Freedom of the World Index

Economic freedom in the United States has plummeted to an all-time low. The United States’ ranking has dropped to 18th place after having ranked 3rd for decades up to the year 2000.