GDP and the US Economy: 3 Ways to Measure Economic Production

There is a reason our Economic recovery continues to struggle. GDP has multiple components which are inter-related in a complex system which does not simply sum to E=MC2.

Obama and Romney Respond to Your Questions!

You asked, you voted, you shared. Now, the candidates respond.

Survivor Philippines Cast 2012: Season 25 Premiere, Spoilers, and More Jeff Probst

The reality show 'Survivor' has been on the air for 25 seasons, seriously. As the Philippines season begins we are treated to another year of challenges, tiki torches, and Jeff Probst.

Beyonce and Jay Z Obama Fundraiser: An Uber Wealthy Event That Does Not Feel Uber Wealthy

Obama's celebrity fundraisers appeal to the celebrity-obsessed tween in all of us, and unlike the Republican fundraisers they make room for the less than uber-wealthy.

Ron Paul Supporters: When It Comes to Obama vs Romney, Just Say No

Republicans who argue that Ron Paul supporters need to protect the Constitution by voting for Romney are wrong; neither Romney nor Obama will actually do so.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Momentum Swings Away From Obama As Romney Makes Big Gains

Polls show Obama’s post-convention bump has fizzled. The trends show that the momentum could be shifting again, especially with both campaigns now suffering from leaked tapes.

Obama vs Romney: A College English Teacher Grades Each Campaign

The Obama campaign makes things personal and incoherent, while the Romney campaign presents a concise response and summary, but no specific solutions. Neither gets an "A."

Warren vs Brown Debate Schedule: Forget Polls, the UMASS Debate is the Real Test For Each Candidate

Brown and Warren are running a close race, but it seems like something could be missing from the conversation. With this historic Senate seat up for grabs, it will be a battle at the debate.

Dark Knight Rises: Again Batman Comes to Life in the Amazing New BATMAN LIVE Stage Show

Batman has been dominating the cultural spotlight through comic books, radio airwaves, live action, and animated TV shows, video games, blockbuster movies, and now live theater with BATMAN LIVE.

Charles Kesler I Am The Change Review: How the Left Has Failed the Test of History

100 years after the 1912 election of Woodrow Wilson, President Obama has failed to bring together the divide in progressive liberalism. Can the left survive?

Libertarians and the GOP: Rick Santorum Says Only Social Conservatives Belong in the GOP

According to former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, the conservative movement should only welcome the uneducated and social conservatives

War With Iran: As An Armada of US and British Ships Builds in the Strait of Hormuz, It Seems War Is Inching Closer

As tensions get red-hot in the Persian Gulf, cool heads, peace and diplomacy must prevail.

Senkaku Islands Dispute: Why Protests in China Prove the Country is a Powder Keg Ready to Explode

The current tensions over the Senkaku Islands highlights a potential worry that in the future, China may not so easily be able to tame the public rancor.

Senkaku Islands Dispute: War Between China and Japan As Likely As the Cubs Winning the World Series

Don't expect war with China and Japan to break out any time soon.

Presidential Polls: 2 Graphs Explain How Religion Forces People Vote Against Their Best Interests

Although religion brings people together in beautiful ways, it is also the single most divisive aspect in politics.

Muhammed Cartoon in French Magazine: This is Not How We Should Be Using Free Speech

In the wake of rising unrest in the Middle East, a French satirical magazine today has published more cartoons that have been deemed offensive to Muslims. Should we flaunt free speech like this?

Muslim Hip Hop Artist Brother Ali Album Review: Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, Critiques America Today

White, Midwestern, Muslim hip-hop artist Brother Ali released his new album on Tuesday. The politically charged album critiques the U.S., but offers an optimistic view for the future.

Veterans for Romney: Military and Seniors Are in That 47 Percent

That 47% Romney mentioned often includes veterans and military families, should our potential future president really be giving up on them?

Election 2012: Romney Believes in Creating Wealth, Obama Believes in Redistributing It

Two statements from both candidates this week illustrate the clear choice Americans face in 2012: do we care more about creating jobs and growing wealth or redistributing income with less wealth?

George Washington Was Worth $525 Million and the 1 Percent Still Rules America Today

News flash: This country has always been lead by millionaires. The question that stands is, does the 1% have total control?

Obama vs Romney: Mitt Romney 47 Percent Tapes Are Class Warfare

Mitt Romney has now fully engaged in class warfare. It is him against 47% of hardworking Americans.

Won't Back Down Movie: New Film Pushes Faulty ALEC Parent Trigger Laws to Fix US Schools

The film's distortion of the facts prompts an examination of its funders and a closer look at those promoting Parent Trigger as a cure for what ails the US education system.

Obama vs Romney: What Both Candidates Get Wrong About Student Loan Reform

When it comes to student loan reform, it's one step forward and five steps back.

Mitt Romney 47 Percent Comments Show He is Out of Touch with Voters and Unfit to be President

Mitt Romney's statement on 47% of Americans shows that he is a hypocrite and out of touch with average Americans, not to mention his own base.

Mitt Romney and Mother Jones: Whether Talking About the 47 Percent or the 99 Percent, the Fact is America is Divided

Mitt Romney is correct to point out that too many people are reliant upon government. If it's just an election strategy, though, we still have some real problems.

Senkaku Islands Dispute: China Throws a Tantrum Over Japanese Plans to Buy Disputed Islands

Sparked by the Japanese government’s purchase of the island chain, the recent protests in China are only the latest in a long history of territorial conflicts.

Ray Kelly and NYPD: How the NYPD Has Opened the Floodgates for Social Media Spying

The NYPD's new push for officers to use social media aliases and pseudonyms as policing practices is a deceptive act that encourages profiling and intensifies community relations.

Obama vs Romney: A Millennial Take on the Romney 47 Percent Gaffe

Romney's comments are a BFD ... and expose his true feelings about America

Obama the Dictator: Why the President Governs as an Authoritarian More Than a Chief Executive

President Obama's leadership style is more authoritarian than Washingtonian.

Police Brutality: Police Officer Shoots and Kills Non Threatening Chocolate Lab

A Cobb County police officer shot and killed a chocolate lab when responding to a call about a burglary. The problems with this are so numerous it is hard to begin...

Randy Newman I'm Dreaming Political Satire: New Song From Perspective of a Racist Voter

Randy Newman's (Grammy winner for 'Toy Story 3') newest song, a political satire called "I'm Dreaming" (of a White President), adds nothing to the debate on race in America.

Artist Interview: Kenneth Pietrobono Searches for Answers to the Big Questions of the Millennial Generation

Millennial artist Kenneth Pietrobono is thinking seriously about the issues that plague our generation. In an interview, he discusses how he seeks to understand these issues through art.