Obama vs Romney Celebrity Endorsements: Why Stars Continue to Shine in Election 2012

Celebrity cheerleaders for American presidential candidates generally provoke mixed reactions. But these cheerleaders bring with them potential voters, lots of money, and get people talking.

iPhone 5 Review: If You Hate iOS 6, This is How to Reinstall Google Maps Back

Let's face it: iPhone and iOS will never be the same without Google Maps. Luckily, there's a way of bring it back, sort of.

The Office NBC Season 9 Spoilers: Farewell Season Premiere Brings New Cast and More Jim and Pam

Thursday night America's favorite show, "The Office," will be back for its final season premiere. Nine seasons in, and now without Steve Carell, this is the show's swan song.

SNL Election Special 2012: Saturday Night Live Pits Jay Pharoah as Obama vs Jason Sudeikis as Romney in Presidential Debate

In a realm of political comedy that supports a largely liberal audience, Saturday Night Live will once again emerge as an even handed satire.

Mass Senate Race: Warren vs Brown Debate Schedule and Preview

This is the first of four debates in what is one of the most watched and most expensive races in the country.

Ron Paul End the Fed Goes Viral: Thousands Will Protest At Every Federal Reserve This Weekend

Thousands will be protesting outside of Federal Reserve banks all across the country this weekend, and it couldn't come at a better time.

No Easy Day Book Review: Why the Navy SEAL's New Book is Making Waves with Obama

The conflict over a new book written by an ex-Navy SEAL about the Osama Bin Laden mission shows that the American federal government is only interested in stories which support their actions.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Why the Race is Still Very Much a Dead Heat

Despite Obama's post-convention bump, and Romney's foreign policy gaffes, the race is pretty much where it has been all along: pretty close.

Obama vs Romney Presidential Debate Schedule: Forget Polls, Debates Will Determine Election 2012

The presidential debates are the last predictable chance for voters to know what they are in for. Will the talking points prevail or will we actually learn anything?

SNL Election Special 2012 LIVE: Joseph Gordon Levitt Hosts on Saturday But We Have Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Tonight

Jay Pharoah as Barack Obama; Taran Killam as Paul Ryan; Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden and Mitt Romney? What more could you ask for. Follow our live blog of the SNL Primetime Election Special here.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Why Romney 47 Percent Gaffe May Actually Help Him Win the Election

Though widely perceived as a blunder, Mitt Romney's remark "47%" remark could propel him to victory in November.

Barack Obama Shocker: First Family Rumored to be Planning to Move to Hawaii in January 2013

Rumor has it that the first couple is seeking to buy a $35 million estate in Hawaii, move-in date, Jan. 2013. Will the first couple really leave Chicago behind?

Letterman Obama Interview: Joke is on the President As He Screws Up National Debt Question

For a campaign with the motto of "Forward," President Obama appeared to be channeling the past, as in the 1990s, on the Tuesday edition of the Late Show With David Letterman.

The Simple Thing Ron Paul and Libertarians Can Teach Occupy Wall Street to Help Them Succeed

If the Occupy movement wants to make substantial progress in liberating themselves from the tyranny of the 1%, they need to realize the fundamental cause of the massive wealth inequality we have.

Brown vs Warren Debate Schedule: New Warren vs Brown Poll Shows Senator Ahead

A poll showing Scott Brown leading Elizabeth Warren snaps a four-poll losing streak for the senator.

Brown Warren Polls: Elizabeth Warren Gains in Popularity, Like President Obama

Scott Brown faces the harsh reality of being an incumbent Republican Senator in Massachusetts now that polls are leaning in Warren's direction leading up to the election.

Election 2012: An Analysis of Abortion Legislation and Roe v Wade in All 50 States

Rick Perry was right: abortion is a states’ right issue. As the election draws closer, check in for daily updates on the status of Roe v. Wade in all 50 states. Today: Maine and New Hampshire.

After Christopher Stevens Assassination, America Cannot Cut and Run From Libya

Why the US must stay the democratic course in Libya.

SNL Election 2012 Special: Debate Was Meh, But this is How Jon Stewart Makes Up for It

Thursday night turns out to be a big political TV night. Not only do we have the SNL Thursday special but the heavens have graced us with Bill Clinton on "The Daily Show."

Andy Warhol Metropolitan Museum Show Review and Photos: Michael Jackson is Not the King of Pop

“Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years” is currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with seminal works from Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Ed Ruscha among others.

Revolution TV Show Review: NBC Trolls Chicago Cubs Fans in Series Episode

The producers of NBC's new sci-fi dystopia "Revolution" trolled Chicago Cubs' fans with a fictional World Series title that was then fictionally revoked.

Obama vs Romney: Why We Must Examine Party Platforms Before We Vote

What does the 99% have to do in order to elect a representative government? The answer is simple: know your party platforms.

Saturday Night Live Primetime Election Special 2012: Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin and Will Ferrel as Dubya are the Memories That Last

Let's face it, for some Americans, this is the only election coverage they'll watch.

Obama vs Romney Polls: 7 Debunked Media Myths About the 2012 Election

The media's narratives have made the battle between Romney and Obama the end of the world. They are not that different, they are not the only game in town.

Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoon Rocks France, And New NYC Subway Ad Calls Muslims Jihad Savages: Wow

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Aaron Donovan said “our hands are tied” in the controversial campaign by Pamela Geller and the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

Newsweek Muslim Rage Story Has Great Potential, But Destructive Writing

Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes several good points in her controversial 'Newsweek' cover essay. But the over-generalization of Muslims destroys her argument.

Chris Brown Domestic Violence CD Labels Help Promote Abusive Artists, Not Causes

Customers in London at the HMV stores were reminded that Chris Brown is a convicted felon for domestic abuse by a sticker on his CD that said "do not buy this album this man beats women."

Obama vs Romney: What Romney and Obama Will Not Tell You About Student Debt Loans

It is difficult for either candidate to honestly answer the question about student loan debt because the answers aren't always popular. But applying basic financial planning strategies can help.

Obama vs Romney: How Money in Politics Manipulates the Middle Class

Middle and lower class Romney-supporters don't understand what they are getting themselves into.

Romney Gaffe Even Worse Than You Think: His Father Was a Member of the 47 Percent

By Mitt Romney's standards, he would not get, nor seek, his own father's vote.

Foreign Aid Must Not Be Cut, Despite Libya and Egypt Attacks

Withdrawing support from Egypt and Libya would mean surrendering to extremism.

47 Percent: Independents Give Up on Romney After Silly Remark

Romney's statements about the 47% alienate the independent voters, a voting group he needs in order to have any shot of winning the presidency.

Mars Curiosity Rover and Soyuz Rocket Landing Prove Space Exploration is Still Worth Investing In

Unfortunately, these and other science projects are being crushed out of the budget by spending on the 47% of Americans who receive money from the federal government.

Turbo Goth Destroy Us All is an Album You Have to Have

Yes Turbo Goth's 'Destroy Us All' is a few years out but this is an album that everyone needs to listen to. Especially if you're into Air and Daft Punk.

Cruel Summer: Kanye West and Nicki Minaj Make Headlines, But Not Political Music

Kanye West and Nicki Minaj do not deserve the headlines they're making for citing Obama and Romney's politics in their lyrics. Their songs are not political commentary and lack substance.

Yunel Escobar Gay Slur: Ozzie Guillen Defends This Blatant Homophobia

Toronto Blue Jays Yunel Escobar wore eyeblack tape with a gay slur written on during a MLB game. Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen says this is not a big deal. He's wrong.

Rahm Emanuel Calls in Minor League Teachers to Break Chicago Teachers Union Strike

In an alternate universe, Commissioner Rahm Emanuel calls in the replacement teachers to break the Chicago Teachers Union strike; any relation to the NFL referee situation is purely coincidental.

Brown vs Warren Debate: What to Expect in the First Mass Senate Debate, and What Brown and Warren Can Do to Win

First debate tonight at 7pm. How will the candidates fair?

Jesus Was Married: Why It May Not Matter for Contemporary Christianity

A new papyrus fragment suggests that Jesus was married, but don't get too excited. More than scripture stands between Christianity and sexual ethics.

When Global Warming and Climate Change Are a Good Thing: Three Cheers for Melting Sea Ice

The Arctic is melting-- and that's a good thing. Antarctic ice effects sea levels more, but that ice is increasing. In the meantime, let's exploit the liberated waters of the North.