Jon Stewart Bill O'Reilly Debate Schedule and Preview: Why Stewart Will Crush O'Reilly

Here's why O'Reilly doesn't stand a chance with Stewart on the Oct. 6 "The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium" pay-per-view debate moderated by CNN anchor E.D. Hill.

Brown vs Warren Debate: Who Won the Mass Senate Debate

Everything you need to know about Thursday's debate.

US GDP is 70 Percent Personal Consumption: Inside the Numbers

Part II of series on how understanding GDP explains the nation's limited economic recovery. Appreciate not running this until Friday to give me time to complete next segment of seven-parter.

Veterans Jobs Bill Shafted: Why Politics, Not the GOP, is to Blame Here

This was done as an opportunity to label Republicans as disinterested in helping unemployed veterans.

Obama vs Romney Polls: When You Crunch the Numbers, Romney is Actually Doing Very Well

A lot of polls have been over-sampling Democrats and under-sampling Republicans and Independents to make it appear as if Obama has a significant lead. What if it turned out not to be true?

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney Appears Tanned on Univision Hoping to Close Latino Gap

Mitt Romney appeared "in brownface" on Univision, adding insult to injury in his continuing disrespect for the Hispanic electorate.

Obama Univision Interview: President Struggles With Tough Questions about Immigration Reform

The president gave an hour-long interview to Univision anchors Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas at the University of Miami Thursday, fielding tough questions about immigration reform.

Rand Paul and GOP Cut Veterans Job Bill: How Vets Became the Latest Casualty in the War Against Obama

By using rules and procedures, Republican members of the Senate kill veterans Job Corps bill. This is just the latest GOP obstruction aimed at denying President Obama any sort of victory.

Christopher Hitchens Mortality Review: An Atheist Prepares for Death

In "Mortality," one of the most important intellectuals of the last four decades bids farewell.

Presidential Polls 2012: 60 Percent Think Obama Will Defeat Romney in Presidential Debates

Debates do not always affect the outcome of an election but political scientists believe that debates can make a difference in a close race.

Zoe Saldana: After Being Cast As Nina Simone, A Controversy About Racism in the Movies Begins

The casting of Zoe Saldana to play musical legend Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic has fanned the flames of debate over whether there’s such a thing as “black enough.”

The Office Season 9 Premiere Review: New Jim and Dwight Jr Join Favorites Like Jim and Pam

NBC's "The Office" premiered Thursday night. The final season brings new characters (Dwight Jr.) and says goodbye to old stars (Mindy Kaling), and feels a bit tired in the process.

Obama vs Romney Debate Schedule: As Oct 3 Looms, Candidates Must Stop With PR and Refocus

With all the commotion over Mitt Romney's 47% comment, will candidates lose track of their next challenge in wooing the American public — the upcoming presidential debates?

Fall Equinox 2012: The 20 Greatest Things About Autumn

It's time to celebrate fall being right around the corner with these 20 best things about the season.

Brown vs Warren Debate: Mass Senate Debate Schedule and Preview

National attention is squarely on the Warren-Brown Senate race, which has the potential to tip the Senate in favor of Republicans. Scott Brown will look to double down on his “likable guy” image.

Innocence of Muslims Actress Cindy Lee Garcia Sues Filmmaker and Blasts Google and YouTube

Garcia, who's received death threats, claims she thought the project was "a historical Arabian Desert adventure film.” The case is reminiscent of "The Third Jihad" NYPD scandal earlier this year.

Obama vs Romney Polls: as Obama Opens Lead in Swing States is Make or Break for Romney

Obama is solydifying his lead in swing states, and with less than 50 days until Election Day, it's time for Romney to buckle up once and for all.

Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman Are Amazing in The Master, But the Movie is Like Bad Sex

Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman can't save a film with no plot.

Romney Tax Returns 2011 PDF: 3 Crushing Reasons the Tax Debate Will Destroy Romney in the Polls

Romney's newest tax releases will certainly shift the conversation. The question now is whether that shift will help or hurt Romney.

Warren vs Brown Debate Highlights Progressive Abortion Views in Massachusetts

Before his Thursday debate with Elizabeth Warren, MA Senator Scott Brown's abortion record was called into question. Updates on the state of abortion rights in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Never Trust the Onion News Network: Why Readers Must Fact Check Themselves When It Comes to Political Satire

When a satirical story about Mitt Romney can get picked up by another news outlet and treated as fact, news organizations need to learn to take their reporting more seriously.

iPhone 5 Review: New iPhone is Smash Hit in America, But It Could Do Even Better in China

Apple has maintained a steady growth trend, but opening Chinese markets could make history for the company.

Endeavor Flyover Pictures: Amazing Photos of Space Shuttle Flight in Los Angeles

Images of the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it landed safely at the Los Angeles airport on Friday, after conducting nearly a five-hour flyover above the city of LA.

Jon Stewart Debate with Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Matter: Here's What You Should Be Watching

The Stewart vs. O'Reilly debate is not as worthwhile as Robert Murphy's challenge to Paul Krugman over economic theories which could impact all Americans.

iPhone 5 Review: Botched Map App, Stock and Taxes Overshadow Apple Release

The wait is over for Apple die-hard fans as the new iPhone 5 is finally available. However, complains about iOS maps as well as questions about Apple's profits and taxes could spell trouble.

Obama vs Romney: Why Both Candidates Believe in Wealth Redistribution

Here is clear proof that Romney appears to believe in wealth redistribution as much as Obama supposedly does.

Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari Shine in Parks and Recreation Season 5 Premiere

Amy Poehler is back as Leslie Knope. And Xena Warrior Princess is here as a love interest. The season premiere will set the town for hilarity, and potentially, a swan song.

Pat Robertson Wife Beating Comments: Why We Cannot Accept the CBN Apology

Pat Robertson's comments about wife-beating are unacceptable. It's time to change the conversation about women in America.

Up All Night Season 2 Premiere Review: Maya Rudolph Shines Despite Disappointing Episode

This NBC sitcom soared last spring, promising a second season of laughs surrounding parenting, marriage, and friends. Without its castmate Maya Rudolph, however, it may fall flat of expectations.

Yunel Escobar Gay Slur: Why We Must Hold the Baseball Player to Our Social Norms

Major League Baseball's Yunel Escobar's infamous word of choice may not have significance in the Latino culture, as he claims, but it certainly means a lot in America.

Chick fil A Loses Out to Power of the People, Will Stop Funding Anti Gay Groups

After a much publicized boycott, Chick-fil-A has pledged to stop making donations to anti-gay organizations.

Muslim Rage: Mike Huckabee Islam Song Might Be the New Innocence of Muslims

Free speech remains free only if you take the bad with the good, and the crass jerks with the poet laureates.

Jessica Alba and Obama Instagram Shows Democrats Are Cooler Than the GOP

So, Democrats are cooler than Republicans. What else is new?

17 Travel Tips That You Really Cannot Live Without

After traveling the world for a year I returned with amazing memories, some pretty awesome souvenirs, and 17 pieces of advice to pass along to you.

Why Community Based Services Are the Best at Responding to Disasters

Outside organizations don't always provide the most effective assistance after natural or man-made disasters.

xx Coexist Album Review: Headphones Intimate and Subtly Mind Blowing

The xx's new album "Coexist" is emotional minimalism.

Forall Instagram Obama: How Jessica Alba Transcends Identity Politics for Millennials

By using celebrities to reach young voters, Obama actually achieves what his Democratic predecessors could not: the beginning of post-identity politics.

The Myth of the Muslim Tide: A Must Read Book After the Arab Spring

Canadian journalist Doug Saunders has watched the immigration of Muslims into Europe and North America. The difference is, he's researched the realities, and he's not worried.

What If You Could Vote on Who Wins a Trial: eQuibbly Now Crowdsources Disputes

Though a new website using outside votes to come to a resolution may seem irrational, this is, in fact, a method many of us already use and one that has proven to effectively solve problems.

30 Slides That Get You Up To Speed on U.S. Health Care Policy

America's healthcare system is engaged in a technological arms race that results in startling inefficiency compared to other nations. Yet, a silver lining can be found in understanding its flaws.

Emmy Nominations 2012 Full List: Mad Men, Modern Family, and American Horror Story Lead the Pack

This Sunday will be the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Check out the list of nominees. Who was recognized and who was snubbed?