US GDP: How Three Types of Investments Impact Economic Growth

Part three of series on GDP and its effect on economy.

Sex Selection of Fetuses is a Parental Right

There's nothing wrong with soon-to-be parents choosing the sex of their baby.

Ron Paul Supporters Will Appreciate: Gary Johnson Files Anti Trust Claim Against the CPD in the Name of Liberty

The claim against the Commission of Presidential Debates maintains that the Republican and Democratic Parties indefensibly limit access of other candidates to the marketplace of ideas.

2016 Obama America Movie: An Interview with Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza

I spoke with filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza about "2016: Obama's America." His incredibly successful documentary rocked the political and cinematic scene this summer. Here's what D'Souza had to say.

Ron Paul End the Fed: Protests at Federal Reserve Banks Across US

The Liberty Movement takes aim at the big bad Federal Reserve.

Presidential Polls 2012: Mitt Romney Tax Returns and 47 Percent Gaffe Will Doom Him in the Polls

Polling data shows that Americans do not like being called victims dependent on the federal government, being insulted will make people less likely to vote for clumsy Romney.

Ron Paul and Gary Johnson Planted the Seeds for an Independent Voter Revolution

There's more to life than Mitt Romney and Barack Obama: independent voters can change history in America.

Voter Suppression Laws: Political IQ Tests Would Ensure Citizens Are Qualified to Vote

The election stakes are high for 2012. The issues are large and complex. Is it time for American voters to pass a political IQ test in order to vote?

Innocence of Muslims Actress Cindy Lee Garcia Lawsuit Against Nakoula Bassely Nakoula is Pointless

A Los Angeles county judge denied Cindy Lee Garcia’s request for an injunction to remove the trailer of "Innocence of Muslims" from YouTube: the damage is done.

Presidential Polls: Mitt Romney Can Kiss Wisconsin Good Bye Despite Paul Ryan

Obama now leads the Romney/Ryan ticket by 6 percentage points in Ryan's home state of Wisconsin.

Ron Paul End the Fed Protest is Right About Auditing, But Wrong About Abolishing the Fed

The "End the Fed (ETF)" movement has a point about auditing the Fed, but outright abolition would destroy investors' faith in U.S. credit.

Video Games Reviews and Release Dates: New Super Mario Bros U, and the Fall Releases

From "Ninja Gaiden III: Razor’s Edge" to "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale," the best Fall 2012 video game releases reviews.

No Easy Day Author and Navy SEAL Mark Bissonnette Helped Develop Warfighter Video Game

"No Easy Day," the unauthorized account of Osama Bin Laden's raid by Mark Bissonnette, is just the beginning; the former Navy SEAL also helped develop the anti-terrorism video game.

Obama vs Romney: Romney Inarticulate Israel and Palestine Comments Will Cost Him the Election

Romney's remarks about the Palestinians not wanting peace illustrates a false narrative that has warranted Israel's belligerent agenda and justified their contravention of international rights.

Breaking Bad vs Mad Men Emmys: Walter White and Don Draper Face Off on Sunday

This Sunday Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 64th Emmy Awards. Jon Hamm or Bryan Cranston? "Homeland" or "Downton Abbey"? Will "Game of Thrones" win? These are tough questions, here are our predictions.

Presidential Polls: Romney Tax Returns and Obama Libya Response Will Shift the Race in Favor of Romney

Mitt Romney faces an uphill battle to win the presidential campaign in November, but he still has strong organizational discipline, the debates, and the issues on his side.

Domestic Violence Campaign Against Chris Brown by Abuse Sticks Out is Not Effective

Breaking the cycle of abuse relies more on empowering its victims than simply exposing its perpetrators.

Emmys 2012 Preview: How Breaking Bad and Mad Men Killed the Age of Innocence in Television

TV has gotten a brush of dark in recent years, and that may be for the best.

Millennials and College: Why Higher Education Might Not be the Best Choice for Generation Y

Data shows that college just isn't worth quite what they've been telling us.

Libya Benghazi Protests Show Public Opinion is Turning in Favor of US and Against Militias

Growing discontent with the mostly unchecked militia and the death of Ambassador Stevens has led to large scale protests on Friday in Benghazi.

Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson Seek to Become First Flyweight Champion at UFC 152

Vitor Belfort, Joe Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson clash for the newly created flyweight title, whil Michael Bisping and Brian Stann fight for the next middleweight title.

Millennial Vote 2012: Why Republicans Might Win Over Younger Voters

Millennial allegiance to the Democratic Party hit its peak in 2009 and the GOP should pounce on the opportunity to regain as much of this demographic as it can going forward.

How to Build a Business By Copying and Improving Other Businesses

Business copy each other all the time. Do you see the similarity between Southwest Airlines and Virgin?