Revolution TV Show Review: NBC Premiere is Bland, But Episode 2 of the Sci Fi Series Could Succeed

The premiere episode of 'Revolution' didn't quite leave a lasting impression but it didn't ruin its chances of success either. Spoilers!

iPhone 5 Problems: Apple Tries to Steal Google Maps Staff to Fix Its iOS 6 Maps Mess

It's war for Google and Apple, after the companies’ abrupt breakup over Android. Now, Apple is reportedly trying to steal Google Maps employees to help it fix its new and controversial maps app.

Mumford and Sons New Album Babel: Song I Will Wait Defines the Folk Sound

If I had to describe the new Mumford & Sons album, "Babel," in four words, those words would be "God Fearing Rustic Rhythms."

Presidential Polls: Disparity Between National and States Surveys Puts Electoral College in the Spotlight

If you live in Ohio, Virginia, or one of 7 other “swing-states,” you’re probably getting sick of campaign ads right about now.

Emmy Awards Winners 2012: American Horror Story, Louis CK, and Modern Family Win Big Tonight

Julianne Moore, Jessica Lange and "Modern Family" writers win. Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus win too! Jon Hamm loses and Louis C.K. wins, twice! Who will win, who will lose? Find out here.

Revolution TV Show: How the Post Apocalyptic Story Explains the Deepest Political Thoughts of Young People

Art imitates reality: here's how Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Fall’s new shows help us understand 20-somethings and the 2012 election.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Why the Facts Are Strikingly Absent From Media Coverage of Election 2012

Headlines and mainsteam media sway minds of the masses. Alternative media is the hope for the future.

Ron Paul Went From Candidate to Movement in Just One Election Cycle

The "End the Fed" movement that debuted this weekend to protest the Federal Reserve's QE3 is just the tip of the iceberg that is Ron Paul's Revolution.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney is in Dire Straits, But Here Are 6 Things He Can Do to Right the Ship

The situation is serious for Romney. Still, he has a chance ... if he follows these steps.

Obamas Interview on The View: Just Like That, Obama is Likely Winning Over the Female Vote

The political views of the women on "The View" reveal why Obama is winning among female voters.

Why Have Kids: Jessica Valenti on What Millennials Need to Know about Parenting

Although millennials have been called the "cheapest generation," we may soon find ourselves facing an incredibly expensive choice: whether or not to have children. Jessica Valenti advises.

Presidential Polls 2012: Why the Betting Man is Putting His Money On Obama With 6 Weeks to Go

There is loads of data out there on who will win election 2012, but the gambling man is betting on Obama.

Charlie Hebdo Scandal: Muslims in France Feel Marginalized

The saga at Charlie Hebdo illuminates the exclusion many French Muslims still feel within France’s borders.

Ahmadinejad Speech Prompts Israel Delegation to Walk Out of UN General Assembly

Incendiary rhetoric from the Iranian president sends the Israeli delegation to the exits.

War With Iran: US and Iranian Ships Are Already Locked in a Deadly Game of Cat and Mouse

The U.S. and Iranian navies are again beating their chests in the Persian Gulf.

Louisiana Education Reform: Bobby Jindal Voucher Program Snubs Islamic School

The tax payer-funded privatizing education system objects "Islamic teaching," while sponsoring anti-science and anti-history curriculums from other faith-based institutions.

Connecticut Senate Race: Linda McMahon vs Chris Murphy Clash Over Abortion, Planned Parenthood

With 44 days left until the presidential election, PolicyMic's Audrey Farber will be posting a daily update on the state of abortion rights in the U.S.

Amtrack Shows Government Waste At Work: The 16 Dollar Hamburger Your Taxes Fund

Amtrak sells microwaved burgers for $9.50 which cost the taxpayer $16. Will Amtrak's legendary mismanagement and theft finally launch a new era in American politics?

Jimmy Kimmel Best Jokes at Emmy Awards 2012

Safer than hosts like say, Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. Check out the top 5 jokes from his opening monologue; politics were certainly on the chopping block.

Focus on the Family (FOTF) and The Real Housewives of New Jersey Have a Lot in Common

Both the Christian organization and the reality television program treat people like nickels that we collect and spend on bus fare.

Emmys 2012 Recap: Homeland Season 1, The Daily Show, and Modern Family Win Big

The night went to "Modern Family," "Homeland," and "Game Change." At this years Emmy Awards Jimmy Kimmel led us down a familiar paths, Julie Bowen claiming her award and Jon Hamm being snubbed.

Obama vs Romney: Why Libertarians Will Choose Romney

Obama’s economic failures will likely draw moderates to Romney’s side regardless of how incompetent his campaign is.

Welfare Reform and the Romney 47 Percent Comment: Why We As Americans Have a Misguided Anger Targeted At the Poor

I argue that welfare reform and the 47% comment made by Mitt Romney are rooted in misguided anger at the poor

Bill Clinton Face the Nation Interview: Unsure Whether Hillary Clinton Will Run for President

Bill Clinton talks about Hillary's intentions on Face the Nation.

Aung San Suu Kyi Activist Awarded Congressional Gold Medal for Myanmar Democracy Work

Reform leader Aung San Suu Kyi's actions have inspired Washington, and should inspire the rest of America.

Government Spending and GDP: a $5.4 Trillion Benefit Who Some Think is a Pending Disaster

Understanding how GDP is calculated lends greater insight into an analysis on America’s economic struggles during the last decade.

Obama UN Speech and Romney at the Clinton Global Initiative Will Contrast Foreign Policy Visions

Each will try to wring some political advantage from speeches that are generally directed at foreign audiences.

Pro Life vs Planned Parenthood Clash Over Abortion Rights in Vermont

On Thursday, anti-abortion protesters in Burlington protested that they were being stifled. But what's beyond the controversial buffer zones when it comes to abortion in Vermont?

NY Times Article on Banks Proves Journalist Knows Nothing About Economics

Suggesting that banks borrow money to decrease taxes is one of the strangest suppositions made during the past few years by a media source unfriendly to the banking industry.

Obama vs Romney: Vote for Romney Ryan 2012 to Restore American Values

Should Obama get a second term liberalism's moral, intellectual, and fiscal bankruptcy will wreak havoc on an America already struggling to maintain economic and global dominance.