Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review and Release Date: Fantastic New Elements Yet Instantly Familiar

However, "Call of Duty Black Ops II" stays true to its shooter roots. Also, "ZombiU" and the hottest gaming releases of the fall.

Halo 4 Review and Release Date: Not Artistically Fresh But Technologically Stunning

Microsoft's switch of developers, from Bungie to 343 Industries, payed off. Also, "Assassin’s Creed III," and other fall 2012 gaming reviews and releases dates.

Pole Dancing is a Sport, Not a Strip Club Striptease

Recreation and performances related to poles have existed in various cultures, for both genders, throughout history. Only in America has it been consistently connected to strip clubs.

US Trade Deficit: How Our Negative Balance of Trade is Harming the Recovery

Examining GDP provides a valuable foundation to discuss finding the pieces of the puzzle, which will result in a healthy economic recovery.

Gangnam Style YouTube: How PSY Went From Korean Pop Star to Global Phenomenon

PSY is nothing new to Korean audiences, but his global fame is. His eruption into the global pop-consciousness has put him into the unexpected position of Korea's cultural ambassador.

Dexter Season 7 Premiere, Homeland Season 2 Trailer, Last Resort TV Show and the 10 Shows You Must Watch This Week

"Homeland," "Revenge," "666 Park Avenue," "Last Resort" ... and those are just the dramas. This is a huge television premiere week. Here are the 10 shows that you just can't miss.

Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks Monday Night Football: Replacement Refs Ruined the Game

Monday night's "game" between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks was an embarrassment. The replacement refs aren't just blowing calls, they're ruining the reputation of the league.

Mumford and Sons New Album Review: Babel is Fine, But Jack White and Abigail Washburn Have the Same Vibe, Only Better

The band's new album hasn't got much going for it in terms of folk music, but it's listenable. If you want to have a real good time, though, I make a list of substitute songs for each track.

Senkaku Islands Dispute LIVE Anti Japan Demonstrators Riot Over Island Dispute, Government Cracks Down

Protests against Japan's recent efforts to buy the disputed Diaoyu islands spread to cities across China Saturday, and in some cities turned violent.

Israel Subway Ads: Pam Geller NYC Ads Are Mostly Ignorant

The ads that went up Monday in NYC subway stations and have already appeared in San Francisco reveal that Pamela Geller and company don't know the origins of the words they use.

Claire McCaskill vs Todd Akin Polls: Why the GOP is Unlikely to Gain Control of Senate in 2012

One-third of the Senate seats are up for re-election. As Mitt Romney and Barack Obama face off in the presidential election, will the GOP be able to gain control of the Senate?

Max Hell Frog Warrior: What A Web Review of a Z List Movie Tells Us about Internet Freedom

The curious case of Obscurus Lupa demonstrates that the internet community must protect the rights of critics and artists, and be vigilant of those who would suppress them.

Revolution Episode 2 Review: A Post iPhone 5 World Where Things Get Real

Though the first episode, directed by Jon Favreau ("Iron Man"), was bland. This post-apocalyptic dystopia has potential.

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Premiere Recap and Review: Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris Trade Laughs for Love

It's been a long seven years, and in that time "How I Met Your Mother" has become more about love than fun.

You Would Never Believe How Many Workers Had to Suffer For You to Enjoy Your iPhone 5

Riots erupted in my hometown of Taiyuan, China, against the notorious Foxconn Factory. How is it fair for Chinese millennials, people I grew up with, to be enduring this factory life?

Presidential Polls: How Romney and Obama Fare on Family, Likeability and Other Critical Issues

In a race still considered close, according to pollsters Rassmusen, Gallup and CBS News Poll, public image is a factor to consider.

Jon Stewart and Louis CK Saved the Emmys

Let's face it; at this point, awards ceremonies are as orchestrated and predictable as political parties' conventions.

Zoe Saldana Cast as Nina Simone: Race and Beauty, Hollywood Style

In biopics, stars portray characters as prettier, thinner, and in the case of black subjects, whiter. It's no news that actresses of color are given less than a fair shot; but who is to blame?

Green Bay vs Seattle Referee Scandal: How Packers Fans Could Find An Ally in Mitt Romney

If Romney were to pay whatever the difference is in asking price between the real referees and the NFL, he may just win this election.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney Still Out Raising Obama, Especially in Hollywood

Romney got some good news Saturday at the Beverly Hilton with an A-list fundraiser drawing $6 million for his campaign, $2 million more than Jay-Z/Beyonce raised for Obama last week.

Yeardley Love Death: Family of the Victim Introduces New Anti Domestic Violence App on Katie Couric New Show

Over two years after the beating and murder of Yeardley Love, on Friday Sharon and Lexie Love spoke with Katie Couric about their new efforts to stop domestic violence.

Clinton Foundation: CGI 2012 Has Become One of the Biggest Events in Geo Politics

The Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting began Sunday. The roster of heavy hitting attendees, (Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Piers Morgan, to name a few) gathers to discuss designing for impact.

National Voter Registration Day: 5 Simple Things Everyone Under 30 Needs to Know About Voting

Millennials, prepare yourself for the upcoming 2012 election.

Todd Akin Rape Comment Rebuked By Both Democrats and Republicans in New York

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer called New York State "a beacon of civil rights and protection of women’s rights." New York City's progressive views on abortion extend to the whole state.

Foxconn Riots: More iPhone 5 Problems as 2K Workers Brawl in Chinese Plant

The incident started out as a personal fight at the company's dorms.

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Admits Obama and His Blackness Trumps His Failed Record

According to Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, the Congressional Black Caucus will not criticize Obama because he's black — despite how Obama has failed blacks in America.

Monday Night Football Fallout: Lingerie Football League Says It Fired Refs Working NFL Games

Officials fired by the Lingerie Football League are now reportedly part of the NFL's replacement officiating crews. What?

Claire Danes in Homeland and Julie Bowen in Modern Family: Big Emmy Awards Winners 2012

The show this year was moderately disappointing, with thwarted expectations for record-breaking hauls.

US Unemployment Rate: In Pennsylvania, Austerity is Killing Job Growth

The median income of a four-person Pennsylvania family has declined by more than $6,000 since 2000. In many ways, it was a lost decade for working families.