Gary Johnson Polls: Why the CPD Decision to Keep Him Out of the Debates is Illegal

The exclusion of any viable candidate from the presidential debates by the CPD is not only a disservice to the American electorate but also illegal.

Latest Presidential Polls 2012: Data Shows the Romney 47 Percent Comment Has Taken Serious a Toll

As history reflects on the 2012 election, there is no possibility that the "47%" comment will be remembered as anything other than a serious gaffe.

Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill One Terrorist for Every 50 Deaths

A new study by NYU and Stanford recommends the U.S. conduct “a fundamental re-evaluation" of the use of drone strikes which has led to 49 civilian deaths for every one known terrorist killed.

Vegas TV Show Review: Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis Disappoint Big Time

"Vegas" is as bland and dry as its climate. The show's superficial exploration of the well-worn gangster and cop genres will give it a reputation as the Poor Man's "Boardwalk Empire."

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad UN General Assembly Speech: Video, Translation, Full Transcript

On Wednesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a highly anticipated address to the United Nations General Assembly. Find out what he said.

Latest Presidential Polls: Swing State Polls in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania Show Obama Leading by Double Digits

Barack Obama is dominating Mitt Romney in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

UN General Assembly 2012: Reforming Security Council Should Be Top Priority

The current United Nations Security Council represents the world of 1946, not today. It is time to add new members to make the UNSC relevant to the 21st Century.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Review and Release Date: Every Nation Has Strengths and Weaknesses

Soldiers from different territories are given different play styles in "Medal of Honor: Warfighter." Also, "Dishonored" and other hot fall 2012 gaming releases and reviews.

Ron Paul Was Right All Along: It is Good Business to Maintain Peace, Not Got to War

Capitalists have historically opposed war and embraced production as a means to freedom, prosperity and national security.

Pokemon Black White Version 2 Review and Release Date: Players Can Now Create Their Own Pokemon Movie

"Pokemon Black White Version 2's" players will now be able to visit new areas and conduct some new actions. Also, "Resident Evil 6" and the top 5 gaming reviews and releases this fall.

Obama vs Romney: Regardless of Who Wins, Election 2012 is a Travesty

The elections are fraught with lies and decent financed by campaign cash.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Opens 10 Point Lead in Ohio, and has Maybe Won the Election Already

While Obama's lead in swing states grows, a Republican ticket in disarray proves Romney is the last specimen of a dying GOP. Is Paul Ryan its future?

Akin McCaskill Polls: Todd Akin Vies for Senate in Missouri, Slams McCaskill on Obamacare

Despite repeated calls for Todd Akin to drop out of the race, he will challenge Claire McCaskill for the U.S. Senate seat in Missouri - but can he win, and how will he campaign?

Obama vs Romney: What the Polling Data Says About American Voters

This election cycle, Obama and Romney are employing big data to learn everything they can about likely voters. What does this mean for you?

Green Bay vs Seattle Touchdown Scandal: Why the NFL Referee Union Has An Unlikely Ally in Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has made a career out of anti-union policies, how in the world could he defend supporting the NFL Referees Union? Simple, it won't bankrupt the state.

Ron Paul Supporters Urged by Paul Ryan to Vote for Mitt Romney

The Republican vice presidential nominee claims "there are many things that Ron Paul championed that I am a big believer in."

Presidential Debate Schedule: Diversity is Severely Lacking in the Debate Moderators Who Will Grill Obama and Romney For Us

One can also argue that there is simply a lack of diversity in qualified news journalists.

Dexter Season 7 on Showtime: Dexter is the Greatest of All Dark Knights, But Vigilantes Are Never Heroes

While not a particularly likeable character, Dexter is often remembered positively by many fans; that is a gross misunderstanding of what it means when someone considers themselves above the law.

David Brooks NY Times Column Shows He Completely Misunderstands Conservatism

David Brooks writes about different conservative "mentalities," but he misses the most important one: the American conservative.

Modern Family Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: Sofia Vergara is Pregnant and Cam is a Teacher

Season 4 begins with a few new twists: Gloria is pregnant and Cam is a teacher. But is that enough to keep the Pritchett-Dunphy clan from edging into stale territory?

Ron Paul Supporters Will Help Gary Johnson Become the Next Ross Perot

Ross Perot gave independent voters a voice by winning 19% of the popular vote in the 1992 presidential election. Will Gary Johnson do the same in 2012?

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama is Winning in 9 Key Swing States, Including Ohio Where Unemployment is Falling Near 7 Percent

Although the national race continues to remain close, President Barack Obama has been getting stronger support in the swing states that will decide the election.

Sean Lowe: The New Bachelor Will Be As Famous As Emily Maynard

Sean Lowe is the next star on "The Bachelor." Get used to that name America, come January it will be as ubiquitous as Emily Maynard.

UN General Assembly 2012: Why Nobody Cares About Syria

Why do Americans protest for the fall of of oppressive regimes in Egypt and Libya ... but not in Syria, where violence has raged for 17 months and counting.

Apple vs Samsung: What This Bitter Business Rivalry Teaches Us About Obama vs Romney

Samsung, Wal-Mart and Mitt Romney are all considered underdogs. But, not all of them are playing their cards right.

Todd Akin Comes to New Jersey: NJ Rep Chris Smith Calls Unborn Fetuses the Most Persecuted Minority in the World

NJ Governor Chris Christie was critiqued for giving a speech at the RNC that was more about himself than Mitt Romney - but what does Christie have to say about abortion in his state?

My Trip to UN General Assembly: Facade of Every Country Has A Voice

A reflection of Obama's UN speech ... and what happened afterwards.

Reverand Carl Keyes Allegedly Embezzled Millions from 911 and Katrina Donations

Reverend Carl Keyes, the "Ground Zero Pastor," is under investigation for funneling up to $4.8 million of donor's money to his personal coffers.

Brown Warren Debate Will Be Even Uglier After Staffers Caught Mocking Warren With Tomahawk Chop

The race has taken an even uglier turn after Brown supporters and staffers are caught on camera doing Tomahawk Chops and war chants at a rally on Tuesday.

Key and Peele Season 2: Obamas Anger Translator is the Funniest Political Commentary of the 2012 Election

Obama's Anger Translator makes Key and Peele's Wednesday night season premiere absolutely must-see-TV.

How to Self Publish a Book: How to Guide for Aspiring Writers

Is self publishing your book worth your time? 23-year-old writer Jeffrey Hartinger discusses his newly self-published book the "Generation Y Handbook."

10 Libertarian Questions for Progressive Millennials on How We Can Work Together

In order for millennials to make any kind of progress, we will need to examine our answers to fundamental questions about the role of government in our lives.

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law: Why the Court Must Strike it Down

The Pennsylvania ID Law stifles the political voice its citizens.

Ben and Kate FOX Premiere Review: New Sitcom Relies on Old Tricks

Ben and Kate could have been completely predictable, but it manages to be surprisingly charming.

Jon Stewart Youtube: The Daily Show Has Earned the Respect of Republicans Too

Jon Stewart's 10th consecutive Emmy Award is a testament to his revolutionizing of political commentary by presenting his opinions in a hilarious, but consistently intellectual, manner.

How to Register to Vote: 5 Tips for Millennials to Get Informed

There’s a big difference between believing the propaganda disseminated by campaigns and being an informed voter: here's how you can distinguish the two.

Ahmadinejad UN Speech: Protests Against the Iranian President Are Kind of Meaningless

Once again, anti-Ahmadinejad protesters beleaguer the Iranian president, but to what end?

Mayor Bloomberg Vicariously Lives the Dream Through Tasmanian Smoking Ban

The arguments against a smoking ban sound logical at first, but ultimately unfounded.