Jack Reacher Movie Trailer: Tom Cruise is the Worst Choice to Play the Lee Child Hero

Lee Child's book series has become a classic, but as it heads to the silver-screen with "One Shot" fans are up in arms that the 5'7" Tom Cruise will play the 6'5" Jack Reacher.

Election 2016: 3 Republicans Who Could Win if Romney Loses in 2012

The 2012 election is not a must win for the Republican Party. If President Obama dominates, there are plenty of GOP leaders in line to take Mitt Romney's place.

Vote Gary Johnson: Here Are 5 Reasons Americans Need to Wake the F*uck Up and Boot Obama and Romney

Samuel L. Jackson is right that we need to "wake the f@ck up" ... he's just wrong about which candidate they should support.

Kanye West Sex Tape: What the Kim Kardashian Romance Means for Pop Culture

You might've heard the rumor that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a sex tape that is being shopped around for public release. What does it say about us that we can't wait to see if it's true?

Obama vs Romney Debates: Gary Johnson Could Crash Presidential Party

With the presidential debates set to begin next week, the rules of the Commission on Presidential Debates prevent participation of all viable candidates.

Presidential Polls Indicate Romney Losing: How Election 2012 Could Spark GOP Revolution

Romney’s poll numbers have Republican strategists wondering what a loss in November would mean to the party. They fear that a Romney loss would set off a war for control in the Republican Party.

Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Will Lose the Election Thanks to Immigration

A new poll showing that voters care little about immigration could be detrimental to Romney's race to the White House.

Ron Paul on Presidential Debates: CPD Called on Controversial Third Party Debate Rule

Ron Paul said democracy isn't healthy if a third party candidate can't get into the debates. Now, a coalition of pro-democracy groups is calling on the Commission of Presidential Debates.

Latest Presidential Polls Show Romney Can Defeat Obama in Ohio

The conventional wisdom is that Romney can’t win Ohio. Dead wrong.

Big Bang Theory Season 6 Premiere: Leonard and Penny Swap Gender Roles

Season six of "The Big Bang Theory" premiered Thursday. The characters of the show have grown in some ways, but still some others just need a good kick in the pants.

iPhone 5 Problems: 3 Apple Maps Flaws That iOS 6 Users Hate

Many of the complaints about apple new maps are superfluous, but there are three main flaws users are right to loathe.

Obama vs Romney Polls: The Media is Oversampling Democrats, and it Skews the Data in Favor of Obama

A record number of mainstream media outlets are oversampling democrats in order to protect President Obama, and conservatives have started to call them out on it.

Innocence of Muslims Movie: Why it Very Much Should Be Protected As Free Speech

This is why shouting fire in a crowded theater and incitement have nothing to do with most free speech controversies.

New Batman Movie Dark Knight Returns is Even Better Than the Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros. animation's latest feature-length direct-to-video movie is an adaptation of Frank Miller's Batman magnum opus "The Dark Knight Returns," and it's better than "The Dark Knight Rises."

Obama vs Romney Debate Schedule: Dates, Location, Preview

If Romney gave this economic speech, people would actually rally behind him.

Key and Peele Season 2: Obama and Race are the Punchlines in New Season of the Political Comedy

The second season of "Key & Peele" is off to a hilarious start. The political satirist seek to imagine a world without race especially in the era of this post-racial president.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Nevada and North Carolina Offer Glimmers of Hope for Romney

Both states give clues as to what the race is going to ultimately boil down to: it's still the economy, stupid.

Ron Paul: Doctor, Representative, Statesman and Now Also a Prophet

Depending on the definition, Ron Paul could be considered a prophet. Many of his predictions have already come true, will the rest of them?

Gary Johnson Trumps Obama and Romney Polices on the Issue of Electronic Surveillance

There has been a 64% increase in electronic surveillance under the Obama administration. This is a chance for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson to make himself heard.

Syria Civil War: Why We Should Reconsider Kicking Bashar Assad Out, and Consider the Russian Stance on Syria

The infiltration of radical Islamist foreign fighters into Syria puts into question the entire reason for the Syrian civil war. It's time to reconsider Bashar Assad.

Ron Paul Survivalism: How to Make It Through the Coming Catastrophe

Elections and financial worries lead to upswing in rural real estate market driven by survivalist and Prepper movement.

Bob Woodward New Book: The Price of Politics Depicts Obama as a Big Jerk

Bob Woodward's new book richly narrates the inside political story of the struggle between the Obama administration and the GOP-controlled House over economic policy--which took us to the brink.

Dumbo Arts Festival 2012: Brooklyn, This is What You Should Be Doing This Weekend

Forget warehouse parties in Bushwick a la Girls: what you should be doing this weekend is checking out the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn.

Obama vs Romney Debates: How the Commission on Presidential Debates is Thwarting Democracy

Five days before the first presidential debate, pro-democracy groups demand the release of the contract governing this fall’s debates, but what knowledge is there to gain?

Morsi UN Speech: Egypt President Calls for Ban on Anti Islam Speech, Just Censorship in Disguise

Egypt and other Islamic nations' calls to ban anti-Islamic speech on the basis of intolerance will only serve to contribute to the very intolerance they seek to end.

Cloud Atlas Movie Review: Wachowski Brothers Are Back With a Vengeance

The visionaries behind "The Matrix" are back with a masterful adaptation of David Mitchell’s award-winning novel. Also, Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" and the hottest movie reviews.

The Dark Knight Rises Came from a Comic Book But Not All Comic Books are Superhero Stories

When we think of comic books we think of superheroes, but that shouldn't be the case. How about "Maus"? A comic recounting the journey of a Holocaust survivor. Comics offer more than we imagine.

Obama vs Romney Debate Schedule: On Wednesday Expect Debate on Economic Policies

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will face off next Wednesday. Voters can expect to hear what they've heard all along from Romney when it comes to taxes and the economy.

Wont Back Down Movie Trailer: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis Star in Anti Union Movie

Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal star in the new film "Won't Back Down." The film's anti-union message has sparked controversy across the country.

David Cameron Letterman Interview: Why the Interview is a Big Deal for Brits

David Cameron became the first serving prime minister to appear on U.S. late night TV, but politicians appearing on TV chat shows is still something Brits are skeptical about.

iPhone 5 Problems: Apple CEO Tim Cook Apologizes for iOS 6 Maps Mess

The move received mixed reviews from the business community. However, it remains to be seen how users would react to the mea culpa.

Obama vs Romney Debate: Schedule, Preview, and Impact

The debates we'll watch in the following month have evolved into something of a spectacle often focusing on entertaining rather than informing. Long gone is the Lincoln-Douglas style of debating.

Obama vs Romney Presidential Debate: Why the Trade Deficit Should Take Center Stage

With the groundwork laid we take a look at what President Obama and Gov. Romney intend to do about net exports, as GDP discussions enter the race to the White House.

War With Iran: We Always Talk On Disarming A Nuclear Iran, But We Should Also Talk On Disarming Israel

Mutually assured destruction in the event of a nuclear attack by either Iran or Israel ensures Iran won't strike first.

Bill Clinton CGI 2012 Demonstrates How Millennials Can Design for Impact

The annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which concluded on Wednesday, challenged world leaders to design for impact: how can millennials, as the leaders of tomorrow, do the same?

Virgina Abortion Clinics Shut Down, But Maryland Preserves Abortion Rights

After a decision two weeks ago to shut down Virginia's existing abortion clinics, how is the state faring when it comes to women's reproductive rights?

New York Philharmonic Opening Night Review: Millennials are Ready to Inherit Our Cultural Institutions

An exciting opening for the New York Philharmonic's 171st season Thursday night at Avery Fisher Hall. Audience members from all generations enjoyed an inspiring night of music.

Restaurant Waiters Lockout Suddenly Ends Because of Replacements’ Spectacular Incompetence

As the NFL referee lockout captivated and angered American sports fans this week, does this sound familiar?

War on Women North Carolina Edition: Michele Presnell is the New Rick Santorum

Could North Carolina's Michele Presnell be the new Rick Santorum? Both believe in moral absolutes when it comes to rape and abortion, an attitude reflected in the state.

Andy Williams Was a Classic Crooner and the Easy-Listening King

Andy Williams had a beautiful, soothing voice. The "Moon River" singer will be remembered for his classic songs, Christmas specials, and era-bridging style.

Congress Election 2012: Why the System is Rigged for Republican Incumbents

Thanks to gerrymandering, many incumbents won't be ousted from their seats anytime soon.

New Climate Change Study Proves Climate Change Will Cause 6 Million Annual Deaths by 2030

The exact numbers aren’t particularly important. What’s important is that we are facing a future with a new suite of issues that are already affecting global health and poverty.

Yet Another Missed Call on the Replacement Refs

The NFL officials side with Greeks, public-sector employees, French agricultural workers and former U.S. Senators in preferring to receive monthly checks till death do us part.

Israel Red Line: Netanyahu UN Speech Gets Tough on Iran Nuclear Program

The Israeli prime minister once again calls for drawing "red lines" on Iran's nuclear enrichment program.

Obama vs Romney: In Election 2012, We Must Ask Tough Questions about Human Rights

This election cycle, start asking Mitt Romney and Barack Obama the harder questions, and start questioning what the government can really do to provide for its citizens.

Last Resort Premiere: Scott Speedman Gets Dramatic in a Submarine

Let's dissect this trailer. ABC is taking drama below sea level. A U.S. submarine captain and his crew have gone rogue, and they have nuclear weapons ... this is how great television is born.

How a Culture of Rudeness Contributes to Government Dependency

Too many Americans cannot hold jobs because both employers and employees refuse to behave civilly towards each other. As a result, the welfare rolls are swelling.

A PolicyMic Community Challenge: Mic Up the Editorial Board Post and We Can Watch Chris Miles Dance “Ice Ice Baby” and Gangnam Style In Times Square!

We Can Watch Chris Miles Dance “Ice Ice Baby” and Gangnam Style In Times Square if you mic up the Editorial Board's post.

Free Museum Day: September 29 Free Entry to Museums Across the Country

Museum Day Live! takes place this Saturday September 29. What that means is free museum entry across the country. Here's how to join in on the event.