Gary Johnson 2012: The Libertarian Revolution Will Not Be Televised

"The revolution won't be televised" it's a phrase that accurately describes the libertarian movement, as it continues to penetrate the American psyche in the forms of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

Muslim Brotherhood and Obama: US Sends 450 Million Dollars in Aid to Egypt

The Obama administration announced it will be sending $450 million in aid to Egypt. This aid is a strategic and humanitarian obligation.

Ron Paul End the Fed: Fed Chairman Bernanke Thanks House Democrats for Opposing Audit Bill

Bernanke sent thank you notes to several House Democrats for their speeches on the floor urging Congress not to support transparency of the Federal Reserve.

Presidential Polls 2012: Gary Johnson Gains Ground in Ohio, Chipping Away at Romney

According to a Gravis Marketing Ohio poll, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is running with 10.6% in the battleground.

Presidential Debates Schedule and Preview: Debunking Mitt Romney Prepared Lies

The Romney campaign memo aiming to set low expectations makes easily debunking statements. The facts support Obama and are against Romney and Republicans.

Presidential Debate 2012 Date and Preview: 7 Reasons Why Romney May Win

Oct. 3 is the first debate. After a rough few weeks many are wondering if the debates will be Romney's chance to turn his campaign around. Here are 7 reasons why he may be able to do just that.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney Plummeting in Polls, and Ryan is Keeping His Distance

After Mitt Romney's 47% comments Paul Ryan has been seemingly absent. It seems like this distance is in order to give Ryan a fighting chance in his home state, and to pave the way for Ryan 2016.

Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Now More Unpopular Than George W Bush

This is indicative of not just lingering ill perception of the Bush administration, but also the belief that a Romney presidency would be a repeat of Bush's.

Presidential Polls 2012: Romney Leads Obama by 7 Percentage Points in Handling of the Economy

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Willard Mitt Romney.

Gary Johnson Florida Medical Marijuana Stance Will Boost Him in the Sunshine State

Those who fear a Johnson surge will take votes away from Romney are wrong. The libertarian candidate stance on medical marijuana will gain him Democratic votes in Florida.

Dexter Season 7 Review: Popcorn Tastes Better With Blood

How will Dexter deal with sharing his deepest, darkest secret with his own sister? There is only one way to find out.

From the Shadows Documentary Reflects Sad Reality of Government Sponsored Child Abduction in Japan

Most people are unaware that child abduction and parental alienation is a common and "state-sanctioned" practice in Japan.

Obama vs Romney Condoms: Because Either Way the Nation is Screwed

A chat with the founder of "Say It With a Condom" the company responsible for Obama and Romney Condoms. Because, according to them, "either way, we're getting screwed."

Clinton Global Initiative 2012: Government Spending is Ending Philanthropy as We Know It, and That is a Good Thing

Philanthropy's turf is shrinking. But Western donors can remain relevant by seeking out poverty and oppression in both developed and developing countries.

Latest Presidential Polls Prove Romney Campaign is Self Destructing

Only the GOP faithful will vote for Romney in November

Jay Z Concert Brooklyn Barclays Center: Jay Z and Rihanna Start a New Era in Brooklyn

Jay-Z performed the inaugural concert Friday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Rihanna, Big Daddy Kane, Scoob Lover, and Scrap Lover were there. But the star of the night was Brooklyn.

Person of Interest Season Premiere Review: Why I Want Jim Caviezel to Be my Life Coach

"Person of Interest" is like an "X-Files" for the surveillance-state generation, but better.

Presidential Polls 2012: Millennials Still Lean Democratic But Are Not as Enthusiastic This Time

The main issue for the public in general is the economy, and millennials have been affected pretty hard.

Obama vs Romney: Armenian American Community Pressures Candidates to Recognize 1915 Genocide by Ottoman Turkey

The U.S. actively supported Armenians during their sufferings back in 1915. 97 years later American-Armenians struggle for the (re)affirmation of the Armenian Genocide by the U.S. government.

Hillary Clinton Removes PMOI MEK From Terrorist List, and Iranian Opposition Leader Maryam Rajavi Rejoices

The president-elect of the National Council of Resistance for the period of transition of sovereignty to Iranian people, welcomed and appreciated the decision by Secretary Clinton.

Nikki Haley and Jim DeMint Wage a War on Women in South Carolina

Haley called rape crisis centers special interests and a distraction. Then, she vetoed them from the State budget.