Food Stamp Use is Highest in Red States: The Truth Republicans Do Not Want You to Know

Even though Republicans call Obama "a food stamp president," the use of food stamps is more prevalent in Republican-leaning counties.

Bill Gates Was Once a Failure: The Secret Behind His Business Success

What do Henry Ford and Bill Gates have in common? They both failed before they won.

Obama vs Romney Polls: 5 Reasons Why Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Are Exactly the Same

With the wrapping up of the RNC, and the upcoming DNC, it's easy to forget Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are a false choice and two sides of the same coin.

Romney Ryan Lies: Iraq War Should Remind Us Why We Must Reject Republicans in Election 2012

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's lies are not just deceptive, they could result in real harm to the American people (as was the case for our soldiers in the Iraq War).

How a Bush Navy Admiral Had Orders to Spark War With Iran, and the Whistleblower Who Stopped It

Most Americans think coup d’états are only Third World problems. They're wrong.

Facebook (FB) Stock Crisis: FB Shares Hit New Low Amid Threat From Best of All Worlds

As FB investors continue dumping their shares, a European competitor with a solid monetization model looms threatening for Mark Zuckerberg.

Snooki Baby Leads MTV to Cancel Jersey Shore: Faith in Humanity Restored

The new "Guido," born the same day American legend Neil Armstrong passed, may have prompted the cancellation of MTV's "Jersey Shore."

Ron Paul Reportedly Considering 2012 Presidential Run on a Third Party Ticket

There is still hope for those reluctant to vote for either Romney or Obama, as Paul might be considering either joining Gary Johnson or running as a Third Party candidate.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Henry Cavill is the Real Christian Grey

The English actor, who will debut in the Christopher Nolan-produced "Man of Steel" (summer 2013), was the prototype for "Fifty Shades of Grey's" Christian Grey.

DNC Schedule of Speakers: James Taylor, Mary J Blige to Deliver Music Performances

Obama is certainly winning the musical act portion of the convention war. To Romney's Kid Rock and Trace Adkins, Obama counters with Earth, Wind, and Fire and James Taylor.

Labor Day 2012: Time to Honor the Free Market, Not Public Unions

While labor unions generally receive the credit, increased pay and benefits for workers are the result of an interconnected web of capital, labor, production, and sound money in a free economy.

Tom Daley Gay and Girlfriend Rumors: Diver Honored by Commemorative UK Mail Boxes

The United Kingdom's Royal Mail is honoring Tom Daley with three mail boxes to be unveiled at the diver's hometown and training base.

NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Video Shows Stunning Red Planet Landing

The "red planet" action is much hotter than either convention. NASA's achievements on Mars with rover Curiosity come complete with high-def video.

Documents Reveal That FDR May Have Known About Pearl Harbor Attack Beforehand

Definitive proof that President Roosevelt was well aware of the looming attack on Pearl Harbor before it took place, from historical documents.

Nicole Velasco is Still a Millennial Leader, Despite Losing Her Hawaii Election

She ran a great community-focused campaign in Hawaii for State House, only to lose to her opponent who is accused of voter intimidation. Velasco is a role model for budding politicians.

New Jersey Pathmark Shooting: 4 Gun Control Myths

By basing our arguments on individual rights and responsibilities, we absolve manufacturers of theirs. Terrence Tyler would not have been stopped this way.

Can Impact Investing Lift the World Out of Poverty?

What are the ethics of using market-based solutions to address social issues? Can the market be used for the public good?

Dark Knight Rises, Spider Man, and The Avengers: 5 Best and Worst Movies of Summer 2012

From Dark Knight Rises to Magic Mike, here are the top five best and five worst movies of the summer.

Marco Rubio for President 2016 Rumors Are Unfounded: His Speech Was Uninspired

My first reaction to Senator Marco Rubio’s introduction of Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention in Tampa was a yawn.

5 Anime Cartoons That Will Make Even the Skeptics Love Anime

For all those that dare not go near the oft-underrated Japanese animation known as anime, here are five examples that will make you a believer.

Mia Love to Condoleezza Rice: What it Means to Be a Black Republican

A recent poll showed that Mitt Romney has 0% African American support, but the presence of black politicians at the RNC shows this is not the case.

Al Jazeera, Once Associated With Bin Laden, is Now One of the Most Respected News Outlets

The most recent episode of The Cafe is a testament to the high quality programming and political pluralism that has allowed Al Jazeera overcome venomous attacks from critics in the last decade.

Paul Ryan Lies: VP Candidate Blames Obama for the Debt to Cover Up His Own Blame

Paul Ryan was in Congress and voted for the Republican policies that are responsible for the debt levels we face today. It's not Obama's fault.

Romney Speech at RNC Was Vague Because Polls Show Most Americans Hate His Positions

The Republican nominee has come under fire for not being specific enough about his vision, but he has no choice because most Americans disagree with him on several major issues.

Labor Day 2012: How the American Dream Was Lost, And How We Can Reclaim It

In 1979 "Made in America" had a 22 million person workforce. How many of our unemployed and underemployed would be celebrating this Labor Day if the Dream had not been broken by outsourcing jobs?

Make My Chair Day: How to Eastwood in 5 Easy Steps

A Hollywood actor crashed Mitt Romney's party this past week and, in the process, inspired a new trend on the internet: Eastwooding.

Obama vs Romney: It is Time to Stop Making Generalizations About Female Voters

Women have more opinions and ideas to offer in this presidential election than those below the waist. I am fed up.

Empty Chair Day: 7 Best Internet Responses to the Clint Eastwood RNC Speech

#EmptyChairDay and #eastwooding are trending on Twitter: here are the 7 best empty chair pictures on the internet. Bonus: AMC is holding a Clint Eastwood marathon on Monday.

Labor Day Weekend 2012: Ohio Mine Workers Were Forced to Attend August Romney Rally

Century Mine, owned by Murray Energy, mandated its workers to attend an August 14th Romney rally whose message was "Coal Country Stands With Mitt."

Obama vs Romney Polls: Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney Run from Their Own Budgets

I can’t keep pace with what the Republicans are offering from one minute to the next. What they want today will be tomorrow’s scourge, depending on where the stars line up I suppose.

The Tragic Story of a Palestinian Elementary School Which Israel is Intent on Demolishing

Last week, during the first day of school in Palestine, nearly 100 children did not know if they would be able to go to school. Their school was threatened by the Israeli Army.