Obama vs Romney Immigration Reform: Why Immigrants Make America Stronger, Not Weaker

President Obama admitted to Univision that immigration reform has been "his biggest failure." Here's why he should fix it if he wins a second term.

Cricket Free Live Streaming: Why T20 Cricket is Nothing Like the World Series

The two sports should never be mentioned in the same vein and certainly not in the same sports bar discussion.

Latest Presidential Polls Show Obama Winning Reelection With at Least 300 Electoral College Votes

With 36 days until the election, polls show the president winning in crucial states like Ohio and Iowa. They have the president winning re-election with at least 300 electoral votes.

Flag Burning is a Freedom That We Must Respect

While anti-American sentiments abroad are troubling, the right to burn the flag, and to freedom of speech are principles that we must protect at home.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Advantage in Polls Gives Birth to New Conservative Conspiracy Theory

"Birthers" have become "pollers" as conservatives remain on denial about the prospects of a black guy with a funny name being not only elected but also reelected President of the USA.

Dexter Season 7 Premiere and Preview: Why Deb, and America, Fell in Love With a Serial Killer

Showtime's hit series "Dexter" returns for its 7th season on Sunday night. The romance between Deb and Dexter gets more complicated, and a new character spice things up.

The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere: Kristin Chenoweth and Nathan Lane Join the Steamy Scandal

"The Good Wife," starring Julianna Marguilies, returns to CBS tonight. What to expect in this award-winning show's fourth season, which welcomes a slew of talented actors and plot-turning events

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Presidential Debates: There is Life Beyond Romneybama

Supporters of both Romney and Obama are so obsessed with their candidates that they think the world will end if other Americans consider a different option.

Gary Johnson Activists Lead the Charge Against the CPD, and That is Awesome

You still have the power to change politics today, if only you will utilize it.

Revenge Season 2 Premiere: Jack and Emily, and What Happened to Victoria

"Revenge" season 2 is back, and Emily Thorne is not backing down. Sunday marks the return to Southampton and all the gossip and drama that comes with it. Is Victoria alive? Tune in and find out.

The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Review: Why Christopher Nolan Will Not Make This Movie

"The Dark Knight Returns Part I" offers a pathetically simplistic vision and is a blemish upon the great portfolio of Frank Miller.

World MakerFaire 2012: 3D Printing and Open Hardware - Is this really the Future?

3D printing is here, and it's going mainstream. But how viable a "revolution" is it? See the future in action at the World MakerFaire in NYC this weekend (Sept. 29-30, 2012).

Looper Movie is First to Release Animated GIF Poster, Revolutionizing Online Movie Marketing Industry

GIFS are becoming popular as more companies realize that it is important to expand into the digital market.

Chris Christie Meet the Press Interview: Christie Sounds Awfully Presidential on Meet the Press

Christie was deployed to "Meet the Press" to fire up Romney's lagging campaign. But he was more effective at selling himself, than he was at closing the sale for Romney.

Obama vs Romney Debates: Neither Candidate Will Fumble on 2012 Presidential Debates

Obama and Romney are two very cautious men. The fireworks everyone is hoping for are not going to happen. This is not the Republican primary.

Looper Movie Review and Trailer: Joseph Gordon Levitt Has a Hot Date With Death (VIDEO)

So the year is 2044 and the U.S. is a third-world country ...

Paul Ryan Fox News Sunday Interview: 47 Percent Remark Was a Misstep

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took to the Sunday shows to assure voters that Mitt Romney will turn things around with the first debate.

Presidential Debates 2012: Why Neither Romney Nor Obama Will Talk About Global Warming

On October 3, President Obama and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will debate. But they won't be talking about Anthropocene, even if it's a matter of life and death.

Presidential Polls 2012: Abortion Looms as Key Issue in DC and Around the Country

Democrats slight edge over Republicans could be a major tipping point for social issues, including abortion, and could bode well for D.C.’s (and everyone else’s) pro-choice electorate.