Obama vs. Romney: Why the Electoral College System Still Works Just Fine

We may have another situation similar to 2000 with split Electoral College and popular votes. However, it's no problem because federalism and practicality show that the system still works.

4 Ways Your Retail Job Can be the Start of a Successful Career

Just because you graduate with a retail job doesn't mean you can't make the most of it.

Ron Paul Was Right All Along: Here is Why the Federal Reserve Does Not Operate For the Good of America

With trillions of dollars given in "secret bailouts," the Federal Reserve has deceived the world in its reports of its operations.

Ron Paul and Our Soldiers: What He Understands About Them That Democrats and Republicans Do Not

Our military servicemembers are being exploited for political gain, and it needs to end. Not next week, not tomorrow, but right now.

DNC 2012 Analysis: August Jobs Report Will Make or Break President Obama

August jobs numbers will come out exactly the day after Obama accepts the nomination for reelection of President of the United States.

Dedication 4 Nicki Minaj Pro Romney Lyrics: Rapper Rhymes for Mitt Romney

The media jumped on Nicki Minaj's pro-Romney lyrics, but the truth is we can't take her rhymes at face value.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8: Bryan Cranston is the Best Thing on Television

Breaking Bad's mid-season finale guaranteed an epic conclusion next summer. Bryan Cranston is bringing us some of the best television of all time.

Mitt Romney Wins My Vote: Why Obama and His Cool Factor Just Do Not Cut It

One argument against voting for Mitt Romney is that he isn’t cool. Coolness should not be an important criteria when selecting a president.

Paul Ryan Lies, and Why Republican Voters Could Not Care Less

If last week's RNC proved anything, it’s that you don’t actually need to prove anything. That’s because political reality no longer needs to reflect… well, reality.

MTV VMAs 2012: Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Drake Battle for Top Award

Looks like the Chris Brown, Drake, Rihanna drama is far from over. The next battleground will be the September 6, MTV Video Music Awards.

DNC Schedule 2012: The 4 Groups of Voters President Obama Must Win Over This Week

The DNC will certainly point out how 'out of touch' Romney is, but they should do it through appealing to voting groups with specifics instead of through personal attack.

DNC Speakers and Schedule 2012: Elizabeth Warren is a Double Edged Sword

The intellectual author of “you didn’t build that” will try to make the case for progressive policies after a brutal deluge of free market rhetoric coming from the RNC 2012.

Twitter Occupy Court Ruling is an Assault on Freedom of Speech

After the Malcolm Harris case, Twitter is appealing a ruling to hand over three months worth of tweets. The question that comes out of this case is, who really owns your tweets?

Hurricane Isaac Path: What it Was Like Evacuating From Hurricane Isaac 7 Years After Katrina

Evacuating from a hurricane is a miserable experience, but coming home after a natural disaster can be even more horrifying.

Euro Debt Crisis: The Surprising Possible Answer to European Economic Woes

"Creative Europe"will allocate more than €1.5bn for European arts for 2014-2020. However, can it be the solution to the problematic framework due to austerity? Is money the problem?

Betty White Supports Barack Obama: 10,000 People Sign Petition to Bring Golden Girls Star to 2012 DNC

A petition has gone viral to get Betty White to counteract Clint's Eastwooding and speak at the DNC. An interview with petition writer Peter Slutsky goes behind the scenes in the quest for White.

Obama Welfare Approach Makes Recipients Slaves to the State

The U.S. desperately needs sensible reforms when it comes to its unemployment insurance system.

Obama vs Romney Poll: 54 Percent of Voters Do Not Want Obama to Win, And Here is How He Wants to Win Them Back

How can Obama follow-up his "hope and change" message? Here's what he'll say at the DNC.