50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Matt Bomer Quotes Christian Grey

"White Collar's" Matt Bomer is one of the big favorites to play Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey." Here's him reciting Grey's lines.

Magic Mushrooms: How They Played a Crucial Role in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

The incorporation of psychedelics into the primitive diet may have prompted self-realization and language to come into existence.

50 Shades of Grey Movie Cast: Henry Cavill is the Prototype for Christian Grey

"Man of Steel" Henry Cavill is the prototype for Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey."

9 Graphs That Prove the Economy Has Gotten Worse Under Barack Obama

Unemployment, labor force participation, food stamp usage, disability claims, GDP growth, federal debt, and the numbers of people paying income taxes and collecting welfare are not good.

Boycott Axe Deodorant: The Latest Ad Campaign Proves That Sexism Sells

Axe, has a history of advertising their product line with commercials that depict women in a questionable manner. Their most recent campaign features a headless set of breasts.

9/11 Truthers Are Idiots

For years the 9/11 Truth Movement has been trying to convince people that the government was behind the September 11 attacks. It's time for them to give it up.

President Obama Speech Last Night: Youtube Video and Analysis

It's now up to former President Bill Clinton and Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to pick up where Michelle Obama left off and motivate Democrats on Night 2 of the Democratic Convention.

Barack Obama Speech Yesterday: Youtube Video, Live Coverage

Former President Bill Clinton's speech on Wednesday evening has the potential to have a huge impact on the tone of the Democratic Convention, so expect fireworks on Night 2 in Charlotte.

Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown: Massachusetts Primary Results

Live results of tonight's Massachusetts primaries for U.S. House and Senate.

Ron Paul Could Have Saved America: Barack Obama Speech Shows Why Ron Paul Should Be President

Follow along live as this Ron Paul supporter explains why Democrats and Republicans are no different and will doom America just the same.

Ron Paul Supporters: Rand Paul May Have Already Started His 2016 Presidential Run

With America destined for four more years of the Obama administration, Senator Rand Paul may be setting himself up for a presidential run in 2016.

President Speech Last Night: Youtube Video, Coverage of President Obama Speech at DNC 2012

Your source for up-to-the-minute updates, details, and info about President Obama and Vice President Biden's nomination acceptance speeches at the DNC on Thursday night.

Obama Speech Yesterday: Youtube Video and Analysis from DNC 2012

It's Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren's turn to take up the mantle for the Democratic Party on Wednesday evening on Night 2 of the Democratic National Convention.

Rihanna and Taylor Swift Rule the VMAs: MTV Video Music Awards Winners

Where to watch VMA live stream? Our VMA live blog has all the details on the big night. Will One Direction win? Will Psy and Justin Bieber perform? Will Kevin Hart rock it? Tune in, and find out

Obama Speech Highlights: Youtube Video, DNC 2012 Live Blog

The best DNC live blog going on the internet!

Barack Obama Speech Yesterday: Youtube Video, Joe Biden Speech, and Analysis

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden take the reigns as the major headline speakers to address the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

Obama vs Romney Poll: Romney Did Not Get RNC Boost, And Obama May Not Get A DNC Jump

New polls show that the RNC didn't do that much to boost Romney in the polls.

The Major Scientific Discovery You Probably Did Not Hear About: The Life Saving Oxygen Particle

It’s the year 2012 and by now many would have expected there to be hovercrafts and teleportation.

Frank Ocean Performance Was Not as Good as Alicia Keys and One Direction: MTV Video Music Awards 2012 Recap and Review

Frank Ocean sang, Kevin Hart forced jokes and One Direction took home three moon men. But for a show known for Kanye-storming the stage, and Brittany-Madonna lip locks, last night was shock free.

Taylor Swift New Song Ronan Debuts at Stand Up to Cancer Telethon 2012

Stars come out in droves for the "The Stand Up to Cancer" telethon airing tonight across the network and cable channels. Stars include MAtt Damon, Sofia Vergara, Justin Timberlake and more.

Obama vs Romney Polls: President Receives Modest Post Convention Bump

President Obama received a modest poll bounce after the Democratic National Convention, according to a new Gallup poll.

Obama vs Romney Foreign Policy: On Terrorism and National Security, It is No Contest

There's a reason Mitt Romney didn't talk much about foreign affairs in his address to the Republican National Convention.

Obama Speech Last Night: President Obama Delivers a Punch at DNC 2012

Follow along for the latest updates at day three of the DNC 2012.

Romney vs Obama: Why George W Bush Will Lose the GOP the Election

Mitt Romney doesn't want to talk about George W. Bush, even though Romney is more "W" than he wants to believe.

An Open Letter to President Obama from a Grateful Small Business Owner

President Obama, you had my back. You had my business's back. For 2012 and forever, I will have yours.

Dear Barack Obama: Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

This election may indeed decide if America is going deeper into or finally coming out of a recession.

One Direction, Taylor Swift Top List of of MTV VMAs Winners

It's been 28 years since the first VMA's took place. A lot has changed ... sort of. Here are the top 5 performers I'm looking forward to at this year's awards.

Ann Coulter Sandra Fluke Comments: On Standing Up and Stopping Sexism

Ann Coulter's tasteless, sexist commentary on Sandra Fluke's DNC speech damages all women in politics.

Barack Obama DNC Speech Video: Youtube, Analysis, and Speech Highlights

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will lay out the Democratic Party's vision tonight, on Day 3 of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Follow along live.

Frank Ocean Thinking About You VMA Performance Was Amazing: MTV Video Music Awards Review

Frank Ocean and Alicia Keys were the MTV VMA stand-outs, but they were snubbed. The VMA's did exactly what MTV does best; safe, easy, pop with a One Direction boy band frenzy for good measure.

Barack Obama DNC Speech: 3 Perfect Words That Describe It

Here's how I would describe Obama's DNC speech.

Obama Lies: Obama Auto Bailout Did Not Rescue Detroit

Obama supporters are playing loose with the facts when they say that, if Obama hadn’t rescued GM and Chrysler, far more factories would have closed permanently. That is simply untrue.

Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite Show Amazon is at War with Apple iPad Mini

Amazon's new Kindle Fire, a Justice Department settlement, and an aggressive pricing strategy suggest the company is not content to simply make a great tablet. It wants to dominate Apple.

Justin Bieber Loses to One Direction, Lady Gaga Perfume Ad and the Top 10 Moments at the MTV Video Music Awards

Want to look knowledgeable and hip on the VMA 4-1-1? Here's all you need to know about what went down.

DNC 2012 vs RNC 2012: The People Who Overshadowed Both Obama and Romney

Who gave the best speech at the DNC and RNC? It wasn't Mitt Romney. It wasn't Michelle Obama. It wasn't Clint Eastwood.

Romney vs Obama Polls: David Plouffe Claims Post Convention Momentum for Obama

Plouffe acknowledged, though, that the DNC would probably not cause any significant change in the polls, which remained in a statistical dead heat for Obama and Romney as Election Day approaches.

How the DNC Attempted to Make Women into America's Largest Interest Group

Progressives believe that rights need to be "achieved," and so they put everyone into interest groups. Now they're doing it to women, and it means bad news for limited government.

Kevin Hart, Rebel Wilson and The Wanted, Drake and the 3 Most Ridiculous Moments at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards

The 2012 MTV VMA's gave us a soulful Frank Ocean, an indecipherable Nicki Minaj, an MIA Kristen Stewart and three moments that should go in the MTV weird-history books.

President Obama Speech Last Night Shows Love for Women and LGBTQ Voters

In Thursday's speech accepting the DNC nomination, Obama came out in strong support of women’s reproductive rights, same-sex couples’ freedom to marry, and women’s right to equal pay.

Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown: Brown Donors Conspired to Profit from Mortgage Meltdown

Two of Scott Brown's biggest donors were involved in a large-scale con that paid off when the housing market went bust.

AZ Sexual Abuse Case Shows We Still Don't Know How to Stop Rape

An Arizonan judge's controversial statements in a sexual abuse case ask us to ask ourselves: what can we really do to stop rape?

President Obama Speech at DNC 2012 Proves He is Still a Force to Be Reckoned With

Love him or hate him, agree or disagree with him, one thing's for sure: Barack Obama is still a force to be reckoned with.

DNC 2012 vs RNC 2012: 9 Convention Highlights, Similarities and Key Differences

Now that the DNC and RNC conventions are over, let’s recap some of the memorable moments from both.

Justin Bieber, Jay Z, and the Nets: Why the Barclays Center is a Good Idea for Brooklyn

On September 28 Jay-Z will open the Barclays Center, the controversial 19,000 seat home to the Nets, ushering in a period when we can finally decide: will the arena be good for Brooklyn?

President Obama Speech Yesterday: Many Holes in the Obama Foreign Policy Narrative

Barack Obama's foreign policy has not been as flawless as he says, but this also may not matter much to the average American voter.

Ai Weiwei Documentary Reveals Role of Art and Agitation in Improving Human Rights in China

Go see Alison Kayman's documentary "Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry." It's clear Ai is helping build a new world for human rights in China that can't be ignored for long.

Obama vs Romney: Why Neither Candidate Can Reduce Health Care Costs

Government doesn't hold the key to reducing health care costs. The industry does. The question is, do they want to?

BLS Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate Falls, But Obama Should Still Be Worried

The August jobs report was released and the dismal number is likely to negate any forward momentum that Obama received from the convention.

3 Simple Reasons Why Globalized Agriculture Production is Not the Solution to Global Hunger

It is troubling that the integration of African farmers into global markets, which has historically come at the expense of food security, is now being promoted as "development."

Mary J Blige, James Taylor Performance at DNC (+Video)

On Thursday, James Taylor, Mary J. Blige, and Marc Anthony will take the stage on President Obama's speech day.

President Obama Speech Last Night: Obama Lies About the Auto Bailout

The Obama administration didn't save the auto industry, it damaged it along with several important institutions vital to capitalism's proper functioning.

Obama vs Clinton: Bill Clinton Outshined President Obama at DNC 2012

Twitter thinks Bill Clinton made the case for four more years of Obama better than Obama. They're right.

Why Political Segregation is as Bad, or Worse, Than Racial Segregation in America

The divide in this country has become deeper than what I can remember in my 20 years of political awareness. We have willingly become self-segregated and this needs to stop.

4 Republican Myths about Defense

While Americans expect convention rhetoric to be long on exaggeration and short on truth, they also expect serious and thoughtful answers post-convention to those issues important to them.

August Jobs Data: How Obama and Romney Will Spin the Numbers Ahead of Election 2012

The economy added a net seasonally adjusted 90,000 new jobs in August. So what does this all mean?

Obama vs Romney on Jobs: GOP Nominee and Media Respond Sharply to Weak Job Growth

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney responded to the Friday jobs report, calling it a "hangover" for America, especially after the DNC love fest.

Kamala Harris DNC: Top 5 Reasons the California Attorney General is a Star

I'll give you a hint - it's not just because she's from California.

Entrepreneurship Tips: 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Win in Your Startup

No matter how glamorous entrepreneurship is made to look, the reality is so very different.

Where Solyndra Went Wrong, and How it Harmed All Energy Development

On the one-year anniversary of the company's collapse, a look at how the company has harmed American energy security.

New York Fashion Week 2012 Full Schedule of Shows

New York Fashion Week is underway. Check out the full schedule of shows to see what is happening when and where.