Republican Use Dirty Tricks, Crack Down on Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in State Courts

The Republican Party must be worried. Why else would they be resorting to use the courts to restrict voter choice?

Romney vs Obama on Education Policy: Obama is Not Perfect, But He is Better

Both plans have plus and minuses, but Obama's is better if we are thinking about education reform from a macro level.

Ron Paul End the Fed: 4 Reasons Why QE3 From Bernanke Would Wreck the Economy

Ben Bernanke and the Fed are the ones shrinking the middle class, and helping the big banks, by printing money like there's no tomorrow.

Gangnam Style YouTube Video by Psy is the Call Me Maybe of KPop (VIDEO)

"The Atlantic," "Gawker," "CNN," my ex boyfriend, T. Pain, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and your mom have one thing in common: they are all talking about Psy.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Obama Widens Lead Over Romney

"The bump is actually happening. I know there was some debate whether it would happen... but it's here," said Reuters/Ipsos pollster Julia Clark.

Ron Paul May Endorse Gary Johnson for President

Will he or will he not? While Ron Paul's campaign manager says Ron Paul won't endorse Gary Johnson, the congressman says the Libertarian Party nominee is "wonderful."

Mia Love Captivates Haitians Across America, Even Though She is a Republican

While Haitians are fascinated by Mia Love's political rise, the politics of the Republican congressional candidate from Utah are starkly different from the vast majority of the community.

Bill Clinton Convention Speech: The Reason No Past Republican President Spoke at RNC

Republicans controlled the presidency for 20 of the last 32 years. Here's why they would like you to forget that.

China A to Z: Travel Guide to Understand China and All of Its Greatness

From tortoise shells used for Chinese medicine to chicken feet eaten as a local delicacy, China is a world of many different shapes, smells, tastes, and customs. Here's your A-Z guide.

An Unforgettable Day: Being in the Presence of the President and Shaking Hands with the First Lady

I also shook hands with Vice President Joe Biden. The experience was truly amazing and will remember it for as long as I live.

iPhone 5 Release Date: After Crushing Samsung, Apple Takes on Spotify and Pandora

The Cupertino, California, company, which will announce the release of its iPhone 5 on September 12, will take on the budding online and mobile music streaming market.

Michael Jackson, Muse, and the Top 20 Best Album Releases in Fall 2012

From Mika to Animal Collective, here are the top 20 fall music releases.

Zombie Apocalypse: DHS Issues Zombie Alert

Among the government’s recommendations are to have an emergency evacuation plan, a fresh change of clothes, medications, and emergency flashlights.

Food Stamps: Both Obama and Republicans Are to Blame for Record Crisis

Though it is fair to hold up the increase in food stamps usage as being emblematic of the Obama administration’s failed economic policies, Republicans also expanded the program before Obama.

Obama vs Romney on China: Who Can Better Tame the Chinese Dragon?

Find out which presidential candidate has the better policy on dealing with China.

Obama Convention Speech: 3 Education Reforms for Election 2012

President Obama outlined many of his policy goals in his DNC acceptance speech, including his goals for revamping education.

Usain Bolt Running Record Could Soon Be Shattered By a Robotic Cheetah

DARPA and Boston Dynamics have created a cheetah that could run 28.3mph. Here are 8 revolutionary uses for this technology.

Jay Z Helps to Get Youth to Vote in Election 2012, Kendrick Lamar Should Do the Same

Dear Kendrick Lamar: You recently told us why you're not voting in November. I urge you to reconsider.

Texas Rape Case: Missing Defendant Found Guilty, Sentenced to 99 Years in Prison

An accused rapist in Texas manages to sneak out of the courtroom on a bathroom break, because we do not treat rapists as serious criminals.

Hillary Clinton Declares Haqqani Network a Terrorist Group, and Pakistan Media Begins a Smear Campaign

Secretary of State Clinton declared the group that operates in the tribal region of Afghanistan a terrorist network, but some Pakistan media outlets evidently disagree.

Romney vs Obama Polls: Romney Launches New Ad in Spanish Hoping to Close Massive Gap Among Latinos

The new online ad titled "Ya no Mas" (not anymore) seeks to capitalize on Marco Rubio's sound byte that Obama "is not a bad person, but a bad president."

Brooklyn Tornado Photos and Video: Twister Touches Down on Brooklyn and Queens

The unusual storm ripped through quiet neighborhoods leaving broken windows and trees, and freaking neighbors out, on its wake.

Obama vs Romney Polls: Obama Leads, Romney Creeps Up, in Key Battleground States

Romney keeps breathing down Obama's neck on the heels of lackluster conventions and yet another dismal jobs report.

NFL Week 1: My Struggle as a Female NFL Football Fanatic

If I tell a male that I’m a football fan, I usually get this response, followed by an eyebrow raise: “Oh really? Who is your team?”

Paul Ryan Budget Scares Even Mitt Romney and the Republican Party

Republicans in tight races or Democratic districts have begun running away from the Paul Ryan budget, further evidence that Romney Ryan economic ideas are poor.

PolicyMic Community: Here is My Debate Style, Join Me in the Comments

Twice, I've responded to comments on PolicyMic to people who then abruptly quit the site. That was not my goal.

Bernanke Likely to Implement QE3 With Unemployment Over 8 Percent, Says Goldman Sachs

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 8.1 from 8.3% in August, but the number of jobs added was a disappointment.

Ann Romney Dodges Gay Marriage and Abortion Questions During Iowa TV Interview

The wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told KWQC, in Davenport, that same sex marriage and birth control are not what this election is about.

India Blackouts: India and China Increasing Coal Demand Could Lead to a Global Energy Crisis

In India, state-run suppliers have consistently come up short in honoring contracted requirements for coal.