Jyoti Singh Pandey: Gang Rape Victim Dying Declaration to Doom Perpetrators

Jyoti Singh Pandey, the 23-year-old fatal Delhi gang rape victim reportedly named her killers and revealed the terrible details of their savage attack in a "dying declaration."

Mass Shootings Are Responsible For Less Than 100 Out of 12,000 Annual Homicides in the US

Despite what the anti-gun rights media wants you to believe, more people die annually in America from traffic accidents, choking (and even from hitting deer) than from mass shootings.

A Simple Reason We Should Embrace Armed Guards in Schools

We provide armed security in banks and airports, to NCAA and NFL coaches and staff, in many retail stores, malls, and shops. Why, then, are we opposed to armed protection in schools?

Is God Dead? 5 Reasons Why Religion is in Decline in America

America is a post-religious nation, millennials are a post-Christian generation, and God is dead in 2013. Here are 5 reasons why.

A Modest Proposal to Curb Gun Violence Without Violating Gun Rights

All rights carry with them responsibilities. If you are unwilling to face the responsibility of a specific right, you are likely to lose it.

Aaron Swartz Suicide: 26-Year-Old Internet Activist Found Dead in New York City

Aaron Swartz, famed internet activist and co-author of the RSS 1.0 specifications, committed suicide.

Adam Lanza Shooting Could Not Have Been Prevented By National Gun Registry

The concept of a national registry may sound good but after thinking about it for ten minutes, one quickly realizes it is an absolute farce that does nothing to keep us safe.

Adam Lanza's Brain Shows Nothing Unusual, Says Autopsy

The brain of the 20-year-old Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooter shows "nothing unusual" says Connecticut's Dr. Carver. However, results of a full toxicological exam could take several more weeks.

Bowe Cleveland: Taft School Shooting Victim in Induced Coma

Science teacher Ryan Heber courageously talked an unidentified 16-year-old Taft High School student into surrendering his gun after this shot alleged bully Bowe Cleveland.

YouTube Piers Morgan Interview: How We Are We Being Brainwashed to Fear Guns

Gun control advocates are using fear to further their agenda.

Gangster Squad Movie Review: Ryan Gosling Film Edited After Aurora Shooting

"Gangster Squad" and "Jack Reacher" are two recently released films that were either postponed or edited in the aftermath of tragic shootings. Does this help curb gun violence?

Obama Gun Control Executive Order: Is Defense Pick Chuck Hagel a Factor?

President Obama and his defense pick Chuck Hagel share distaste for war and violence. Will he be instrumental in the president's decision to tackle gun rights in America?

LIVE updates Jyoti Singh Pandey: Commentary and These Are the 6 Men Accused of Gang-Raping and Killing Jyoti

Live updates of the discussion the world's largest democracy is having about women's rights, Jyoti Singh Pandey trial, and Delhi's anti-rape protests

Golden Globes 2013: Why Django Unchained Should Win More Awards

Have you ever wonder where the Golden Globes name comes from? These and other quirky award season live updates here.

Gun Violence: 68 Percent of Liberals Blame the NRA, While 75 Percent of Conservatives Blame Hollywood

According to a new poll, 75% percent of Americans believe the government shouldn't pressure Hollywood to make less violent movies. Interestingly, 46% think movies should be less violent.

Hobby Lobby to Exploit "Grandfather" Loophole to Deny Employees Birth Control

Representatives from Hobby Lobby have announced they will alter their health care plan's start date to avoid having to provide their employees no-cost insurance coverage of birth control.

What Time Are the Golden Globes?

The 2013 Golden Globe Awards are Sunday January 13, at 8 p.m. on NBC. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will host. Get all the LIVE updates here.

Golden Globe Awards 2013

The Golden Globes are here ... well almost. Join me this Sunday for definitely live and hopefully lively coverage of the 2013 awards.

Turkish Kurdish Peace Talks Should Not Be Derailed By Murder of Activists in Paris

The murder of Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez, three Kurdish activists in Paris, could derail new peace talks between the Turkish government and the PKK. But it shouldn't.

Inauguration 2013: Lincoln and Jackson, Two Historical and Timeless Speeches

This article is an installment in an eleven-part series on the inaugurations of incumbent presidents who were elected to additional terms in office.

Why Jack Lew Would Be Even Worse Than Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary

Politicians gain favor and re-election by buying favors with money they don't have. In this sense, Lew will be even better than Geithner.

2016 Presidential Candidates: America is Ready For Her First Female President in 2016

Women's political ascension is further accelerated by both their academic achievement and their strong presence in the workforce.

4 International Predictions Of Regime Change in 2013

2013 will likely bring doomsday for a handful of your favorite dysfunctional, oppressive, or downright reprehensible regimes around the world.

4 Republicans Who Should Be in Obama's Cabinet This Second Term

President Obama should follow Lincoln's "Team of Rivals" technique and appoint more of his opponents to cabinet posts during his second term.

Jennifer Lawrence is Officially Adorable

This uncensored young actress will make you smile.

The Golden Globes 2013: Why We Love The Acceptance Speech

Have you ever wonder where the Golden Globes name comes from? These and other quirky award season live updates here.

Golden Globes 2013: Foreign Language Film Symposium

Follow along live for the latest Golden Globes award winners and commentary!

List of 2013 Golden Globes Nominees

Full list of the 2013 Golden Globes nominees. 'Lincoln,' 'Argo,' and 'Zero Dark Thirty' lead the pack.

Golden Globes 2013: Foreign Language Film Symposium

Follow along live for the latest Golden Globes award winners and commentary!

Golden Globes 2013 Winners Predictions for Motion Pictures

Breaking things down by who/what I think will win and who/what I want to win the major awards for the motion picture stuff.