Reporter Ben Swann Smeared For Questioning Media's Sandy Hook Narrative

Despite raising legitimate questions, Ben Swann is taking heat for his web series, which challenges the conventional wisdom about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

American Idol 2013: New Judges Are Lame, Says 'People' Magazine

'People' magazine says Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's 'American Idol 2013' debut was kind of lame. Is it the new judges' fault, or has the reality television format run out of steam?

5 Ways Marijuana Would Boost Our Economy

A level-headed look into some of the effects that legalizing marijuana would have on the economy, from social costs to tax revenue.

Sickening New Video Game Lets Users Be Adam Lanza and Shoot Up Sandy Hook Elementary School

An upcoming and horrifying video game by an anonymous maker will allow gamers to play Adam Lanza, and unlock a "bonus level" where users can kill NRA leaders for being too weak on gun rights.

Porn Star 'Tiffany Six' Appeal Denied: Where Stacie Halas Can Go From Here

Fired teacher Stacie Halas, aka "Tiffany Six," had her appeal to continue teaching denied on Tuesday. Here's how she can turn things around.

Manti Te'o Gay? Some Say It's The Only Thing That Makes Sense

After Deadspin's report, there is growing sentiment that Manti Te'o is gay. Which means there is a lot more to look at in the Manti Te'o story.

The Elitist WSJ Posts a Ridiculous Infographic Bemoaning a Slight Tax Increase For the Wealthiest 6% Of Americans

Want to know how much the average family's taxes will go up next year due to Obama and Congress? Well, the 'Wall Street Journal' won't tell you, unless you're really rich.

American Idol New Judges 2013: What to Expect From the Season 12 Judges

For its twelfth season, 'American Idol' is ushering in a new panel of judges. Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, and ol' faithful Randy Jackson will lead this new season to glory.

Obama Gun Control Plan Will Endanger More Lives Than it Saves

President Obama has said if there is a gun control measure we can take that will save even one life, we have an obligation to do it. The problem with this? Gun bans endanger lives.

Gun Control Debate: Video Games Are Being Scapegoated For the Sandy Hook Shooting

Video games have been unfairly scapegoated in the wake of the Sandy Hook Shooting, in spite of scientific studies that show otherwise.

Obama Gun Control Plan: High Capacity Magazine is Public Enemy Number One

Introducing to public enemy number one: the high capacity magazine.

Daily Mail Claims Women Secretly Love Street Harassment, to Surprise Of Women Everywhere

The UK news site claims that secretly, women love it when men whistle at them, and it must be true, because research says so.

Obama Gun Control: President's Next Nonsensical Step Should Be to Ban SUVs

With President Obama pushing for a new Assault Weapons Ban, Americans should prepare for bans on other military-style items.

Life Of Pi Oscar Nomination: This is An Oscar Nominee You Must See

A compelling story, breathtaking visuals, an engaging protagonist, and a talented director are just some of the reasons why Life of Pi is a worthy Oscar nominee.

World of Warcraft Theme Park: Copyright Infringement Means Nothing Internationally

As the latest theme park shows us, there is no such thing as a copyright in the international market.

Hugo Chavez Successor Could Be First Jewish Head Of State in the Hemisphere

Should Chavez succumb to cancer, Henrique Capriles will likely face off against his successor. Although little mentioned, Capriles would likely be the first Jewish president of Venezuela.

10 Things Millennials Must Fight For to Make America a Better Place

There are 10 clear policy areas the leaders of tomorrow should focus on. Solving these problems will undoubtedly made the U.S. stronger.

Paul Ryan's Personhood Amendment Threatens the Constitutional Rights of Women Across America

The Ryan-backed personhood amendment introduced into the House would not only criminalize abortion, but also encourage forced state intervention into the lives of pregnant women everywhere.

Lance Armstrong Blood Doping: We Need to Forgive Him and Move On

Lance Armstrong's confession to using steroids is difficult for the American sports psyche, but we should forgive, not condemn, Armstrong, Bonds, Clemens, and other athletes for PED use.

Gun Control Facts: 60% of High School and College Students Plan to Purchase a Gun

A new poll found that the next major demographic to stock up on firearms is the one most affected by mass shootings: our nation's students.

NFL Playoff Predictions: There Will Be a Patriots-49ers Super Bowl

A preview of San Francisco at Atlanta and Baltimore at New England. Spoiler alert: There will be no Harbaugh vs Harbaugh Super Bowl.

Jyoti Singh Pandey: India Gang Rape Trial Moved to Fast-Track Court

Live updates of the discussion the world's largest democracy is having about women's rights, Jyoti Singh Pandey trial, and Delhi's anti-rape protests

YouTube NRA Video: Watch the Controversial Ad Which Targets Obama's Daughters

The NRA has released a scathing ad accusing President Obama of being an "elitist hypocrite" for opposing armed guards in every school. Critics say the ad targets the Obama daughters.

Student Loan Debt? College Sports Share Much Of the Blame

Some colleges and universities are spending more than 12 times the per-student cost for academics on each athlete. Students and taxpayers are footing the bill.

James Holmes Trial Sparks Debate About the Death Penalty in America

When is execution deserved, and how do we want our society to administer justice?

Jyoti Singh Pandey: India Gang Rape Trial Inspires Protestors to Bare Their Feelings

Live updates of the discussion the world's largest democracy is having about women's rights, Jyoti Singh Pandey trial, and Delhi's anti-rape protests

Archer Season 4 Premiere: So Offensive, But So Funny

The show is funny, well-acted and represents a range of characters not commonly seen in spy lore.

Obama Gun Control Speech: It Won't Achieve Anything

Obama's rhetoric on gun control has been impassioned, but the plan his task force came up with will be a major disappointment.

Obama Inauguration 2013: It's Time For the President to Fess Up

President Obama has made grand promises and overtures the last four years. He has delivered on very little if anything. In his second inauguration speech, he should fess up to it.

4 Books From Your High School Syllabus That Actually Have Some Important Life Lessons

Remember all those books we were supposed to read in high school? Well it turns out they actually held some pretty crucial lessons for adult life.

Lance Armstrong Oprah Interview LIVE: Where to Watch the Oprah Winfrey Lance Armstrong Interview

Former cyclist Lance Armstrong has given his first interview since being banned from competitive cycling over steroid abuse allegations to Oprah Winfrey, airing on Thursday and Friday.

Algerian Hostage Crisis is Over: 30 Hostages Dead, But Just 7 Foreigners

The Algerian hostage crisis at the BP facility in Ain Amenas is over, with approximately 30 hostages and 11 militants dead.

Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: He Didn't Cheat When He Beat Cancer, Let's Not Forget That

Lance Armstrong is caught in a doping scandal. But he didn't cheat when he beat cancer. He's still an inspiration to millions.

Why the War On Obesity is Making You Fat

The good intentions of Washington to "fight obesity" are relatively unproductive, and may be making the problem worse.

Algerian Hostage Crisis: Massacre at BP Plant, 34 Foreign Hostages Killed

34 foreign hostages and 14 militants have been killed in an attempt to liberate the hostages taken at a BP plant in Algeria - likely including some of the 7 Americans.

Scandal Season 2: How Kerry Washington is Helping Break the Color Barriers On Television

For what may be the first time, three African American women are starring in TV shows that are not based on ensemble casts or situational comedies.

America Was So Close to Huge Climate Change Laws 3 Years Ago — So Why Did Congress Give Up On the Environment?

In 2010, Congress came oh-so-close to passing a landmark piece of climate change legislation — until green groups misread the political landscape. Can environmentalists bounce back?

Why Millennials Aren't Religious, But Soon Might Be

Millennials may be associating with religion less than their parents did, but this isn't because of skepticism. It's because of inexperience.

Presidential Inaugurations: A Look Back At the Only President to Serve More Than Two Terms

The zest for governing that Roosevelt had so transparently displayed during the New Deal era was giving way to the weariness that would mark his tenure during one of history's defining conflicts.

Gun Violence And Video Games: By Attacking Obama, the Gaming Industry is Hurting Itself

When the White House announced their plans to conduct research into violent media and its impact on real life violence, some gamers took it as straight confrontation.

Dennis Kucinich Joins Fox News In Career Move To Get Screamed At All Day

Arch-liberal Dennis Kucinich has signed a multi-year deal to join Fox News as an official contributor...and an unofficial masochist.

Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 2: Love is a Complicated Proposition

Downton Abbey has captured the heart of American viewers as much as it has its intended British audience. What it showcases is the universal human condition, one filled with joys and sorrows.

Are You Willing to Go Into Debt For Your Graduate Degree?

Is graduate school worth the debt? Here are three things to keep in mind before you start filling out your applications.

Chuck Hagel Confirmation Would Improve U.S. Standing in the World

The nomination of Chuck Hagel for defense secretary has the Israel lobby up in arms. But, he could be just the person to help restore America's standing in the Middle East.

No Labels 'Problem Solvers' Group Will Not Succeed in Changing DC

No Labels may have a great message, but they will not be a force in American politics any time soon. They're unwilling to take an aggressive stand.

Chuck Hagel is No Extremist: He Is the Perfect Fit For the Pentagon

He has controversial views and a thinner résumé than past nominees, but the political winds are at his back, making former Senator Chuck Hagel a shoo-in for secretary of defense.

Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: Oprah Interview Gives Disgraced Biker a Shot At Redemption

Prior to taping his much anticipated confessional interview with Oprah Winfrey, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong publicly apologized to the Livestrong Foundation.

John Brennan, the Architect of Drone Strikes and Torture, is What Obama Needs to End the War On Terror

Brennan has been central to America's questionable strategies in the War on Terror. But this helps him more than it hurts if, especially in leading Obama's national security team.

All Americans Are Pro Life and Pro Family — Not Just Republicans

Americans across the board should reclaim "pro-life" and "family values," instead of letting Republicans monopolize the terms.

What If You Could Only Vote For Candidates Who Share Your Religion?

The proposed electoral law is an undemocratic, racist, and anti-secular law for a country struggling to move past from the decades of civil war.

35 Hostages Confirmed Killed, Including 5 Americans, After Algerian Helicopters Strafed BP Facility Taken by Islamic Militants

Algerian helicopters today strafed a BP facility where Islamic militants took dozens of foreign hostages, including 7 Americans - resulting in a shocking 35 deaths.

The Tea Party Must Save America From Smashing Into the Debt Ceiling

In order to survive politically and prevent the United States from taking on unsustainable amounts of debt, the Tea Party needs to stick to their guns.

Algerian Hostage Situation: Al Qaeda-Linked Battalion Of Blood Blamed

The brazen taking of hostages in Algerian by a group linked to Al-Qaeda is one of the biggest terrorist hostage abductions in decades.

No Word On Fate of Hostages As Algerian Military Struggles To Seize BP Facility

Algerian authorities are still trying to reclaim the BP facility where as many as 41 foreign hostages and an indeterminate amount of native workers were kidnapped Wednesday by Islamic militants.

Obama Gun Control Plan Will Cost Billions: Here's How It Will Be Spent

President Obama Wednesday revealed his gun control plan on Wednesday, including $4.5 billion in new spending. That's a big number, so what's in it?

Algerian Hostage Crisis Latest Updates: Many Hostages Dead, Possible Explosion At BP Facility

A BP plant taken by Islamic militants on Wednesday was attacked by Algerian military forces, resulting in the deaths of up to 35 hostages and 15 militants. Operations are underway.