2014 Senate Elections: Here is the Republican Roadmap to Victory

With a 55-45 Democratic Senate, the GOP needs a six seat swing to gain a majority. They won six seats in 2010, but winning in 2014 will require fresh campaign strategies and careful calculation.

NDAA Would Have Sent MLK to Gitmo, Says Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West is a far-left black socialist and a firebrand radical known for his opposition to capitalism: but can he and libertarians agree on the security state?

Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt (VIDEO)

A heart-stopping assassination attempt on Bulgarian opposition leader Ahmed Dogan during a live press conference failed Sunday - thanks only to a misfire.

Obama Inauguration 2013: 7 Ways in Which the President Continues to Break His Presidential Oath

President Obama is about to take the presidential oath for a second time. What's the point?

Oscars 2013: 3 Movies You Have to See Before Watching the Academy Awards

Watch this. Skip that. Find out which three movies made the must-see list before this year's Academy Awards.

Kids Inaugural Concert 2013: Watch Darren Criss' Performance (VIDEO)

Darren Criss, Naya Rivera and Amber Riley, among others performed at this year's Kids Inaugural Concert in Washington D.C. Watch the performances here.

Why Deport Piers Morgan? He's Dead Last in Cable News Ratings

Despite his insane interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, which generated millions of views on YouTube, British journalist Piers Morgan is struggling mightily in ratings.

Bulgarian Party Leader Botched Assassination Attempt is Just a PR Stunt

World news agencies are awash with the attempted attack in Bulgaria on Ahmed Dogan, the party leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. Here's why this is just a PR stunt.

"Mama" Movie Trailer and Review: Not Really Horror, Says the AP

'Zero Dark Thirty's' Jessica Chastain stars in Andres Muschietti's 'Mama.' And, according to the AP, this film's for those who "like a good scare but prefer not to be terrorized or grossed out."

Adam Lanza Committed "Digital Suicide" Before Sandy Hook Rampage

The Newtown shooter, who destroyed his computer's hard drive before killing 20 children and 8 adults (including self), practically didn't exist in the "offline" world.

When is Inauguration Day 2013: On MLK Day, and This is a Fitting Tribute to Dr. King

The reelection of President Barack Obama is a fitting tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy whether you're a Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Africa Cup of Nations 2013: South Africa Back at the Helm of International Soccer

South Africa is playing host to the tournament after Libya's hosting privileges were revoked in light of instability in the country. Will it be worth their investment?

Joseph Kelley Displays AR-15 Rifle at JC Penney, Is This Appropriate?

The veteran and lawful gun owner, photographed by local resident Cindy Yorgason, wanted to demonstrate that "gun owners are not inherently dangerous."

Inaugural Parade Schedule: Who Will Be Marching in President Obama's Second Inaugural Parade

President Obama's second Inaugural Parade will commence at 2:30 PM on Monday - who will be marching with him, and in what order?

Hillary Clinton Benghazi Testimony Set For Wednesday in House and Senate

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify in front of both congressional foreign relations committees to answer questions about last year's Benghazi consulate attack.

Oscars 2013: Why Are the Academy Awards Called "The Oscars"?

As the 85th Academy Awards ceremony approaches, here's the story of how the name "Oscar" came to identify the iconic golden statue.

MLK Day 2013: The Meaning of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy

Every year the country celebrates the life and efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But how often do we actually stop to reflect on what his life and legacy truly mean?

Sit Back, Relax, and Watch the Republican Party Self-Destruct

The Republican Party is unraveling on a national stage, and not they've begun to attack millennials as a generation of "whiners." Will the GOP resurrect itself, or continue the downward decline?

Jennifer Lawrence to Host Saturday Night Live: Will SNL Hurt Her Oscar Chances?

'Silver Linings Playbook's' Jennifer Lawrence is hosting NBC's 'SNL' tonight. But after winning the Golden Globe, and being nominated for the Academy Awards, as best actress, is this appropriate?

When is the Inauguration: On Monday, Obama's Inauguration Could Crash Social Media Networks

Here's how to follow Obama's second inauguration across social media platforms this Monday (if the potentially massive number of texts and tweets doesn't collapse the wireless networks).

Django Unchained Action Figures Discontinued: Are They Really More Offensive Than the Film?

Weinstein Brothers have asked toymaker NECA to discontinue the toy line based on Tarantino's hit film. But do people who think the film is OK, but not the action figures, hold a double standard?

Why Illinois Needs Wisconsin-Style Public Pension Reform

The liberal political establishment in Illinois made a choice; it decided to make no significant reforms to the pension system for fears of alienating big unions. It's time for a change.

Obama Inauguration Parade Route: Security Tighter Than Ever, 500K People to Attend

President Obama will be getting some serious security as his second inauguration commences Monday, with well over 10,000 security and law enforcement scheduled to be in D.C.

When is the Inauguration: On Monday, Justice Sonia Sotomayor Will Swear in Vice President Joe Biden

On Monday January 21, 2013, Justice Sonia Sotomayor will swear in Vice President Joe Biden for a second term. Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in President Barack Obama.

Inauguration Day Security Will Be Most Intense Ever, Despite Lower Attendance Than 2008

Just 500,000 people are expected to attend inauguration – roughly a third of the number of people who crammed into the capitol four years ago. Security, however, is tighter than it has ever been.

How Republicans Plan to Keep the House, Even as They Lose Votes

Republicans seem unwilling to change their platform in accordance with the changing national political climate, so they've decided to do the next best thing: hold onto power by gerrymandering.

Debt Ceiling Deadline: GOP Pushes Debate Until April, Time for Democrats to Talk

With the Republicans no longer hinging the debt ceiling debate on cuts to spending, the Democrats must now come to the table and show that they are serious about entitlement reform.

Obama Inauguration Speech: Will He Take Ideas From Roosevelt or Truman?

Read two past presidents' inaugural addresses, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Will Obama's speech on Monday compare?

Obama Inaugural Address: Watch Two Speeches From Past Presidents to Get Ready

Should Obama aim to follow or distance himself from inaugurations speeches of past presidents like Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson?

Virginia Governor Race: Poll Has Cuccinelli and McAuliffe in Dead Heat

Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli are engaged in an intense political battle to determine who will be the governor of this crucial swing state.

Kim Dotcom Launches MegaUpload Successor, Looks For a Fight

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom has a message for U.S. authorities seeking his extradition: He's not going down without a fight - or without exposing what he says is their corrupt prosecution.

Making America Work: A "No Labels" Event That Seeks to End Congressional Gridlock

No Labels, an activist group launched two years ago in Washington D.C., continues to be committed to having bipartisan cooperation in Congress.