5 Top Highlights in Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State Tenure

Replacing Clinton is a daunting task, even for someone with Senator Kerry’s impressive foreign policy credentials. Here are 5 biggest pieces of Clinton's Secretary of State legacy.

Top 5 Education Trends in 2013

What will education look like in 2013? Here are five trends to watch out for in the next year.

Anti-Fragile Book: Why We Should Eat Like Cavemen, Embrace Religion, and Hate Bankers

Taleb Nassim's newest book, Anti-Fragile: The Things That Gain From Disorder, hit bookshelves this week. Check out a preview and five ways to apply the principal of anti-fragility to your life.

Elementary TV Show: Lucy Liu Makes a Great Watson, But Would Make a Better Sherlock Holmes

New CBS drama Elementary has gotten kudos from reviewers for rebooting Sherlock Holmes with Lucy Liu as Watson, but it's far from an instant classic. For starters, this Sherlock isn't very smart.

Meteor Shower January 2013: Where to Watch Quadrantids Light Up the Sky

Meteor shower Quadrantids will peak Wednesday night between the hours of 2 and 7 AM, making it critical to get proper viewing instructions.

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors: New iPhone and iOS 7 May Be Released in June

It's only been 3 months since the iPhone 5 was released in November, but developers say Apple has begun testing a new iPhone 6, running on iOS 7.

Women's Rights in Israel: Girls as Young as 3 Face Gender Discrimination

Israel is now engaged in a war on women that rivals the situation in Iran. What used to be marginalized religious scrutiny of women has become disturbingly mainstream.

Assault Weapons Ban: Why It Probably Won't Work and Why That's a Good Thing

The White House's talk of an "assault weapons" ban will likely put more privately-owned weapons in American households.

Girls HBO Season 2: Lena Dunham's Hit Show Flaunts Immorality

'Girls' debuted in April 2012 to both acclaim and disgust. While making a point to highlight the gritty realities of life in one's 20s, it shined a light on cultural immorality.

Electric Cars Are Not the Solution to Climate Change

As the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt have driven the rise in popularity of electric cars and plug-in hybrids, it is becoming clear that green cars are not the answer to climate change.

Louis Michael Seidman, Georgetown Law Professor: “Give Up on the Constitution”

According to the Georgetown University academic, the Constitution, “with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions," is the “culprit” behind our broken system of government.

Dad Hires In-Game Killers to Stop Jobless Son From Online Gaming

Tired of his 23-year old not looking for work, Mr. Feng took matters into his own, virtual hands.

How Republicans Got Absolutely Screwed in the Fiscal Cliff Deal

Democrats got away with political murder, sneaking revenue increases with no attached spending cuts past a usually vigilant Republican majority in the House.

Fiscal Cliff Deal 2013: Republicans Sell Their Souls For Absolutely Nothing

The GOP gave in to more spending, higher taxes and get nothing in return. Not only did they strengthen Democrats' resolve to double down on their demands but the GOP just lost all their support.

5 Ways to Stay Politically Active in 2013

The year 2013, fortunately, is not a major election year. To help you deal with the electoral politics vacuum, here are five ways to stay politically active.

Immigration Reform: America is an Immigrant Country With an Immigrant Problem

Since its beginning, the U.S. has been a country made of immigrants yet deeply divided on immigration policy. As we move forward with immigration reform, here are a few things to consider.

Fiscal Cliff Deal: How Much Will Your 2013 Taxes Spike?

The fiscal cliff deal passed in the House on Tuesday night really only sets the stage for a number of mini-fiscal cliff moments over the next couple of months.

2013 Tax Increases: What You Can Expect From the Fiscal Cliff Bill

A complete primer to Congress's fiscal cliff deal, with all major provisions explained.

US Drone Strikes: Why 2013 Will Be the Year of the Drone Strikes

If history is any indication, 2013 will be the year of the drone strikes. That is, unless something super dramatic happens and the global war on terror ends.

Kenneth Chenault As Secretary of Treasury: Could He Replace Tim Geithner?

Now that we have missed the fiscal cliff deadline, many are thinking ahead to who may replace Timothy Geithner. Will it be American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault?

The 5 Most Inspiring Women of 2012

From education activists to women's health advocates, these 5 women inspired and awed us in 2012.

Michele Flournoy as Secretary of Defense: Why the First Female Should Be Nominated

Michele Flournoy would help advocate for the movement of women in a heavily male dominated area of politics.

What to Expect From the Labor Movement in 2013

Even though the labor movement did not win the person of the year from TIME Magazine, their impact on 2012 is well documented. What should we expect from labor in 2013?

Fiscal Cliff Deal Increases Taxes on 77% of Americans

The fiscal cliff deal will not only impact the wealthy, but will also increase taxes on average Americans without any cuts in wasteful government spending.

New Years 2013: 13 Things Every Millennial Must Do in 2013

The year 2013 is going to bring about a lot of changes. Here are 13 things millennials can do to make this year the most amazing one yet.

113th Congress: Expect the New Congress to Be As Dysfunctional As the Last

On January 3rd, the 113th Congress will be sworn in. Get ready for nothing.

Gay Therapy Quackery: Anti-Gay Advocates Suing Over California Ban

California has enacted groundbreaking law protecting LGBT youth from dangerous “conversion therapy” quackery, but the quacks aren't going quietly.

4 Companies That Keep Japanese Video Games Alive in America

For all the fans of true Japanese gaming or just someone looking for a new experience, here are four companies that you need to follow.

Get Ready: A New Fiscal Cliff Will Bite Everyone in the Ass in 2 Months

While the new fiscal cliff deal embarrassed the GOP, Democrats are far from victory, thanks to the debt ceiling cutoff in two months.

Tsunami Bomb Project Abandoned by U.S. and New Zealand

Documents have surfaced in New Zealand revealing that American and New Zealand scientists collaborated on a "tsunami bomb" capable of leveling a small city with 33-foot waves.

8 Senators Who Voted Against the Fiscal Cliff Deal, and Why

Just 8 senators (3 Democrats and 5 Republicans) voted against Monday night's last-minute fiscal cliff package. Here's who they are, and why.

Grover Norquist, the NRA, and the Problem with Political Pledges

The answer to real conversations about gun safety, reproductive rights, work, and more, is hidden in secret pledges.

Condoms in Schools: Philadelphia Schools Take Bold Step to Fight STIs

Students in 22 Philadelphia high schools will return from winter break to find condom vending machines in the nurse’s office, as part of a campaign to lower STI rates in teens.

Fiscal Cliff Deal: The Real Reason Why It Happened

By essentially being forced into the issue, Congress and the executive were put in a precarious position in which they had no choice.