Did Ray Lewis Kill Someone? The Definitive Account of the Case That's Confused Football Fans for Over a Decade

Ray Lewis has long had to endure speculation as to whether he killed two men on the night of January 31, 2000. The facts indicate that he is as innocent as he's always claimed.

5 Worst Man-Made Disasters in History

Earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, and other natural disasters are bad enough, but things get worse when human actions lead to additional, preventable problems.

Guess Which 8 Countries the U.S. is Waging Secret Drone Campaigns Against?

Do you know all the places where the U.S. currently deploys drones to wage shadow wars against an undeclared enemy?

Obama Inauguration 2013 LIVE: Live Stream, Schedule, and Where to Watch the 57th Presidential Inauguration

Find out where to watch President Obama's second inauguration live and online; plus, the full list of events for this Monday.

What is the Presidential Oath of Office: Full Text

The presidential oath of office is mandated by the Constitution and at 35 words, it's short and sweet.

Big Government Never Works – Take This Tour of History to Find Out Why

While progressives push for bigger, stronger and more invasive government as the answer to our problems, history is full of examples of big government failures.

You'll Never Believe How Many Calories Are in These 7 Popular American Restaurant Dishes

Eat 10 Egg McMuffins or 11 slizes of Pizza Hut pizza, and even then you won't match the shocking number of calories in these famous U.S. chain restaurant dishes.

When is Inauguration 2013: On Sunday and Monday, and It Costs $170 Million

This Sunday and Monday, the Obama administration will be sworn in for a second term. And the festivities surrounding the ceremony have a price tag of $170 million. Who's paying for it?

Michelle Obama Hair: New Hairstyle Makes Her an Even Hotter First Lady

Let's face it; First Lady Michelle Obama is the ultimate American fashion icon. And there's no reason for her not to embrace her place in history as the hottest and chicest first lady ever.

Hillary Clinton is NOT One of the Top 5 Greatest Secretaries of State

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is stepping down with a 69% approval rating, but she is not one of the top visionaries in diplomacy in American history.

Obama Inaugural Speech: Will President Obama Fail Millennials for a Second Time?

On Monday, President Obama should use his speech to tell millennials how he'll solve urgent issues like youth unemployment, no make more promises he has no intention of keeping.

Assault Weapons Ban: Opponents Miss the Point When it Comes to Liberty

While so-called pro-gun rights advocates are up in arms over Obama's mild gun reforms, the Patriot Act and the NDAA are infringing much more of our liberties without much protest.

Django Unchained: Charges of Racism Are Overblown, This is Pure Entertainment

Quentin Tarantino's movie certainly doesn't take slavery lightly, but the controversy over his use of the n-word is greatly exaggerated.

New CIA Drone Rulebook Forgets to Mention the Nation Where the U.S. Launches the Most Strikes

The Obama administration is close to completing a counterterrorism manual for when the CIA can launch targeted killings. Only problem? They left Pakistan off the list of rules.

Rick Santorum ABC This Week Interview: People Need Armor-Piercing Bullets For Self-Defense

Rick Santorum thinks civilians have a right to own armor-piercing bullets for self-defense - but they're mostly used for killing police officers.

Mega, Kim Dotcom's Successor to Megaupload, Launches to Huge Initial Success

Kim Dotcom is facing massive charges of violating international anti-piracy laws with Megaupload. But he isn't going down without a fight, or launching a successor - the newly formed Mega.

Can iPhones Help Millennials Practice Safer Sex?

Two new smartphone apps, MedXCom Patient and iCondom, claim to help millennials practice safer sex. Do they succeed?

When is Inauguration Day 2013: Obama and Biden to Take Oath On Sunday and Monday

The president and vice president are actually sworn in twice: in a private ceremony on Sunday, and in front of the American public on Monday.

Inaugural Address 2013: Watch George W. Bush and Bill Clinton's Past Speeches

How will President Obama's speech compare to those of the two past presidents: George W. Bush and Bill Clinton?

Obamacare in Peril as GOP Governors Refuse to Run State Exchanges

The law allows states to either establish their own insurance exchanges or allow the federal government to set one up. But, so far, only 18 states have signed up.

Inaugural Speech 2013: Will Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon Influence President Obama?

Ronald Reagan delivered one of the great inauguration speeches in history on January 20, 1949. Can President Obama meet the challenge?

Rampant Torture Uncovered in Afghan Prisons, Putting the U.S. Withdrawal at Risk

If the new allegations are true, it would be illegal under U.S. law to transfer Afghan prisoners from the U.S. military bases to Afghan prisons.

On Gun Show Appreciation Day, 3 People Shoot Themselves in the Foot, Literally

Republicans sponsored a Gun Appreciation Day event on Saturday to protest gun control laws. Three different people accidentally shot themselves during festivities.

Roe v. Wade Anniversary: Republicans Continue to Assail Reproductive Rights, 40 Years Later

For supporters of reproductive rights, 2012 proved to be a year that attempted to undo all the years of progress made by Roe v. Wade. It's time for a change in 2013.

Oath of Office Mistakes: 6 Presidents Have Botched Their Swearing-in Ceremonies

Over the course of history, six presidents have had their swearing-in ceremonies marred by mistakes. Last year, President Obama was only the latest.

2009 Inauguration Highlights: Obama's Speech Was Textbook

Obama is known as a tremendous orator. His 2009 inauguration speech showed us what a great speech sounds like.

Obama Inauguration Highlights: 'I Did It,' Says Obama

At the private swearing in on Sunday, a heartfelt moment for the Obama family marked the beginning of another four years.